100 Days of Alphabet Connections - Day 1-3 by Atiliay.com

Happy first day of #The100DayProject! My project is 100 Days of Alphabet Connections #AtiliayABC–I’ll be lettering the entire alphabet and connecting them with all the other letters of the alphabet throughout the 100 days–aa, ab, ac, ad, all the way to zz! It’ll be a good way to practice without taking up too much time and I love that I will be lettering connections I have never done before! If you’d like to join me, I’d love for you to do that! There is more information at the bottom of this post.

A little note about my project: I’m lettering each day on its own card and will be posting a little ahead of schedule so that if there is a combo you get stuck with, you have something to refer to and hopefully it will help you out!

With that said, I’m kicking off the project with:

Day 1 / aa-ag
Day 2 / ah-an
Day 3 / ao-at

I had already done these cards then realized that alternating colors for each letter might make it a little easier to see where each letter starts/stops so starting Day 4 I will be doing that :)

If there are any connections you would like to see a video of, send me an email or if you are on Instagram, comment on the post where I list that connection! I will do my best to create that video and send it to you/tag you in it.

If you are just learning about this, it’s not too late to join in! You can create your own project or if you want to practice alphabet connections too, we can do this together! You can find all the details as well as PDFs to help you get started over in this post:


I hope you will take part in this global art project and I can’t wait to check out what other participants are doing! I hope your first day has started off strong!

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