The Friday Favorite series features makers, projects, films, books, and other sources of inspiration I have fallen in love with. I hope by sharing them I will be able to bring something new and inspiring into your life!

Favorite Adventurer & Explorer / Sarah Shotts of Love Letter To Adventure

Sarah Shotts

I virtually met Sarah two summers ago through the amazing #randomloveletters challenge she co-created and hosted! I really enjoyed her #randomloveletter posts as well as as the other things she was sharing on her Instagram–recent projects she was working on, a line from a book she was reading, a recipe she had tried, or peeks of nature and her beautiful surroundings when she was out and about. I noticed the hashtags she was using, #MicroVenture and #LoveLetterToAdventure, and went on her blog, Love Letter To Adventure, to learn more about what she does.

Sarah helps women reconnect to their inner adventurer through daily micro-adventures. How awesome is that?

There was a line I came across where Sarah says, “Taking where you live for granted is universal. Whether in Mexico, D.C. or Great Britain the locals went about their daily lives largely ignoring what made their homes extraordinary.” That really struck me because it is SO true it’s definitely something I am guilty of!  Tourists who come to visit definitely have seen more and know more about Los Angeles than I do–even though I have lived here my whole life!

Sarah has really inspired me to look at my own backyard with fresh eyes and helped me realize that adventure is everywhere! I’m really excited to be able to chat with her and have her share her story as well as some great advice for starting some adventures of your own!

Map via

 Photo courtesy of

What inspired you to start Love Letter To Adventure? When and why did you decide to start sharing your adventures with the world?

When I first started blogging I was trying to fit inside the box of what I thought a blogger should write about. That all changed during the summer of 2014, when I took a course from Mayi Carles and April Bowles-Olin, that really helped me connect with my vision and break out of that box. I blogged widely about topics I was passionate about and didn’t worry so much about what “type” of blogger I was. After exploring with that freedom I began to see a theme emerge… adventure. Whether it was exploring my hometown, planting a garden, trying a new creative process, or cooking a new recipe all of my blog posts centered around this idea of new experiences or micro-adventures. And so Love Letter to Adventure was born.

Your website is composed of three different sections: the blog, the Facebook group, and your Etsy shop. Can you tell me a little bit more about each part and what we can find in each one? 

Love Letter to Adventure (my blog) is the home for stories, adventure prompts, and free printables. It’s where I like to start conversations and did deep about how we can all have more adventure in our daily lives.

My Facebook group is called The Venturer’s Treehouse and its where my community hangs out. We support each other’s quest for adventure, dream big, and share photos and stories within the group. My Etsy shop is the newest addition.

I created Plan Your Adventure when I fell in love with the magic of sticker making (was anyone else obsessed with Lisa Frank growing up!?!). I sell physical and printable stickers to help you plan your adventures and decorate your planner with adventurous watercolor designs.

Camping Planner Stickers by Sarah Shotts

 Yes! I loved Lisa Frank! :) How cute are these camping planner stickers by Sarah?

What has been one of your favorite adventure excursions? Why? 

My favorite adventure so far was the year I spent living abroad and earning my Masters degree in London, England. There was so much to explore! I remember once I had set foot in three different countries in a single day because they are so close together. You don’t have to travel far to experience a new culture in Europe. I also loved walking London on foot and visiting markets and parks and historical sites. I was surprised to hear from many of the locals that they had never been to the places that I was visiting. Many of my new Londoner friends were finding themselves inspired to explore their own city after hearing about my adventures. And that’s when I realized that absolutely everyone takes where they live for granted (even if they live in one of the most amazing places in the world.) That experience sparked my passion for exploring our hometowns and making adventure wherever we happen to find ourselves.

Sarah at Shakespeare's birthplace!

 Sarah visiting Shakespeare’s birthplace! Photo courtesy of

For someone who may have limited time and / or funds–or just doesn’t know where to start–what are 3 easy ways for them to incorporate adventure and exploring into their lives?

First, it’s important to reframe your idea of adventure. It’s easy to get caught up in the idea of world travel or expensive experiences and lose sight of the opportunity for adventure all around you. For me adventure is whatever is daring and exciting for you. That makes it something different for everyone. Start thinking on the micro level about how you can bring new experiences into your life.

