I don’t remember when I heard it or where, but from a very young age the words “starving artist” began lingering in my mind.

I started to believe that it was true or that it could be true.

This idea that artists can’t be successful, won’t make any money, isn’t a sustainable job affected some pretty important choices I made, like what college to go to and what career path to take.

I know now that none of those things are true, but sometimes it’s still work to make sure I’m not letting these old false beliefs creep back into my mind.

This new interactive piece is a reminder for myself —and for anyone who may need it—that those two words don’t define us or shape us. There is so much value, abundance, and potential in the artists we‘re meant to be and in all that we create! I hope we always remember this✨

PS: It’s a little hard to tell but that’s some letterpress on cotton stock in this sneak peek!

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