The Better Letters in 15 Challenge - Free brush lettering lessons and worksheets

This year’s Better Letters in 15 Challenge is here!

The Better Letters in 15 Challenge is a set of FREE brush lettering worksheets based on the idea that 15 minutes of practice per day will help you improve your lettering! It is something that has worked for me and I wanted to create a fun and easy way to do this.

The challenge takes place across 4 weeks and breaks down a three word phrase. Each week you will receive a lesson and 5 worksheets to be completed within that week. The worksheets are designed to be finished within 15 minutes (or more if you have more time to spend on it)!

Each week you will work on a word in the phrase from individual letters to connecting the letters to creating the word. On the 4th week you will put it all together and work on layout. By the end of the challenge you will have lettered the entire phrase and have a piece of art for your home or office!

I began this challenge last year and the phrase for 2019 was PRACTICE MAKES PROGRESS.

The 2020 phrase is TRUST YOUR CREATIVITY and the lessons begin today! If you are just reading this–don’t worry, it’s never too late to join! Once you sign up for the challenge emails, you will have access to all the previous emails so you can join and begin your 4 weeks anytime you’d like!

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I hope this challenge helps you improve your lettering as well as set aside time to practice an art form you are interested in! See you in the challenge emails and happy lettering!

FRIDAY, JULY 31ST | #004


This powerful and inspiring final essay by civil rights leader John Lewis is a MUST READ. You can find it here, in The New York Times.


I came across this article in Smithsonian Magazine today and it was a reminder to me of how important it is that we know who made our clothes and where they come from. There are more and more ethical brands we can purchase from and many ways we can help make sure we aren’t contributing to the modern day slavery that occurs in the fashion industry. If you want to learn more, read the linked article and check out the documentary The True Cost. This was the movie that made me vow never to purchase from fast fashion again and be as conscious as possible about the supply chain and transparency of not just fashion companies but all companies and brands that I purchase from.


Sitting at a park bench writing letters, enjoying the shade of the trees, and listening to the sound of birds.

Freshly groomed puppy paws <3


Three of my closest friends had birthdays this month and I wanted to take a moment to celebrate each of these special people I am incredibly grateful to have in my life! I don’t know where I would be without their support, the conversations we have had, and their friendship. I can’t thank them enough for always having my back, wanting the best for me, and for experiencing this life with me.

Jessica is one of my oldest friends–we met in the middle of 4th grade when I transferred to Carr Elementary after my family moved to Torrance. She came up to me and introduced herself. Looking back, I don’t know if I realized how lucky I was to so easily find a friend the first day at a new school and someone to eat lunch from that day on! I’m so glad our friendship has lasted throughout the years, even after she moved and neither of us could drive and social media didn’t exist–actually, I don’t even think cell phones really existed back then! Some of my most happiest memories involve doing something with her from watching Mighty Ducks 2 at sleepovers to going to our very first Color Run to Backstreet Boys concerts :) She is super caring and thoughtful and puts so much into each of her relationships–as a daughter, sister, friend, significant other, aunt, teacher, co-worker just to name a few. I really admire her for all of her wonderful qualities–as well as the fact that she manages to have an empty email inbox!! (But seriously, how!?) I can’t wait to continue our lifelong friendship and celebrate more birthdays together–hopefully in person next time!


Bao is my only friend I met during college at FIDM. At a commuting school, it felt harder to make connections but luckily our paths crossed and we had a few classes together–that was all that we needed to solidify our friendship! I always have so much fun when I am with Bao–she’s super laid back, has a great sense of fashion, creative, is an amazing dancer, and great partner in crime. It’s because of her that I crowd surfed and know about post secret and jumping photos (when you jump and take a photo mid-air lol–they are my favorite). In our younger days we had plenty of dance parties and drinks together, went to tons of concerts and obsessed over Jack Johnson, had a ton of fun running around LA doing scavenger hunts, and so much more! It has been amazing watching her become a mom to her son Elijah and then to her daughter Brooklyn and raising awesome human beings! Although we live in different states and have such busy lives, I know we will always be there if the other needs them. And I hope in the future we can see each other in real life again!


