I’d like to introduce you to the 2021 microloan recipients! Thank you to every customer who purchased a Mother’s Day card for a cause and made this possible!

This year 8 new loans were funded through to these mother entrepreneurs: Rowena in the Philippines, Mrs Dadji in Mali, Husna in Kenya, Iluminada in Paraguay, Subhiya in Tajikistan, Francoise in Rwanda, Sahar in Jordan, and Sulufaiga in Somoa.

Below are their stories, the type of businesses they own, what their loan is for, and their photos alongside images of their country. I feel like getting to see more photos of the place they call home helps us to get to know them better!

2021 Mothers Day Cards For A Cause


Charcoal Sales | Narra, Palawan, Philippines


From Rowena’s Kiva Profile: Rowena is 62 years old and married with children.

She works hard to provide for her family. She runs a charcoal retailing business in the Philippines and has requested a PHP 20,000 loan through NWTF to buy sacks of charcoal for her business to sell.

She has borrowed and repaid 22 loans from NWTF before this loan. She also earns an income from rice retailing.

She aspires to save enough money so that she can afford to send her children to college.


Mt. Victoria is located in Narra. In June 2007 the carnivorous pitcher plant was discovered there. Its shape (look it up!) helps it trap food, mostly bugs but sometimes small frogs, lizards, and rodents–yikes! There is still a lot left to be discovered on Mt. Victoria. Top right, photo credit:

You can also find Estrella Falls in Narra as well! In has been declared the cleanest inland water body in the region. Bottom left, photo credit:

Arena Island is also in Palawan and is home to endangered Pawikan (native sea turtles). There is also a sanctuary for the turtles on this island–I would love to visit one day and learn more about their conservation efforts! Photo credit: Arena Island Facebook


Clothing Sales | Kolondieba, Mali


From Mrs. Dadji’s Kiva Profile: Mrs. Dadji, who’s has her hands on her goods in the picture, is Malian and 38 years old. She represents the Badeya group in the photograph, due to the Covid-19 social distancing measures. She’s married and the mother of two children. She lives with her husband in a village.

She sells clothes, shoes and other various products and has more than ten years of experience in this business. To develop it, she’s seeking a loan from RMCR in order to increase her income and be able to cover the children’s expenses.

She gets her supplies from local markets, where she also resells her products. She would like to improve the quality of her business and continue to take out loans from RMCR.

In this group: Ramatou, Noumosso, Kadiatou, Tinimba, Dadji, Djenebou, Teneba, Djenebou, Mariam, Chitan, Adiarra, Nabintou, Nabintou


Mrs. Dadji via, Mali Marketplace via, Bamako, capitol of Mali via,

Maafe is a common dish originating from the Mandinka and Bambara people of Mali. It is a peanut stew with a savory base made from peanut butter and tomatoes! I would love to try this vegetarian version by Food Heaven! A Mali marketplace pictured above, top right. Photo credit:

Bamako is the capital and largest city in Mali. The name comes from the Bambara word meaning “crocodile tail”. Bottom left, photo credit:

The Great Mosque of Djenné is the largest mud built structure in the world! It was constructed in 1907 and is made of sun-baked earth bricks (called ferey), and sand and earth based mortar, and are coated with a plaster which gives the building its smooth, sculpted look. So amazing! Bottom right, photo credit: OHS APAH


Hardware Store | Thika, Kenya


From Husna’s Kiva Profile: Husna, 31, is a loving woman who is blessed with one child who just turned seven years old. Both she and her supportive husband run various businesses not only to support their family but also her sister with whom she lives.

Husna runs a hardware store and is known by her clients to be an honest and polite businesswoman in all her dealings. This has earned her favor and enabled her to continue growing her customer base as she continues to get more referrals.

One of the major challenges Husna faces is a lack of stock to meet her customers’ demands. Her loan will go toward restocking the items that are really in high demand, which will help boost her profits.

Husna will set aside some of her profits to help pay back her loan and to continue raising her seven-year-old child. Part of her profits will also go toward saving for her future and investing in other areas as well.

Husna has been of good credit character all through and is committed to ensuring she continues to maintain a good relationship with her creditors. She is glad to be providing these essential services to her community and is looking forward to expanding her business in the future.


Before this town was known as Thika, it was called Chania Bridge, named after the bridge built over Chania Falls. Top right, photo credit: Ventes Ventures

Another waterfall you can find in Thika is Fourteen Falls. It is named after the 14 successive falls thanks to the Athi river. Bottom left, photo credit

Thika is an industrial town and a major commerce hub. I love the contrast of the busy city with the waterfalls that can be found there! Thika, Bottom right, via


Clothing Sales | Caaguazú, Paraguay


From Iluminada’s Kiva Profile: All of the members of this fairly large committee want to succeed and get ahead. They know that they must work as a team in order to accomplish all of their goals and objectives.

Sra. Iluminada is one of the members who sells clothes and shoes throughout her area. She is a mother of two children who are in school. Her husband works in construction. Iluminada and her husband help one another so that they can provide a decent future for their children and avoid hardships.

She is requesting a loan to buy a variety of clothes and shoes so that she can continue her work as before. Iluminada and the other members are also participating in the poverty elimination program with great enthusiasm so that they can succeed.

