At the start of this year, I started writing in a journal that included a daily prompt for “quote of the day”–I found myself really enjoying that part of my journaling since I have always found lots of inspiration in quotes and words. I found myself dedicating some time to find phrases that really encapsulated how I was feeling that day. I especially felt like it was such a nice and powerful way to set the tone for the day so every Monday I started sharing the words I wanted the week to reflect in my Instagram stories.

That evolved into me wanting to letter the quotes myself and I decided to try something new–every week I’d share one mantra, phrase, quote, etc. that I’ve created on my iPad in 5 minutes or less (to create, let go of being a perfectionist, and use a tool that I don’t normally use but have and should use!)

I’ve been doing this for several weeks now and since not everyone has Instagram or looks at stories, I wanted to share them here! Please feel free to download and use as a background on your screensaver or save if the words really resonate with you (if you would like to use it for anything other than personal use, please contact me first–your cooperation is greatly appreciated! :))

So I’ve been setting a 5 minute timer, busting out the iPad, and here is what I have come up with so far! Below each image is a little background on why I chose those words and images. I have really enjoyed making these and the time I get to spend lettering, even if it’s quick! I hope you like it and I will be sharing these weekly on my blog going forward.

Weekly Words of Intention by Olivia Lin |

The first quote I created was in mid-April and with all the changes happening due to the pandemic, these words came to my mind. I wanted to set the intention of truly taking time to take care of ourselves and not worry about being productive or feel pressure to do whatever. Our emotional and mental health, what we feel in our souls, should always be top priority but especially in these uncertain times. The image is a free one I found online and I loved the colors and the border it created. (Usually I stick to a black and white palette but also going to experiment with images and colors for these :))

Weekly Words of Intention by Olivia Lin |

The weekend before the Monday I created this something I had been planning did not go as I had thought it would. I was really bummed by this and even though I know it wasn’t a big deal and could be fixed, I couldn’t stop thinking about it all weekend! The time and work and money I had spent on it. But by Sunday I was feeling a little bit better and it made me reflect on change. Sometimes we welcome change and other times, when it’s unexpected change, it can be harder to deal with. But I do ultimately believe everything happens for a reason and leads you to the right path. These words are a combination of a few mantras I came across. I love the use of the word of “expanding” here and I think it’s so true, change is what creates growth.

The image is actually a picture I took on one of my morning walks with Valentine (my pup :)) I was lucky to get close enough to this beautiful butterfly that had stopped on a flower. Butterflies remind me of change so I thought this was the perfect backdrop for these words.

Weekly Words of Intention by Olivia Lin |

I had been feeling anxiety during this time over finances–when the pandemic started, I had no idea it was going to be this serious or last this long. I thought I would be able to resume workshops by summer, but at this point in late April/early May, I was becoming more certain that I would not be able to count on workshops as a steady source of income as I had been lucky to do prior to covid. For the past few years I have been really working on my money mindset and the idea of abundance. I was really trying to embrace those lessons and instead of using my precious time and energy to worry, I wanted to remind myself that abundance is always there and let it inspire me to take action to create more products, pivot, etc. But above all, the more abundant we are, the more abundance we can share with others. And when I think of that, I really feel inspired to take action.

The background is a photo I had taken of the sky and clouds–I have noticed myself taking so many photos like this because the sky and clouds have just been so beautiful! I feel like I didn’t really notice it before but now my phone is filled with so many of these pictures!

Weekly Words of Intention by Olivia Lin |

It was Mother’s Day a few weeks ago and through mom’s day cards for a cause, I was able to help fund 7 new micro-loans for mother entrepreneurs around the world! This year, I wanted to make more of an effort to learn about the places each woman is from. I was able to fund loans for 4 mamapreneurs who are from Tajikistan, a place I have heard of but know nothing about. When I was thinking about what to letter for the week, I really wanted to find something related to Tajikistan to use. I got the idea to look up Tajikistan proverbs and found this one that I thought was so beautiful. And we were actually having a full moon during that time I believe so it seemed perfect!

I also tried something different with the lettering this time and created it in the shape of a circle to represent the moon. The background is a free image I found of stars in the night sky.

Weekly Words of Intention by Olivia Lin |

And that brings us to this week! This was another Tajikistan proverb I really loved and wanted to letter. This is so true–languages definitely open up a whole new world! I have also been inspired recently by foreigners living in Taiwan who know the language SO well to brush up on my own Mandarin and Taiwanese! The background is an image of an old map.