Although I don’t work in the fashion industry anymore, one of the best things I have gotten from it is my friend Archna! We both worked at PacSun (or Pacific Sunwear for those of you who remember those stores at the malls!) and I remember loving her style and all the cool dresses that she wore to work :) Although we were in different departments, we worked together a tiny bit, and kept in touch after we both left. I joined her in creating a children’s clothing line and we experienced so many firsts together like traveling to New York for our very first trade show! I look back and am super proud of all that we did. Throughout the years we’ve also tried lots of delicious vegan restaurants together, participated in 4 years of Dressember, and probably exchanged millions of texts! She has great taste in music, has a lovely singing voice, and pulls off short pixie-style hair SO well! We are actually seeing each other tomorrow for a safe, socially distanced, and masked hike and I am really looking forward to it!

Wishing all of these beautiful ladies a year ahead filled with love, laughter, and joy.

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Time Capsule Letter Template by

The final newsletter for the month of July went out earlier this week! It includes the Time Capsule Letters PDF template, July shares, and words about Makani. Here is a sampling of some of the items from this month’s shares:

The Tail End. This article is a MUST read. I came across it years ago and have been searching for it since when it landed in my inbox recently! The author lays out and measures our lifespan using images to represent how many more times we will experience something. They range from silly things like how many more tacos we will eat to how many more times we will see our parents or a loved one. The visual really puts things in perspective for me. It’s such an important reminder to make the best of the time we have.

If I Have A Son by Ruth B. This song and music video is so powerful, beautiful, important, heart breaking, honest. Here is an excerpt from the chorus: 

Your skin, it glitters like gold / There’s love inside of your soul / But no matter what you say no matter what you do / This world will never be as friendly to you

I’ve been a fan of hers ever since hearing Lost Boy several years ago.

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Wishing you a good rest of your July <3

FRIDAY, JULY 24TH | #003


“As parents of our animal babies, we are fortunate to be able to make these decisions for them…not only giving them a second chance filled with love and wonderful memories but knowing them so well that you could make his transition easier in the end.”

This is something my friend Jennifer said to me when I had to say goodbye to Bernard and it has stuck with me ever since. As gut wrenching and heart breaking as this decision is, I find some comfort and relief in knowing that they will no longer suffer–that I can help prevent them from enduring or feeling more pain.

Like most animals out there, almost all of mine have been terrified of going to the vet. The thought of having to bring them there when they are unwell and to have their last moments be in a place where they fear is something I have tried to avoid at all costs. Being able to allow them to stay in the comfort of their own home and peacefully move on has been something I am so grateful for. I know not every situation allows for this to happen but if it does, I would choose this option time and time again.

There are many at home euthanasia services in the Los Angeles and Orange County area. I wanted to share the ones I have used. In such difficult times, these places have been so considerate and compassionate. I have called each place in tears, sobbing, and have all been so patient and kind, making the situation the best it could possibly be in these circumstances.

If this is something you have been considering, you can find more information on their website or give them a call, especially to confirm whether they service your area. Please feel free to email me if you would like to hear more about my personal experiences as well (I have been able to do this for 3 of my pets).

The cost includes the euthanasia and whatever aftercare you decide (cremation, urn type, etc.) I have always chosen cremation and have had the ashes returned in a wooden box along with a ceramic paw print. The pricing has been around $800 for me but may vary so I suggest getting a quote directly from them.

Home Pet Euthanasia of Southern CA
I believe Dr. Julie was the one who helped me say goodbye to Jefrey last year. She was incredibly compassionate and kind and explained every part of the process. I would highly recommend them, especially if this is your first time–their website also has a lot of very helpful articles. I was in Irvine at the time but they also service Cerritos and surrounding areas. I hope I don’t have to call on them soon but I am planning on using them if I need to in the future.