Note: The photo shows only one person, even though this is a group loan. It was not possible to take a group photo in order to avoid congregating during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this group: Josefina, Iluminada, Anabella, Maura, Sonia, Ramona, Heedy, Jeny, Maria, Fatima, Esther, Celina, Nimia, Florencio, Ana, Lilian, Deisy, Aida, Felixinda, Luz


Caaguazú had the greatest concentration of sawmills in Paraguay about 15-20 years ago. To this day, it is still called the “Wood Capital” of the country. Caaguazú, top right, photo credit:

The Gran Chaco is the second largest forest in South America, spreading across Paraguay, Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil. Unfortunately it also has one of the highest rates of deforestation on the planet. Organizations like The Nature Conservancy are working to protect it. Bottom left, photo credit: Ilosuna via Wikipedia

The Mbatovi Eco-Reserve was a piece of property purchased by nature lovers Jacinto Santa María and Marta González Ayala in 1999. They decided to protect the land as a nature reserve and share it with the public. It is home to the Chachi plant, a very rare species of fern that is in danger of extinction. Bottom right, photo credit:


Embroidery Business | Panjakent, Tajikistan


From Subhiya’s Kiva Profile: Subhiya is a talented seamstress from Panjakent, Tajikistan. She is 44 years old, is married and has four children. She has been working in embroidery from a young age. She sews dresses for brides, she makes them with such affection that she is very successful with their sale.

Subhiya requests this loan for the purchase of sewing machine, necessary materials. She is a returning borrower with a positive credit history and asking for a loan for the fifth time. She hopes for your financial support.


Panjakent was once an ancient town of the Sogdian people. The ruins of Sogdian city are on the outskirts of the city and visitors are free to walk around the site. Top right, photo credit: Michael Turtle

Haft Kul refers to the beautiful lakes along the western edge of the Fan Mountain. The lakes are shades of azure blue, aquamarine, and pale turquoise. I would love to see these gorgeous waters in person! Bottom left, photo credit:

The Rudaki Mausoleum is where the father of Persian is laid to rest. It is estimated that Rudaki created around 100,000 poems, or bayts, although only 1,000 have survived through the times (he was born in 859). Bottom right, photo credit: Michael Turtle


Community Services & Sewing Business | Nyamata, Rwanda 


From Francoise’s Kiva Profile: Francoise is a 33-year-old mother of two children aged between 3 and 5 years old. For the past three years, she has owned an agent service for Rwanda Revenue Authority and a sewing business. She has one employee to help her.

She is the leader of the Twisungane Gahanga group. Group members sell different items and own a variety of businesses. In the picture, Francoise is the one raising her hand.

Francoise will use her loan to expand her agent service for Rwanda Revenue Authority and her sewing business in order to provide good service to her community and to meet her customers’ demands. With the profits from her sales, she hopes to be able to provide for the family and also expand her businesses.

Francoise is thankful for your support.

In this group: Angelique , Afisa, Odette, Francoise , Perusi , Consolee , Josiane , Rosine , Mukarugaruka


Nyamata is a town in southeast Rwanda. It’s name literally means “place of milk” in Kinyarwanda. Photo of a local school, top right, photo credit:

Kigali is the capital city of Rwanda. In 2008 single use plastic shopping bags were banned. I read that Kigali is one of the cleanest cities in Africa. Bottom left, photo credit:

You can go gorilla trekking in Rwanda! Guides use clicking sounds to communicate with them and to keep everyone safe. The country has made huge efforts in conservation to protect the gorillas. Photo credit:


Home Product Sales | Salt, Jordan

Sahar Jordan Kiva Loan


From Sahar’s Kiva Profile: Sahar is a 43-year-old married Jordanian woman and a mother of two. Her husband is a freelancer. She has a home-based detergent selling business to provide her family with a second source of income. Her business has helped her and her family a lot.

Now she needs to supply her business with more detergents to sell. She decided to ask for a 500 JOD loan to buy the needed detergents, hoping to attract more customers and increase her profit. She hopes that she can have her own independent detergents shop someday.


The city of Salt is built in the crook of 3 hills and known for its harvests of olives, tomatoes, grapes, and peaches. The name is thought to be derived from the city Saltos of The Roman Empire. Top right, photo credit: Omernos via Wikimedia Commons

The 10,000 year old city of Petra is one of the 7 New Wonders of the World. It was chosen in 2007 by about 100 million people! Petra comes from the Greek word for rock and in Arabic means “rose-colored city”. Bottom left, photo credit: CheimSeherin via Pixabay

Did you know you can walk across Jordan in 40 days? I think this would be such a cool way to experience the country! You can learn more about The Jordan Trail here on the official site, and here, Jordan Trail Hiker’s Guide To Crossing The Country in 40 Days and 40 Nights. Bottom right, photo credit: Living In Jordan As Expat


Vehicle Repairs | Nofoali’i, Samoa


From Sulufaiga’s Kiva Profile: Sulufaiga is a 39-year-old woman who is married with 5 children. She has a small business in vehicle repairs to earn income. Sulufaiga needs a loan to buy mechanical tools and car paint to help assist with her business. She will use her profits to expand her business. Sulufaiga joined SPBD in 2020 to gain access to financial services.


Nafoali’i is located on the Samoan island of Upolo which was created by a seafloor volcano. Samoa is about halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii and rich in culture and traditions. Island of Samoa, top right.

Fuipisia Falls can be found in the lush jungles in Upolo. It’s actually made up of two waterfalls and has a 55 meter drop! Bottom left, photo credit:

There is only one city in Samoa and it is Apia, the capital. The Robert Louis Stevenson Museum is in Apia. The author fell in love with Samoa and spent his last years there. Bottom right, photo credit:

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