Better Letters in 15 Mini Challenges by Atiliay

This month’s challenge is all about the summer jams!

The Better Letters in 15 Challenge is a set of FREE brush lettering projects and worksheets based on the idea that 15 minutes of practice per day will help you improve your lettering! It is something that has worked for me and I wanted to create a fun and easy way to do this.

This month’s mini challenge is to create a summer mix tape with your favorite summer jams! I don’t know about you but I grew up making mix tapes (and eventually mix CDs) because I loved sharing my favorite songs and artists as well as listening to what my friends liked! Even though we don’t use cassette tapes anymore, I thought we could still be inspired by them and use it in our layout.

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Better Letters in 15 Mini Challenges by Atiliay

I really hope you will try out this month’s challenge! When you’re done, be sure to snap a pic and tag me on Instagram, @atiliay or email it to me–I love to see your work!

Happy summer and enjoy listening to and sharing your fave summer songs!

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