Hearts and Halos
Dr. Peter from Hearts and Halos helped me say goodbye to Makani. I am thankful that even during the pandemic, their services are still available. He was very kind and we both had masks on and practiced social distancing as best as possible. The situation with Makani was unexpected and I was able to call when they first opened and arrange for an appointment the same morning which is what I had wanted as I was very nervous she would get worse and feel worse. When I called they mentioned that due to covid the procedure would be quicker than usual and I made sure to say my goodbyes beforehand. I am currently in Cerritos and they have a map on their site of the areas they serve.

Very Important Pet Mortuary
This was the very first time I used this type of service and it was to say goodbye to Lucciano. From the initial phone call and throughout the entire process, they made it as smooth as it could possibly be. I can’t express how thankful I am for their kindness and compassion–this was a really tough and painful time for me. Lucci’s vet actually performed the at home euthanasia so I coordinated with VIP Mortuary for aftercare. VIP arrived on time but my vet ended up being an hour late–VIP stayed that entire time and was so nice about it. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated that. If you need both a vet to perform the euthanasia, that is something they can coordinate as well. I highly recommend them. I was living in Torrance at the time, they are located in Venice and serve surrounding areas.

Please note that everyone’s experiences with this is different but speaking just of my own, each time has been very peaceful and done with so much care and respect.


I have always found music to be healing and cathartic. I had no idea that Folklore came out today! I usually play relaxing cat music for Samone in the mornings and that’s when I saw the cardigan music video–then I saw a bunch more songs and found out Taylor released an album!

I have already listened to the entire album once and it is making me feel so many feelings and has brought tears to my eyes a few times.

I do love cardigan and the music video, linked above.

seven and ephiphany really touched me–both musically and lyrically as well as the topic of each song–being a child and seeing a friend have an unhappy home life, how covid is affecting those who have it and those caring for them.

My favorite line is from invisible string: and isn’t it just so pretty to think / all along there was some / invisible string / tying you to me

I can’t wait to listen to this entire album again.


It’s become an almost daily habit of mine to look up and capture a few moments of the clouds in the sky above me. There is a kind of hope and comfort that I get from looking up. How it is constant yet ever-changing. Nature has shown me that even if the world is in turmoil, you can count on the sun rising and setting, that the sky will be above you tomorrow, that flowers will bloom, and insects and animals will go about their daily routines, chores, and life.

Friday 7-16-2020 Photos

This weekly Friday series is a simple way of documenting and sharing. To learn more about how it came to be, read the the very first post. To see all Friday posts, click here. I hope you like it! :)


Makani came home with me on June 26th, 2013 when she was 8 ish years old. I had never had cats before and was actually a little scared of them–but I was promised that they (Bubba and Jefrey also joined us) were all very nice so I put together my first cat tree and welcomed them to their new home

All three of these special kitties had FeLV, the feline leukemia virus. I had taken them home as forever fosters from The Lange Foundation as the virus was contagious and they couldn’t stay at the shelter with other cats. Thank you Megan for trusting me with them and bringing them into my life.

From the moment I brought Makani home, I could tell why her shelter info card described her as “spirited”! While the other cats cautiously looked around/at me then proceeded to go hide, she immediately wanted to be pet, was purring, let us hold her, and almost escaped from the room I had prepared for them! She was completely unafraid and curious!

It was also clear from the beginning that Makani was the queen of the bunch and she wasn’t afraid to show it! Maybe it was how her personality had always been or that she was possibly a stray who had survived on the streets. But regardless, Makani was bad ass, bossy, aggressive, brave, assertive, and didn’t think twice to slap one of the other cats if they pissed her off lol.

She was always sweet to me though and any other human she met. She’s been the only cat I’ve ever had who LOVES to sit in laps! Our routine would be for me to put a pillow or cushion on my lap (to help make it more comfortable) and she would run over and come sit on it. (And if any of the other cats wanted attention and got too close she would swipe at them!)

I don’t know what Makani went through as a kitten until the time I had gotten her but I feel like she had been through some rough times and experienced suffering and pain. Despite that, she always came out on top because she was a fighter.

When she first came home, Makani had just gotten all of her teeth taken out except her canines due to stomatitis. She was very skinny because she hadn’t been eating due to the pain plus now she was recovering from a dental procedure. Eventually her canines also created trouble for her and once all her teeth were out, we could stop forcing pain meds on her and she was 100% better!

