100 Days of Alphabet Connections by Atiliay.com

Starting on d’s–here are my next set of alphabet connections for #The100DayProject #AtiliayABC:

Day 13 / da-dg
Day 14 / dh-dn
Day 15 / do-dt

D’s are fun because this letter allows you to add pretty flourishes but they are one of the harder letters for me–I feel like it can be tricky making sure the vertical lines are parallel with one another/the slant is consistent! If the first down stroke created in the round/oval part of the letter is not lining up well with the down stroke of the straight long line attached to the oval, I feel like it really shows! Same goes when connecting d’s to letters that also have a long straight line such as an b, k, and l–I feel like having all these lines so close to one another really shows any mistakes and are less forgiving. But that’s why we are practicing so we can get better! And remember we are striving for progress--don’t get stressed if you don’t feel like they are perfect. This is hand lettering afterall and we are not machines! These “imperfections” give our letters personality and that human touch–plus the more you letter them, the more you can get them how you’d like :)

Also, here’s how my bulletin board is looking (an easy way to do this is to letter each connection on mini post it notes then you can stick them on a wall!):

100 Days of Alphabet Connections by Atiliay.com

If you’ve missed a few days, don’t worry! Pick up where you left off or just start again with today’s prompts.

And if you are just learning about this, it’s not too late to join in! You can create your own project or if you want to practice alphabet connections too, we can do this together! You can find all the details as well as PDFs to help you get started over in this post:


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