FRIDAY, SEPT 11TH | #010

Friday 9-11-20 Photos


Valentine loves coming with me to drop off mail at the post office! I think it’s a nice way to break up the day and go for a quick ride. Sometimes when we get back, she’s not ready to go home and won’t budge from her seat! I’ll have to go around, open up the passenger door, and carry her back in lol.


I’m very excited that Sweet Deetails will be carrying Atiliay’s cards for a cause! Dien’s order helped to provide 40 meals and I am really glad we could do some good together :) I can’t wait for the grand opening! If you are in the Cerritos/Artesia and surrounding area and need a cake, be sure to check out Sweet Deetails!


I had back to back Zoom meetings earlier this week and had so much fun at both! The first one was an online workshop I taught, hosted by Masterpeace Box. It has been a long time since I’ve done a workshop and it was really fun to be able to do it online and create together!

The other meeting was a surprise virtual bridal shower for my friend, Erin! Although we can’t gather in person, it was so much fun to be able to celebrate her this way! We made signs, sent her a package with a bride tiara and sash, we coordinated our outfits, played games, and gave her our best marriage advice! I think the best part was the “How Well Does The Groom Know The Bride?” game–we had to secretly get the groom in on it and hearing their answers was hilarious! Congrats, Erin!

With everything happening, sometimes I forget how good it feels to connect face to face! Get some of your fave people and schedule a virtual meeting :)


This past week has felt so eerie and strange with the sun glowing red and the sky a grey orange instead of clear blue. It makes me so sad that CA is on fire again and I can’t help but think of what humans have done to cause this, whether it’s a party trick that went wrong or global warming. I feel especially sad for the wildlife that has been affected–they are just innocent bystanders. Here are a few ways we can help: Herd and Flock Animal Sanctuary, One Tree Planted, and California Fire Foundation.


“Michael Hingson was on the 78th floor of the North Tower of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. He says the first indication that something was wrong was the sound of a muffled explosion. Then the building began to tilt, and he felt the floor drop like an elevator. But Michael Hingson didn’t panic because his guide dog, Roselle, was calm.” Click the link to listen to this podcast episode from This Is Love.

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Friday 9-4-20 Photos


Last Sunday I met up with my fellow animal lover, card maker, and good friend of The Paper Wilderness! We did an outdoor, masked, socially distanced meeting because we are collaborating on a new product and had to go over samples! Valentine came along as well and we walked to The Bluffs and had our meeting there. The weather was perfect and it was so great seeing Jenna! Val also had a great time! Can you guess what we are working on?? We can’t wait for the big reveal which should be happening soon!


“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein

Earlier this week I got the chance to meet up with Susan and her son, Brandon! I brought Valentine and we enjoyed a wonderful morning walk together. We stopped for awhile at a corner where Brandon could watch the trucks passing by. Each time he saw one he would get excited and smile and point at it. I loved his reaction and it reminded me that we should live our lives just like Brandon, with wonder and awe of all the things around us, as though everything is a miracle!


I absolutely love my new candle made by Prosperity Candle, available at Gifts For Good! Not only is the black and gold so sleek and beautiful, but what I love most is that each candle provides 12 minutes of employment for a refugee woman rebuilding her life in the U.S! You can purchase the candle at the link above and learn more about how they help here. Thank you Jessica for the thoughtful gift! PS: Fun fact: I had the chance to work with Gifts For Good in the past–it was so much fun to see a box from them at my doorstep!


One of my favorite things ever is already cut fruit–you don’t need to do anything, it’s just ready for you to eat! 😃 I got a special surprise delivery of this beautiful platter of cut fruit–it totally made my day! Thank you so much Faith and Yossi! #fruittimeisthebesttime


I am so lucky to have so many thoughtful people in my life! I got a second special surprise delivery, this time from Jenna and my Godbunny Loulou, with help from Alex! 🐰 It was such a nice way to end the day and vegan food and flowers are my fave! PS: How cute is the card from Jenna’s paper goods line?! See the entire collection here and you can find her on Instagram too!

This weekly Friday series is a simple way of documenting and sharing. To learn more about how it came to be, read the the very first post. To see all Friday posts, click here. I hope you like it! :)


Pro tip on how to feel young: forget how old you are because you can’t do math and/or have a bad memory, think that you are a year older than you actually are for the first 7 months of the year, then one day be reminded by a friend that you’re completely wrong and get 7 months of your life back! 😂

As I start my 36th year (not my 37th as I had previously thought for pretty much all of 2020 lol), I decided to pick a word like I do in January for the new year, something representative of my personal life. It came to my mind very quickly: journey.

I’ve been learning and understanding more about what it really means to focus on the journey, not the destination. I can feel that lots of changes are ahead, but I want to try my best to remember to embrace and appreciate each step instead of looking past everything for a final stop that really doesn’t exist!

I know when I look back one day, it will be very clear that everything was happening as it should’ve been all along–even if it’s a little tough to see that now.

Art has played such an important role during every stage of my journey. To celebrate another year of being able to create, I made a donation to Inner City Arts to support their work in providing arts education to the youth of Los Angeles.

Located in the heart of Skid Row, ICA believes arts and creativity are transformational and strives to engage young people in the creative process in order to shape a society of creative, confident, and collaborative individuals.

I volunteered there for a summer several years ago and had an amazing time helping students with their stop motion videos, art projects and collages, and so much more! If this cause speaks to you, I invite you to learn more about what they do and help art become a part of someone else’s journey too ❤️

PS: The best gift of all truly are the amazing people I am lucky to have in my life! Thank you for the love and kindness you show me, today and everyday!