Here are three microventure prompts to get you going…

1. Take a different way home. We all get into our routines and pass the same places every day. Taking a different route as you travel home from work or school will expose you to a different area. Keep an eye out for someplace new that you want to explore.

2. Walk on foot. We Americans drive a lot. What I learned living in London is that its much easier to discover the uniqueness of a place if you’re traveling on foot. Find an area of town that you can walk around and explore. (If you already live in a big city you probably already do this so challenge yourself to explore an area you’ve never visited.)

3. Try something new. Expand your experiences by trying something you’ve never done before… this could be using a different art supply, taking a dance class, planting a garden, making a new recipe, or trying a yoga routine from Youtube. The key is to open yourself up to new possibilities.

Image by @SarahdShotts

One of my favorite things Sarah shares on her Instagram are scenes from her walks and around her neighborhood–isn’t this photo gorgeous? Photo courtesy of @SarahdShotts.

What are your favorite resources when planning an outing or trip?

I love how the internet puts everything at our fingertips! I always do a search on Google and Pinterest before a trip to find exciting places to visit. I’m also starting to explore Instagram for this. My last trip to Kansas City involved a special stop at #ThatKCStarWall just for an Instagram photo-op.

How has being an avid adventurer affected you and your life? Has it had an impact on your husband, friends, and family?

Having a passion for adventure means that you’re never bored! There’s always someplace new to visit, something new to try, or some new project to work on. There’s definitely something special about forming these memories with the people you love.

If there is one thing you’d like readers to take away from Love Letter To Adventure, what would it be?

Adventure is all around you. Just reach out and grab it.

Bird's Nest by @SarahDShotts

You can even find adventure literally in your own backyard! Sarah discovered this beautiful little bird’s nest in

her yard! Photo courtesy of @SarahDShotts.

I’d love to know a little bit more about you! Here are a few fill in the blank questions:

When I am not blogging and embarking on new adventures, you can find me: curled up with a cup of tea and a good book.

I am passionate about: slowing down and learning family heirloom recipes… our generation is so busy that we’re letting these important stories slip past.

A project, tv show, podcast, IG/Twitter account etc. I think you should check out is: Right now I’m really into the podcast A Playful Day where Kate explores the idea of putting a playful moment in every day. Listening to those episodes on my morning walk are such a great way to start the day. :)

Recipe photo via @SarahDShotts

 Photo courtesy of @SarahDShotts.

Where can we find you and connect with you?



Venturer’s Treehouse (FB Group):


Who else is really excited to embark on a new adventure now?? I know I am! Thank you Sarah for taking the time to share your story, some great tips, and inspiring us to embrace our inner adventurer!


The Friday Favorite series features makers, projects, films, books, and other sources of inspiration I have fallen in love with. I hope by sharing them I will be able to bring something new and inspiring into your life!

Favorite 366 Day Challenge & Artist / Wednesday Swell Design by Kim Haskell

Wednesday Swell Design - Pencil - @wednesdayswelldesign
Art & photo courtesy of @wednesdayswelldesign

The one word that always comes to mind when I see Kim Haskell of @wednesdayswelldesign‘s work is thoughtful. From the detail in her artwork to the captions sharing a story to her comments on other people’s work–I can tell a lot of thought and care goes into everything that she does. On top of that, all her pieces are extremely creative, beautiful, and inspiring!

Kim has been sharing her work through her Instagram account, @wednesdayswelldesign, where she has embarked on a 366 days of hand lettering in 2016 challenge! Born with a pencil in her hand, as her mom says, Kim has always been drawing or writing. Although she kept up with creative hobbies throughout her life, she somehow lost touch with the pen-to-paper connection. In her journey post, Kim explains how about a year ago, a trifecta of hand lettering influences came into her life: Lindsey of @thepostmansknock, seeing pointed pen calligraphy everywhere, and having a Copperplate instructor come teach a workshop in her city. After taking that workshop, her love of pen on paper was reignited and on January 1st of this year, @wednesdayswelldesign was born!

Wednesday Swell Design - Journey - @wednesdayswelldesign

Art & photo courtesy of @wednesdayswelldesign

I always look forward to seeing what Kim creates everyday and wanted to learn more about her, her process, and this amazing challenge she has taken on! I am very excited to share with you her wonderful story, advice on the creative process, and more below!

Please tell me a little bit more about the name Wednesday Swell Design–what is the story behind it?