I remember the change–there was a point where she had gained weight and become fat and happy! She no longer was in pain and could eat as much as she wanted and she always had a great appetite!

I vividly remember thinking, WOW, getting to help Makani and seeing her thrive is the most rewarding feeling. My heart felt so full. This is what animal rescue is all about–this is what life is about! I am so grateful to Makani for allowing me to experience this.

It is with great sadness that I had to say goodbye to my beautiful, strong-willed girl, Makani, a few days ago. It is truly an honor to have had her in my life these past 7 years. Every single day she has shown me love and affection. How lucky am I to have been on the receiving end of that?

If you have ever had to make this decision, you know how hard and gut wrenching it is no matter the circumstance. But it seemed her kidney disease had finally caught up with her and I was afraid she would suffer or be in pain if I did not help her move on.

It was shocking that this happened and I think I might still be in a little bit of shock–if you read the last Friday post, I had mentioned Samone was going through health issues, not Makani. We’d been managing Makani’s kidney disease for several years and Sunday morning she seemed FINE. Ran to me as she always did when she saw me, ate all her food and tried to steal Samone’s, and was jumping up and down from her spot on the bench by the window. By the afternoon I could tell something was up when she didn’t come up to me. By evening it was clear that something was seriously wrong and her energy seemed to be drained. It felt like her body just could not go on.

I kept her company that night and didn’t leave her side. I wanted to make sure I was spending the precious time we had left in the best way I could. I wanted to make sure I was there in case she needed to be taken to the emergency vet or needed my help. Anytime she opened her eyes, I was there. I hope it made her feel safe and comfortable.

I stroked her head, scratched her chin, told her I loved her out loud and in my head, tried to send her good energy and vibes, cried and held her, told her she was the best, helped her use the litter box, held her paw, kept my hand against her, just tried to be there for her as much as possible. She was sleepy and tired but peaceful. At times she even looked like she was smiling at me. A few times, she grabbed my hand with her paw and nuzzled her little head into my hand. I will always treasure these moments.

Saying goodbye, even if you feel it will end their suffering, is always so SO hard.

It is so hard when you expect to see them in their usual spots as you have for all these years and they are not there.

It is so strange that they are there one second and then they are gone.

The hardest part for me has always been the first meal without them. Their bowls are still there, their food, their meds. I usually keep everything for a ridiculously long time until I am ready to let it go.

Although all of this happened so unexpected and quickly, maybe it was for the best–maybe it saved us both from prolonged pain and sadness.

But I still wish I had more time with her.

Animals are so amazing. I have no doubt they are incredibly connected to their spirit and energy and to the universe. I know Makani was not scared of death at all (I don’t think she was scared of anything). And I hope that I was able to help her start the next chapter in her journey. Her body might have been old but her spirit is strong and lives on. I hope that wherever she is, she is doing all the things she loves–so happy and so free.

I want to always remember how she loved sitting in my lap, that her favorite spot at this house was behind the curtain, and how the first time she slept there, I couldn’t find her until I saw the lump by the window :).

That somehow I got in the habit of calling her Miki, that she always insisted on walking or climbing or sitting on me, and how she and Jefrey became frenemies but I think mostly friends.

How she was a wonderful model and inspiration for Atiliay (she is the cat behind the cat hair t-shirts!), her deep purrs, how much she LOVED catnip and cardboard scratchers, and her very strong headbutts (that the other cats would always be taken aback by lol).

The way she would viciously chase and take down toys, how athletic she was, how she was the only cat I have had who was not scared of the vacuum at all!

I want to always remember her strength, her resilience, her soft side, her tenderness, her unconditional love.

Thank you, Makani, for everything you have given me. I am so appreciative and grateful for you.

Every beloved animal who has become a part of your life changes it for the better and takes a piece of your heart.

Makani, you will always have a very special place in mine. I love you. I miss you. Until we meet again.

Makani watching her frenemy Jefrey, one paw tuck, caring zero about the challenge where cats will sit in any ring, sitting on my lap, posing for the camera, and always assertive and curious :)