100 Days of Alphabet Connections - Day 1-3 by Atiliay.com

Here are my next set of alphabet connections for #The100DayProject #AtiliayABC!

Day 4 / au-az
Day 5/ ba-bg
Day 6 / bh-bn

Going forward I am using different colored ink for each letter–I think it’s a little bit easier to see where the connections are this way (I went with black and blue which fun fact is actually the title of a Backstreet Boy’s album lol but I didn’t do it on purpose!) I also drew in extra pencil guidelines for the b’s to try to keep the letters as neat as possible–it was starting to get a little tricky and squished!

How is your 100 day project coming along? Whether you are joining me on these connections or are doing something different, I hope you are enjoying this journey! So far it seems like I am able to keep up because each day doesn’t require too much and also features something different so it feels new and doesn’t get monotonous. I am also very motivated by getting to color a square in after I complete a day lol

100 Days of Alphabet Connections - Day 1-3 by Atiliay.com

A little note about my project: I’m lettering each day on its own card and will be posting a little ahead of schedule so that if there is a combo you get stuck with, you have something to refer to and hopefully it will help you out!

If you are just learning about this, it’s not too late to join in! You can create your own project or if you want to practice alphabet connections too, we can do this together! You can find all the details as well as PDFs to help you get started over in this post:


I hope you will consider being a part of this fun creative project!

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