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Happy 2021! I couldn’t think of a better way to start off my new year than with filling in my 2020 Winter List with activities and things I am excited to do this season! It took me awhile to think of what I wanted to add to it but I am really looking forward to getting some things checked off!

Here’s my list, all filled out, below, along with my summer and autumn list (I was able to check everything off of that one!) You can also find an Instagram reels video sharing a peek of the process by clicking here.

Seasonal Bucketlist Templates by

I’ve included a few new habits I wanted to create (starting off very small and attainable and hoping to build up!), some organization projects for the start of the year, creative projects, and some activities for self-care. What is on your bucket list for this season?

If you’re interested in downloading this template and filling your own list out, sign up for my newsletter by clicking here to get instant access to the PDF Library. You’ll be able to find this download–along with many more–in it! I hope you are having a cozy winter so far! :)

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