PPS: Brian from the Backstreet Boys married his wife Leighanne 20 years ago today! I love that their anniversary is on 9/2! 🥰


Friday 8-28-2020 Photos

I totally thought today was Thursday until about 2PM in the afternoon! I feel super discombobulated now but here’s this week round up. Take good care and have a good weekend!


It’s never been more clear to me than now how important it is for us to vote. If we want to see the much needed change we need in our society, I don’t think we can do it without letting our opinions and voices be heard in this way. If you need to register or know someone who does, head over to Voting and politics can be really confusing but I think this site does a great job of making things easy to read, understand, and take action. Not only can you register to vote but you can check to see if you’re already a voter, learn about the electoral college as well as each candidate and their stance on various topics.


Thank you Violet for this adorable mask made with photos of Valentine’s head! :D I thought this was such a fun gift! You can get your own made and at and the best part is that they donate to The Arrow Fund, a non-profit that provides vet treatment and shelter to animals who have been victims of torture, abuse, or neglect.


My friend Archna told me about this game a few months ago and I immediately loved the concept and the questions that were being asked! Lucky for me, she gifted it to me for my birthday and it arrived the other day! The purpose of this game is to help players dig deeper and learn more about themselves and the other players. You can learn more on their website or Instagram. Here are a few more examples of the questions the game comes with: Who in your life can you be the most vulnerable with? What insecurity of yours holds you back the most? What lesson took you the longest to unlearn?


This passage from The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo really speaks to me:

“Of course, there will always be times that we need to find our very precise way. But more often than not, our image of a destination is only a starting point that we cling to needlessly. When we can free up our sense of needing to arrive in a certain place, we lessen the weight of being lost. And once beneath arriving and beneath our fear of failing to arrive, the real journey begins.”

The older I get the more I understand what it means when people say it’s about the journey, not the destination. I think a lot of stress I have created has come from being unsure of where I am going and feeling like I need to. I want to try my best going forward to trust that I will end up where I need to be.


My morning and evening walks with Valentine, feeling the sun and breeze, seeing the beautiful sky and clouds. It’s such a great time to be quiet, to reflect, or to just put everything out of my mind and enjoy the moment.

My latest show obsession, Master In The House. I started watching it because my other latest obsession, Lee Seung Gi, is on it but I really love the other cast members and show itself! It’s a Korean variety show where the 4 hosts spend 2 days and 1 night with a master–someone who is an expert in their field–to learn from them. They range from accomplished entertainers and athletes to monks and dog trainers. There have been so many incredibly interesting people and while there’s lots of silliness, fun, games, singing, and dancing, the show has also moved me to tears (sobbing actually) and made me think. One of the masters talked about two questions that has really stuck with me–what do you want to be? Who do you live for? There are clips on YouTube and I watch the full episodes using the Rakuten Viki app. There’s a free 7 day trial but there are over 100 episodes of this show, each being an hour long at least, so it has been impossible to binge and I have signed up for another month of it lol.

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Friday 8-21-2020 Photos

Every time I sit down to write these posts, I can’t believe how fast another week has gone by! This week I have done a lot of driving which has given me time to catch up on podcasts! Today I wanted to share 5 podcast/episodes I listened to this past week that I have learned from, have been entertained by, or a little of both. Maybe you can check them out this weekend! Click on the link to listen or find the episode on your podcast app.


This episode sums up where we’ve been this summer–from the pandemic to racial injustice to climate change–and offer wisdom and guidance for where we are heading. I found Clint Smith’s letter to his son, “My hopes, dreams, fears for my future black son” to be especially beautiful, heart breaking, and inspiring (it is the final segment in this episode). Guests include political strategist Tom Rivett-Carnac, political philosopher Danielle Allen, anthropologist Heidi Larson, and writer and scholar Clint Smith.


If you have been confused by what’s been going on with the USPS, mail in ballots, etc., this episode offers a clear and concise explanation of what’s happening (the episode is about 20 ish minutes long). Thank you Andrea @dreyray for sharing this in her IG stories which is how I found out about it!


How I Built This has been releasing new episodes! I love hearing the real behind the scene stories about some of our favorite brands and businesses and the people who created them. No matter what type of business, every single one has had difficulties and struggles and it is incredibly inspiring to hear how they overcame them. Some recent ones I really enjoyed: Tatcha: Vicky Tsai, La Colombe Coffee Roasters: Todd Carmichael and J.P. Iberti, and Vita Coco: Michael Kirban. Of all the episodes I have listened to, one that really sticks out for me is Guy Raz’ interview with the late Kate Spade, Kate Spade: Kate & Andy Spade.


I love that Jonathan talks about all different topics on his podcast including politics–I typically can find this topic too dry and boring but he makes it easy to understand, interesting, and fun to listen to! On this episode he talks with Stacey Abrams about voter suppression. I knew very little about this topic and I was able to learn a lot from this episode.


If you are into true crime podcasts and have not heard of this one, I highly recommend it! I took a break from listening to it when I started living by myself because I didn’t want to freak myself out! But recently I have had a one hour-ish commute in the middle of the day so I figure it wouldn’t creep me out too much. Plus, driving can make me sleepy and this podcast keeps me wide awake! Each episode features one case and the host and his team do an incredible job researching. There is no commenting by the host, he just tells the story of each crime. The first time I heard about The Golden State Killer was in a 5 part series on this podcast. The crazy thing was not long after I finished those episodes, he was caught in real life! If you’ve been following the case or watched the HBO docu-series, the Casefile episodes on it may interest you.

This weekly Friday series is a simple way of documenting and sharing. To learn more about how it came to be, read the the very first post. To see all Friday posts, click here. I hope you like it! :)