“Atiliay” is adapted from the French word “atelier” meaning workshop or studio especially for an artist or designer.  It is spelled the way I think it sounds to make it easier to pronounce :)


Atiliay is a line of products and paper goods created from original brush lettering based in Southern California. You can find greeting cards, brush lettering worksheets, wrapping paper, PDFs, and more in Atiliay’s shop!

Through these products, Atiliay hopes to help every customer connect to their loved ones, to their creativity, and to people and organizations around the world that are fighting the good fight. Each item is paired with a non-profit and a portion of proceeds is donated to that specific organization with every purchase. The organizations Atiliay support work in relieving hunger, fighting poverty, and helping our furry friends. To learn more, head on over here.

The inspiration behind every item is the idea of connection and the joy and beauty found in giving, sharing, and creating. Atiliay hopes to create a lasting and meaningful impact through creativity and compassion.


In 2017, I started teaching modern brush lettering workshops in Southern California. I am excited to share my love of this art form with others and help them begin their journey and grow as letterers.

Each seat at every workshop helps to provide nutritious meals for little ones at The Ebongalethu Educare Center Preschool & Nursery in Motherwell, South Africa.

View Atiliay’s Workshop Calendar for upcoming workshop dates! *All workshops are currently postponed due to the pandemic.