The task of choosing a name to represent yourself can certainly be a daunting one. When I was contemplating what to name my creative venture, I started to reminisce about my early childhood experiences with creativity. From the moment my hands could hold a pencil, I was a child who derived pure joy from writing and drawing. Because these activities came so naturally to me, my mom often commented about me that I was “born with a pencil in my hand” and I always found that sentiment endearing. I was born on a Wednesday. Over the last few years I simply wasn’t making time to put pen to paper and I felt as though I was in a creative slump. I needed a project to get me over the hump and reignite my creative spark so the day known as “hump day” seemed perfectly appropriate. Wednesday therefore has a twofold significance in that it represents where I started in life as well as where I started in my hand lettering journey. The term swell is a tip of the hat to my ocean-loving roots. I have lived near the ocean my entire life and some of my happiest memories are set against the soundtrack of rolling waves. Since I am so fond of ocean swells, I was delighted to find out that downstrokes in pointed pen calligraphy can also be referred to as swells. Swell, then, binds together the idea of a lifelong love of the ocean with a newfound love of calligraphy while also implying a sense of rhythm that I strive to achieve in my lettering.

It’s always so fun to see your posts because each one is very unique and you have shown us such a wide variety of techniques! Where do you find inspiration / what gives you the idea for each post? Do you have any favorite tools and / or resources?

As of right now, my lettering journey can be described as learning through experimentation. I have dedicated my lettering time for the entire year to simply learning the craft of lettering at my own pace. As a result, I’ve given myself the freedom to try every style and every material that I possibly can, which explains the variation throughout my feed. As a learner, this makes the most sense to me because it allows me to find the tools and styles that I like the best, while also highlighting what I may need to work on for improvement. When it comes to inspiration, the number one resource for me is to simply look through the amazing work of others on Instagram. The lettering community there is incredibly generous with sharing tips and techniques and I absolutely love to participate in the lettering challenges that are hosted there. I follow up to a dozen challenges each month and when I’m trying to decide what to letter, I will usually read the given prompt of the day from each challenge and there is almost always one that resonates with me. By having a pool of options to choose from, I rarely get stuck for ideas. Outside of challenges, as a huge music junkie I will often turn to song lyrics for inspiration and you should never underestimate the power of a good motivational quote as lettering material. As for tools, I do find myself most often reaching for an oblique pen fitted with a Hunt 101 nib as I am working on my copperplate script technique. I most often write with sumi ink and am especially fond of vermillion sumi for its pop of colour. My other favourite tool currently is watercolour. I have been finding that the organic and flowy nature of watercolour provides a fun contrast to the exacting standards of traditional copperplate style script. For anyone interested in either pointed pen or watercolour techniques, The Postman’s Knock is a phenomenal site. Maintained by Lindsey Bugbee, it is an absolute goldmine of information and tutorials and in addition to the large amount of free materials available, she offers lettering worksheets and courses for very reasonable prices.

Wednesday Swell Design - Sigmund Freud - @wednesdayswelldesign
Art & photo courtesy of @wednesdayswelldesign

I am so impressed by your dedication to this project and your consistent posting. How do you find time to make sure you create and post everyday? Do you have any advice for someone who is taking on a year long challenge of their own and struggling to keep up?

I have to admit that keeping up with a 365 (or in my case 366 project since 2016 is a leap year) project can certainly pose its challenges. I work a 40 hour week at my day job so lettering is an evening activity for me. If I know I have a particularly busy evening and think that my lettering time might be short, I do my best to prepare throughout the day. I select the piece I’m going to write while on my lunch break and maybe even make a quick sketch of my idea and make a mental note of the tools I plan to use. Preparation is definitely very helpful. Sometimes at the end of a month as I’m looking for challenge prompts for the next month, I’ll make a note of the prompts that really stand out to me so that I can have a rough schedule in place and don’t have to spend time deciding on an idea day by day. Also, on days that I’m busiest I also try to use tools that I am comfortable with that won’t require a lot of trial and error. For example, I find that Tombow fudenosuke pens are great on busy days because they are portable enough to toss in a bag when I can’t letter at home and they pose a much lower risk of smearing than tools like a dip pen and ink. Ruining a piece and having to redo it when the day is already stressful is a risk I certainly try to minimize. The most important factor in successfully completing a 365 project, though, really comes down to your own gumption. In the Joyous Health Cookbook by Joy McCarthy, I recall reading a quote that was attributed to Marie Forleo that says discipline is remembering what you want. I think that’s such a poignant phrase. For me personally, I want to become a better letterer, and a better artist. I want to explore my creativity and I want to connect with others who are interested in the same things. I’d someday like to be able to use the skills that I am learning to help support my family while being able to spend less time working away from home. These are the things that I know I can achieve if I put in the time every day to work toward them. Remembering these things is what provides me with the discipline to make sure I’m creating and sharing every day. I love lettering and creating so 95% of the time, it’s not at all a chore to spend time working on it, but it’s that 5% of time when it is most important to remember.

