It was so much fun to be a part of A Little Known Shop‘s Summer Series 90s Nostalgia Art Gallery and Craft Fair (especially with 90s music playing all night)!  I finally got to meet the awesome ladies behind ALKS as well as make new friends with the fellow vendors.  Here are some photos from the event– the next event is a Dia de los Muertos Festival on November 1st!  Get all the details here. Thanks to everyone who stopped by! :)

A great day to visit Community in Anaheim!

{Community is where A Little Known Shop, The Makery, and several other adorable shops and these fun events are located!}

The Summer Series


Check in with Eva!{Check in with Eva, one of the lovely ladies behind A Little Known Shop and A Little Known Craft!}

Traditionally Unique's little helper!{I loved meeting Jennifer of Traditionally Unique as well as her husband and little helper :)  She makes beautiful cloth napkins and more– one of my favorites is her wood grain cloth napkin!}

Pallet display!

{If you know me at all, you know I LOVE pallets and want to take them off the side of the street to make amazing furniture with lol.  I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to them!  I was in love with Jennifer’s pallet display– I love the color of the wood and it’s a great way to get your display to go vertical!}

Succulents + announcements

{I loved this little grouping of succulents and postcards on this pretty wood table.  Here’s more info on the Dia de los Muertos Festival shown in the pic)

Succulent Display

With my friend Connie!

{atiliay’s booth with my friend Connie who I spent the 90s hanging out with!  I wish I had noticed in time the funky spacing of the letter “y”!}

atiliay's booth - tabletop display // atiliay.com

90s Nostalgia Art Gallery{Edward Scissorhands + Beetle Juice From the 9os Nostalgia Art Gallery}

Beevis + Butthead Felt Art

{Beavis + Butthead meet Edward Scissorhands!}

Mix Tapes

{What’s more 90’s than mix tapes?}

Bart Simpson Art

{8-Bit Bart}

Pog Tournament

{A refresher on our favorite 90s game}

Let's play with pogs!


Thank you!

{See you next time!}

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