2020 National Letter Writing Month by Atiliay.com


National Letter Writing Month has special meaning to me this year. With everything that has been going on in the world, I have found lots of calm and joy through the art of letter writing. It’s a way to be both creative as well as stay connected to our loved ones. It’s also a way we can brighten up someone’s day who might need.

In conjunction with NLWM, the #write_on campaign is a fun challenge that encourages participants to write a letter a day–for a total of 30–throughout the month of April. I have tried to partake every year since I found out about it and I look forward to getting some letters out this year as well!

Whether you write 1 or 30 letters, I’ve created some PDFs to help you stay organized and inspired! The 2020 Snail Mail PDFs include the following (click to download):


If you are going for the 30 letters, it has been helpful for me to make a list of people I want to write to and jot down snail mail ideas beside their names. You can check them off when you have mailed your letter out and this also helps you from accidentally sending duplicates (unless that is your intention!)


If you need a little inspiration, here are 30 ideas you can try out this month!


Or you can come up with your own list and use this blank template as a way to stay organized!

If you are looking for someone to write to, my wonderful friend Kat and her daughter have been sending happy mail out and she provided me with a few folks who would love to receive letters or cards during this time! You can also reach out to your local hospital to see if you can send words of encouragement to doctors and nurses or local nursing homes to see if their residents would enjoy some snail mail.

Issaquah Nursing & Rehabilitation
c/o Ellen Hutson LLC
1145 12th Ave NW, C5
Issaquah, WA 98027

Danielle is currently fighting cancer and would love to receive mail–you can also learn more about her on her instagram @danielledoby

Danielle Doby
PO Box 211537
Bedford, Tx 76095

This following address is for a senior living community specializing in memory care. They do not want their staff to be overwhelmed so please feel free to send mail here but it would be appreciated if you do not share this one with others. Thank you for your cooperation!

Administrator Erin Light 
350 West Bay St.
Costa Mesa, CA  92677

I hope the lost art of lettering writing and snail mail can help lift some spirits and I wish you a wonderful April. Stay well and safe and take good care!


* I recommend printing these PDFs on cardstock
* If your PDF is getting cut off, make sure to change your printer settings to “fit to page”.

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