Better Letters in 15 - Jan 2021 Mini Challenge

I love the start of a fresh new year and all the possibilities that come with it! It feels like a much needed reset and a great time to put your intentions out into the world. I’ve been picking a word at the start of January for the past few years–it helps me set the tone, describes what I am feeling, and keeps me focused! With that said, I choose it while giving myself permission to be flexible with it if that’s what I need during a particular space and time.

I chose “fearless” because there are a lot of things in this world I am fearful and concerned about right now—but there are also things that I have the power to be courageous about.

Not so much jumping outta planes or bungee jumping 😅—for me it’s being fearless about creative choices, new projects, making mistakes, not being “perfect”, living life on my own terms, asking questions, not knowing what’s next, asking for help, saying yes to the unknown, speaking up, quietly processing, embracing the unpredictable future.

Fearlessness may feel like it needs to be bold or loud, but it can also be quiet, unseen, something that happens on the inside.

It might seem like an odd word to pick for the times we live in but while I have my worries, I know there’s a balance between not living in fear, staying safe, challenging myself, and moving forward.

Do you have a word for 2021?

I hope your year is off to a wonderful start! I hope it brings you much joy, peace, inspiration, and creativity in the days to come!

PS: The first free Mini Better Letters In 15 Challenge is lettering your word of the year 5 different ways! If you’d like to participate, click here to sign up to get the free worksheets and instructions!

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