Father's Day Cards For A Cause by Atiliay.com

This Father’s Day Atiliay was able to fund 11 new microloans for dad entrepreneurs thanks to retail and wholesale cards for a cause orders! Atiliay is a give back paper goods company and every item is paired up with a non-profit–with every purchase a portion of proceeds is donated. For Father’s Day, I  wanted to create a way that we could help support fathers around the world. Since 2013, all cards for dads help to fund Kiva microloans that are lent to fathers around the world to help them grow their businesses, follow their dreams, and care for their families. To date, thanks to orders and repayments (when a loan is repaid, the funds are used to support another microloan), a total of 73 loans have been made in 36 different countries!

I wanted to introduce you to the 11 fathers and businesses we were able to support this Father’s Day:

Father's Day Cards For A Cause by Atiliay.com

Photos courtesy of Kiva.org

From top to bottom, left to right:

The first 5 fathers I wanted to tell you about all have businesses in the service industry in different parts of the world.⁣⁣

Ali, 31, Nabatieh, Lebanon | Ali is a husband, father of 3, Syrian refugee, and owner of a business specializing in making stone displays and fences for houses. Ali will use this loan to buy supplies needed for his business including wood fencing, vinyl, composite, metal, and chain link wings. He is hardworking and always trying to develop his business and improve his living conditions.⁣⁣
Ismail, 44, Jinja, Uganda | Ismail is a single father of 3 and a businessman operating a tailoring shop at a busy street in his town. He is using this loan to purchase cloth and a generator to help during power outages. In addition to being a tailor, he also owns a video hall in another city and recently started selling soft drinks to those who come to his hall to watch football. Ismail’s wife left (reason unknown) when their youngest child was just 6 months old and since then he has dedicated himself to raising them and working hard so that all his children can attend better schools.⁣⁣
Amos, 43, Kakamega, Kenya | Amos is married to his wife, Robai, and together they have 6 children. He has been operating his motorcycle business for 5 years and earns an average of 9,000 KES a month (about $88 USD). This is the first loan he has applied to and would like to use the funds to enable him to service his motorcycle. With the profits he will earn, he plans to repay his loan and pay school fees for his children.⁣⁣

Sherali, 36, Kulob, Tajikistan | Sherali is married and a father of 3 children. He is described as responsible, capable, honest, and careful, He has run his carpentry business successfully for over 6 years. He manufactures doors, windows, benches, and national Tajik chairs called “cut”. He has many clients and loves his business very much. He plans to use the loan to purchase more wood to increase his income.⁣⁣

Father's Day Cards For A Cause by Atiliay.com

Mashaka, early 30s, Lumumba-Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania | Mashaka has a barber shop is the married father of 2 children–1 boy and 1 girl–both of whom attend school. He opened his salon 10 years ago and is open from 8AM-9PM. He is applying for this loan to buy towels, combs, cutting machine, and chairs for his customers. His dream is to continue to grow and expand his business.

These next 3 fathers I’d like you to meet are all in the farming business:

Father's Day Cards For A Cause by Atiliay.com
José, Ciudad El Triunfo, El Salvador | José is the father of 2 children and one of them is attending school. He has a life partner who devotes herself to taking care of the household. He studied up to 6th grade and has 22 years of experience doing agricultural work which he learned from his father. José is applying for this loan to buy agricultural supplies to plant grains, pay for labor, and pay rent for the land he cultivates. He dreams of improving his family’s quality of life.⁣

Nexhmedin, 51, Kosovo | Nexhmedin is married with 5 children. He is ambitious and works hard to provide for his family. His main occupation is cultivating wheat and corn to sell at the local market. In order to grow his business, Nexhmedin is requesting a loan to purchase fences for his agricultural land that will help preserve the product he farms. He is thankful to all the Kiva lenders for their support!⁣

Sovan, 29, Batambong, Cambodia | Sovan and his wife are farmers and together they have 3 children. They make a net income of 15 USD per day. He is requesting this loan to help with rice farming. He hopes this will help them expand their yield and improve his family’s life. Sovan loves his family and in the future wants to renovate his house and send all his children to school. Sovan sends thanks to the lenders for their support.⁣

And these final 3 dads we were able to fund loans for are all in retail:

Father's Day Cards For A Cause by Atiliay.com

Issaka, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso | Issaka is the father of a 5 year old child and has been a merchant selling shoes for the past 3 years. He is requesting this loan to pay for 8 bags of rubber soled footwear and 10 bags of secondhand shoes. He plans to put what he earns back into the business and to save money to improve his family’s living conditions.⁣

Antando, SIGNOGHIN, Burkina Faso | Antando is married and the father of 9 children–the oldest is 28 and the youngest is 8. 9 children go to school and he has 12 dependents. He has been in the business of selling a variety of merchandise for the past 21 years. With this loan, he plans to buy fifteen 50 kg sacks of kola nuts and ten 100kg sacks of dates to resell. He will reinvest his profits back into his business. Antando’s goal is to become a wholesaler and better educate his children.⁣

Stephen, Thika, Kenya | Stephen is happily married and provides for his family by selling clothes. His business is successful and he is glad he is able to support his family. Stephen is seeking a loan so he can add more fashionable clothes to his shop and attract more customers. His dream is to build a bigger business and support his children.⁣

Thank you again to those of you who made this possible–I am looking forward to funding even more loans next Father’s Day!

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