There are so many pieces I love from your challenge–which one is your favorite and why?

With over 200 lettering projects created this year, it is always a challenge to highlight a single piece. One that does come to mind, however, is the watercolour galaxy banner that I’d done on the last day of June. I had never before seen a galaxy painted in the shape of a banner so I was excited to try an idea that was a new concept to me. The piece incorporated a lot of different aspects that I really enjoyed from drawing the banner to painting the watercolour galaxy to spattering on stars and then adding the lettering. I was pleased with the result, but the response it received made it even more special. While I always appreciate any supportive comments from people who have taken the time to visit my feed and offer kind words, the real distinction with this piece was that there were people asking for information on how they could recreate it. I have learned so very much from other letterers that to suddenly have people look to me as a source of inspiration and tutelage was an incredible honour. I went on to create a video of the process for that piece and several letterers who tried the technique shared their work with me. I was so thrilled to feel that I was giving back to the lettering community that I had learned so much from. This piece marked a strengthening in my resolve to keep trying new things and it allowed me to connect to so many more artists and letterers in our community.

Wednesday Swell Design - Galaxy Banner - @wednesdayswelldesign
Art & photo courtesy of @wednesdayswelldesign

What do you hope your audience takes away from your posts and this challenge?

To be honest, my challenge started as an entirely selfish mission. I wanted to improve my skills and learn lettering. In order to be accountable to doing a piece daily, I felt I should post it publicly to Instagram. I was a brand new letterer with no formal training in art so I had no expectations other than that I would have 366 completed pieces at the end of the year. As the weeks passed, this quickly changed and I began to realize just how large the community of people that have a passion for hand lettering is. I had no idea that there would be so many artists and letterers from all over the world that would see my work and I was even more astonished that anyone would like it and downright flabbergasted that they would want to follow me. It’s not that I have a negative view of the work I was putting out in the early days, it’s just that I had a perception that the internet at large was not a place that you necessarily see the best in people. I didn’t expect to get the support of strangers so I was joyously surprised when I learned that letterers are some of the most wonderful people you will ever encounter. I have received nothing but kindness and am so happy to say that my project has connected me with so many new friends. For anyone who has graciously decided to follow along with my experiments in lettering, I hope the resounding message in all of my posts is the idea that you can do this too. For people who assert “I can’t draw” or “my handwriting is awful” I want them to realize that drawing and painting and lettering are all skills that can be learned if you’re willing to put some practice into them. Sure, some people might have natural aptitude for artistic endeavours but for everyone else, the power of practice is enormous. I have learned by doing, and you can too. I always list the materials I use and I post video demos of more involved processes because I want others to be able to try the things that I enjoy so much. It’s always scary to start something new but I’m a great example of how you don’t have to be a professional to put yourself out there and find yourself among a great community of like minded people who are all rooting for one other.

Wednesday Swell Design - Rr - @wednesdayswelldesign
Art & photo courtesy of @wednesdayswelldesign

What are your plans for this challenge once you have completed the 366th days?

I hope that 2017 will bring the opportunity for plenty of new lettering projects. I will most certainly still be lettering but don’t intend to do a 365 again next year. This means that I will likely be investing my time in some larger or more detailed multi-day pieces that will continue to expand on what I’ve already learned. Next year I also have a goal of learning about the business of hand lettering so that I might begin providing some of my work for sale. I have had some inquiries about whether I run an etsy shop, so that may be an option I will explore further. I’d also look forward to expanding into teaching. I certainly know I still have plenty to learn, but I get so much joy from passing along the tips and tricks I know to new letterers and getting more people involved in being creative. To that end, I would love to put together some learning materials, whether it be through a platform like Skillshare or launching a blog or YouTube channel.

