Did you know that April is National Letter Writing Month? I LOVE the idea of paying tribute to the wonderful art of letter writing and connecting through snail mail!  That’s why I am participating in the #write_on movement and making a commitment to write a letter a day for the entire month. I did this last year and it was so much fun for so many reasons–the writing process, decorating envelopes, brightening up someone’s day, reconnecting with friends, making new ones, and so much more!

I hope you will join me this year and to help get you excited and inspired, I’ve created a few PDFs inspired by NLWM. You can also find more ideas and how others have interpreted this month by looking through the hashtags #write_on and #write_on_atiliay on Instagram. Read on and download the PDFs below!

National Letter Writing Month Prompts by

National Letter Writing Month Prompts By

The first PDF (above) includes a list of 30 ideas for writing letters throughout the month! You can use them as inspiration or as a daily prompt / theme. Print it out and pin it on your bulletin board or leave it on your desk as a reminder to sit down and write a letter!

Click on the images above or this link to download both pages of letter writing prompts in PDF format.

The second PDF (below) is a letter log so you can track your progress writing letters this month! I feel like when I have something like this to track my progress, it motivates me to keep going and reach my goal. There are 30 spots so if you send out a letter each day of the month you should have this filled out on the last day of April. You can also pre-fill it out with all your letter writing ideas for the month and fill in the date as you send. It’ll be fun to look back on all the snail mail work you did!

Letter Log - Outgoing by

There is also an incoming  log so that you can keep track of people who send you letters! It’s also a good way to keep track of who you need to write back to.

Letter Log - Incoming by

Click on the images above or this link to download both the outgoing and incoming letter log PDFs.

I would LOVE to see what letters and happy mail you send out this month and how you use your PDFs! If you share on Instagram be sure to tag me @atiliay #atiliayPDFs or send me an email about your experience hello (at) atiliay (dot) com!

Printing tips:
* I recommend printing on cardstock but regular paper will do as well.
* Make sure to adjust your printer settings to “fit to page” so the PDF does not get cut off.

I hope these PDFs inspires you to connect with the people in your life through the art of the written letter!

Be creative, have fun, and enjoy sending and receiving snail mail this month!

You can find all previous PDFs in Atiliay’s PDF Library.

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