Instagram Stamp by Atiliay

I recently made a change to our Instagram account and you can now find Atiliay on Instagram @Atiliay! Our IG features all things related to our paper goods!  If you are a fellow IG user and lover, I’d love to keep in touch with you there!

My Instagram account used to be a mix of personal and business posts but it felt like it was the right time to separate them.  Initially I was hesitant to have more social media accounts to manage (!) but at the end of the day it made sense to be more focused, cohesive, and very clear to followers what they can expect to see in their feed from Atiliay!

I’m looking forward to sharing upcoming news and projects with you there!

PS: If you are a foodie you can find my kitchen creations and food blog over at @VeganChowDown and for my personal photos (mostly of my animals :) and documenting 100 days of happiness and gratitude) you can follow me @OliviaL902.

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