Hello!  My name is Olivia and I am the brush letterer behind Atiliay.  I have always loved making things and have a background in fashion design and cake decorating.  My creative journey has led me to create Atiliay, which combines my love of drawing, writing, and making with giving.

Our connections with one another and how we can help those in need is what inspires me the most!  I strongly believe that each of us can do our part to make this world a better place for all its inhabitants.  I was lucky to have met Food4Africa on a TOMS Shoe Drop in South Africa which is when and where I decided to incorporate and make giving a priority in my life. My goal is to create thoughtful cards and products that help connect to your loved ones, to your passions, to your creativity while also enabling you to help others in need.

Here’s 10 random facts about me so we can get to know each other better:

  1. I am an ENFJ
  2. I have been vegan for 10+ years
  3. I am a dog and cat mom and they are my heart
  5. My favorite book is The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
  6. I grew up speaking a mix of Taiwanese, Mandarin, and English at home
  7. I have trypophobia and am also scared of heights
  8. I LOVE music and I also love listening to podcasts (The Moth, TedTalk Radio Hour, This Is Love, How I Built This, and Getting Curious are some of my faves)
  9. I can’t say no to a good rom com. I can–and have–watch(ed) To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Serendipity, and That Awkward Moment over and over and over…and over again! They also all get bonus points for having awesome soundtracks.
  10. I am an aspiring minimalist–I hope to only own what I can carry on my back one day

Tell me something about you!

I’d love to keep in touch! Please check out my blog and stay connected through my newsletters.

Thank you for stopping by and being a part of my journey–I am so grateful!