Happy Day 31-45 of #The100DayProject! Sorry, I am a little behind in posting here but I have been continuing on with my project! Here are the connections up to the most current one #AtiliayABC:

100 Days of Alphabet Connections by

Day 43 / ko-kt
Day 44 / ku-kz
Day 45 / la-lg

100 Days of Alphabet Connections by

Day 40 / ju-jz
Day 41 / ka-kg
Day 42 / kh-kn

100 Days of Alphabet Connections by

I apologize, I just realized this is not in the right order! I was so confused at first trying to find the image with jo! lol

Day 37 / ja-jg
Day 38 / jo-jt
Day 39 / jh-jn

100 Days of Alphabet Connections by

Day 34 / ih-in
Day 35 / io-it
Day 36 / iu-iz

100 Days of Alphabet Connections by

Day 31 / ho-ht
Day 32 / hu-hz
Day 33 / ia-ig

And making progress on my bulletin board! :)

100 Days of Alphabet Connections by

If you’d like to learn more about The 100 Day Project and my personal project, 100 Days of Alphabet Connections, here are all the details:



Cat Hair Don't Care T-shirts by
Dog Hair Don't Care T-shirts by

I am always excited to release new designs and products but this is a very special one that I am EXTRA excited to introduce you to–Cat Hair Don’t Care and Dog Hair Don’t Care T-shirts for my fellow cat and dog moms!

I’ve had this idea for such a long time (like 3 years!) and it’s finally here! It’s my take on the phrase “Messy Hair Don’t Care” and is inspired mostly by my kitties because I am always covered in SO.MUCH.CAT.HAIR. after snuggling with them! My pups have actually not been bad in the shedding department. But either way, I don’t mind–nothing a lint roller can’t solve :)

These t-shirts also represent something that is close to my heart–10% of proceeds from every tee will be donated to The Lange Foundation, a no-kill shelter in Los Angeles. They work tirelessly to give homeless dogs, cats, and animals a second chance and loving forever homes. The 10 also represents the month of October, which is when I adopted my first dog from them, Lucciano, who became the love of my life. I am also so lucky that they then brought Bernard and kitties Bubba, Jefrey, Makani, and Samone into my life! Each of them have taught me so much about unconditional love and joy. It means a lot to me to be able to support the place and amazing people who have enriched my life in such an important way.

The t-shirts are currently available for pre-order for $28 each in sizes XS-XL.
Pre-order perks include free shipping plus some fun–and useful–goodies while supplies last!
No code is needed, just head to the links below to learn more and to place your order:


I am anticipating that they will be ready to ship in about 2 weeks but will contact you once I have an exact time frame! The last day to place pre-orders is Tuesday, May 12th

A few more things I wanted to share about this product:

These t-shirts are loose and oversized so whether you are walking your dog or lounging with your cats you can stay comfy! I chose this style not only for the soft and light material but also because it’s a style that has been favored by all shapes and body types! You also don’t have to worry about bra straps showing and you can style this tee in a number of ways. The links above include a size chart but if you have any questions please let me know!

Social Responsibility: These tees are from a company called Next Level–they are a member of the Fair Labor Association and have a rigorous process where every single factory and sourcing location is vetted by their team and meets their standards.

It’s always a little nerve wracking to put your work–especially something new–out into the world but I hope you like these designs and that you can feel how much they mean to me :) Here are a few more pics (you can see more in the listings):

Dog Hair Don't Care T-shirts by
Cat Hair Don't Care T-shirts by
Cat Hair Don't Care T-shirts by

Lastly, here is a photo of the very special animals who have changed my life! From left to right: Lucciano, Valentine, Bernard, Makani, Bubba, Jefrey, and Samone. They are all Lange Foundation alumni except for Valentine, who I found.


Happy Day 28 of #The100DayProject and the last day of g’s! Here’s the next set of connections–it’s not perfect (I think I need to letter smaller so that they fit better on one card!) and I accidentally did the “hh” in black–but it’s OK! We get better by doing so I am letting those things go! #AtiliayABC:

100 Days of Alphabet Connections by

Day 28 / gu-gz
Day 29 / ha-hg
Day 30 / hh-hn

And this is how my bulletin board is looking, day 26-28:

100 Days of Alphabet Connections by

If you’d like to learn more about The 100 Day Project and my personal project, 100 Days of Alphabet Connections, head over here:



Happy Day 25 of #The100DayProject–we made it to the 1/4 mark milestone! I am really proud of myself for getting this far–I have tried to do this project before and did not make it even halfway! But this time around I feel confident going into the next set of 25 days! I think the main reason I have been able to stick with this is due to the fact that it doesn’t take too long! And sharing about it / posting is keeping me accountable! Here is the next set of connections as well as a picture of my tracker and my completed bulletin board for Day 1-25!

100 Days of Alphabet Connections by
100 Days of Alphabet Connections by

These are the next set of alphabet connections for #AtiliayABC:

Day 25 / ga-gg
Day 26 / gh-gn
Day 27 / go-gt

I’ve been using the Pentel Fude Touch Sign Brush Pen – Hard Tip for my 100 Day Project! They come in black and also a variety of colors so I am using 2 different colored pens to show the connections more clearly. And because I need a little variety, I am going to switch up the second color every 25 days :) Also, my bulletin board isn’t large enough to fit all 100 cards so each board will be every 25 days too (if you are on Instagram, check out the board posts in my stories highlights–it’s like a flip book and looks pretty cool!) I hope you are enjoying this project and that the connections are useful references in case you get stuck while lettering!

If you are just learning about this, it’s not too late to join in–you can make your own timeline and do what works best for you! You can also create your own project or if you want to practice alphabet connections too, we can do this together! You can find all the details as well as PDFs to help you get started over in this post: