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The first newsletter of the month always includes your freebie PDFs and the downloads for August were recently sent out!

The August PDFs were created with the book lovers and avid readers in mind. They include a free book log template (in 2 different layouts) as well as an OG vintage library card template.

The book log chart helps you keep track of what you’ve read and it also comes in an Excel format if that works better for you! The book log boxes allows you to be more creativity and add whatever text you’d like or even draw the book covers! There is also an area for you to rate each one.

The vintage library card template is just a cute extra I wanted to include :) I like printing these out on cardstock and using it as a bookmark (you can even jot down notes on it) or as tags when you are gifting books. There’s a bunch of fun and creative ways that you can use these guys while adding a bit of nostalgia.

Book Lovers PDFs by

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Happy August and happy reading! <3

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