Art and Found Day 2021
Art and Found Day 2021


Art & Found Day was created by artist Courtney Senior and the premise is to bring joy and creativity into our communities by leaving an original piece of artwork in a public place for somebody to find. I love everything about this and knew I had to participate!

The first ever International Art & Found Day happened on March 12th, 2021! I launched the Connect I Collection that day and thought joining in on A&FD would be an awesome way to celebrate and share!

So I decided to take canvas #7, wrap it up, and give it away. Here’s a little more about my experience and what happened to the piece of art I left :)


Art and Found Day 2021

After debating on a few places, I decided to leave my canvas somewhere in Redondo Beach! It’s one of my favorite places to take Valentine and I thought I would be able to find a spot somewhere between Miramar Park and Ave H. It’s a little tricky because there are lots of joggers, people out walking their dogs, surfers, etc. in that area and I didn’t want to get caught in the act! But we finally found a bench overlooking the beach in a less crowded area of the park:

Art and Found Day 2021
Art and Found Day 2021

After waiting for a few people to pass by, I left the package, snapped a pic, and got outta there! lol So it’s not the best photo but that’s OK :) Valentine and I left the scene and didn’t look back.

After that, it was just waiting to see if I’d find out what happened to this art I left on the bench! I wasn’t sure if I would get a response, when it’d get picked up, or if anyone would pick it up!


Lucky for me I didn’t have to wait too long! I got a notification for an email with the title “Connect”. This is what it said:

I felt happy, excited, curious, amazed, and EXCITED as I read this email! It’s just so crazy to think of all the things that had to happen on my end and on Randy’s end for this canvas to end up in front of him at that exact place and moment when he was taking his walk.

This whole thing felt very magical! It feels like a huge sign and validation from the universe to continue with my art, that I am on the right path.

Randy was very kind to have reached out and sent me photos! I found out that not only does he manage all types of artists from photographers to actors, but he is also an entrepreneur, owned his own business, consultant and dedicates his time to different causes and the arts! What are the chances that this was the person to have found my canvas?? Since then we have exchanged a few emails and connected on social media.

Art and Found Day 2021


I thought A&FD would be fun, but this whole experience surpassed my expectations! It was even better than I could have imagined! Thank you Courtney for organizing this event and all her hard work putting it together as well ass sharing everyone’s posts! Here’s a picture of Courtney and her pieces of art that she left:

It was SO much fun to check out the the Art & Found Instagram and see all the art drops and reactions in the stories! 478 artists across 33 countries participated which is so amazing!

I can’t wait for next year and really hope that if you are a creator or maker, that you join in next time as well!

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