A Pretty Creepy Joshua Petker Inspired Birthday Cake

I have always loved art and painting– it’s such a wonderfully free way to be expressive!  There are no right or wrong answers or such things as mistakes.  The “mistake” can be covered up or re-done or that “mistake” might be the brush stroke or paint drip needed to take your piece to where it’s supposed to go.  When I was younger, I thought I would become an artist and pictured myself sitting in Paris with an easel set up (I was very naive and young back then, like 4 years old lol).

I haven’t had the chance to paint in a long time so I love it when I get a cake order that is based on art and I get to do some “painting” on a cake!  This one was perfect for the Halloween season and was a birthday gift to a big fan of Joshua Petker.  It is decorated with vegan decorator’s icing as well as fondant…here is a look at my artist’s palette :)

I was not familiar with Joshua Petker’s work until I got this cake order, but I highly recommend checking out his site and taking a look at his pieces– I love his use color and his style, and how he can create this painting, that is pretty but creepy at the same time!

Here is the original painting, titled “Head Wound III”:

And here is the cake version:

We personalized it by adding the birthday boy’s age in the dripping black paint, and also his initials, “DSC”, in the painting.

Thank you Frank for this cake order, it helps to provide 70 meals for The EEC preschool/nursery!

Happy Birthday David!

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