I’d love to learn a little bit more about you! Here are a few fill in the blank questions:

When I am not creating for the 365 day challenge, you can find me:

Playing with my French Bulldogs Libby and Theo or walking the beach with my fiancé Jeff.

I am passionate about:

Travelling, naps and proper grammar.

A project, tv show, podcast, IG/Twitter account, etc. I think you should check out is:

More Love Letters. This is a fantastic project where letterers can use their skills while providing a little love to someone who can use a lift, all while engaging in the age old art of snail mail.

Besides @wednesdayswelldesign is there anywhere else we can find you?

For the remainder of 2016, I plan to keep all of my creative endeavours exclusively on Instagram via @wednesdayswelldesign. After that I’ll definitely be looking forward to exploring other platforms.

Thank you so much Kim for your thoughtful answers, great tips and advice, and time! Please go check out and follow @wednesdayswelldesign on Instagram to see Kim’s lovely work and get inspired!

Wednesday Swell Design - Dog Mom - @wednesdayswelldesign

Art & photo courtesy of @wednesdayswelldesign–how cute is this one?! :)

Wednesday Swell Design - Print - @wednesdayswelldesign

Art & photo courtesy of @wednesdayswelldesign


The Friday Favorite series features makers, projects, films, books, and other sources of inspiration I have fallen in love with. I hope by sharing them I will be able to bring something new and inspiring into your life!

Favorite Documentary Series/ Chef’s Table

I have been absolutely mesmorized this past week by the incredible Netflix documentary series, Chef’s Table. Each episode of Chef’s Table tells the story of a world renowned chef–it’s amazing to be able to dive into the minds and lives of these extremely talented individuals.

Chef's Table Season 2 Poster

I actually watched parts of season 1 awhile back and recently rediscovered it because of this post by Sophia Bush (I’m such a huge fan of Chicago PD and the whole Chicago series but that’s a whole other conversation) about Chef Niki Nakayama. She mentions her Chef’s Table episode and I decided to check it out. I normally can’t help looking at my phone and going on Pinterest while I watch TV but I did not think about it–not even once–while Chef’s Table was on. I don’t think it’s possible to watch one these episodes without giving it your full undivided attention–the stories are inspiring, the cinematography is breath taking, and the food is incredible!

I truly think that anyone who creates can connect, be inspired, and appreciate each of these chefs and what they are doing with food. It’s so much more than cooking! It’s innovating, it’s experimenting, it’s exploring, it’s learning, it’s sharing.

There are 2 seasons currently available with 6 episodes each. I recommend all of them but my favorites are:

  • Season 1, Episode 4 – Niki Nakayama (N/Naka Restaurant in Los Angeles, USA)
  • Season 2, Episode 1 – Grant Achatz (Alinea, Next, and The Aviary in Chicago, USA)
  • Season 2, Episode 3 – Dominique Crenn (Atelier Crenn in San Francisco, USA)
  • Season 2, Episode 5 – Ana Ros (Hiša Franko in Kobarid, Slovenia)
  • Season 2, Episode 6 – Gaggan Anand (Gaggan in Bangkok, Thailand) *I watched this one twice

Chef's Table

All images are courtesy of Netflix Chef’s Table 

Season 3 is coming out in late 2016 and Season 4 in 2017–I cannot wait!

If you have already been watching Chef’s Table, I’d love to hear your thoughts and which episodes were you favorite! If you are going to check it out, I hope you find this docu-series as magical as I have!

You can find Chef’s Table over on Netflix and on Instagram.


Byron, my contact for The Ebongalethu Educare Center Preschool & Nursery, sent me photos from last month’s porridge delivery! I hope you enjoy the photos and thank you for helping to provide these little ones with a nutritious meal!

Update from The EEC - June 2016

The kiddos checking out the packages of porridge!

Update from The EEC - June 2016

Meal time!

Update from The EEC - June 2016

This is Gladys, the amazing founder of The Ebongalethu Educare Center! She is now in her 60s and runs the entire place with the help of three wonderful ladies.

DSC_1174 (Medium)
Update from The EEC - June 2016

This lovely little girl is 3 year old Anelisa. I have been told that she is the sweetest and has the most amazing nature about her! She was born with some conditions and needs special care. Gladys and the ladies that work with her are doing the best they can with the resources they have. So far, Byron has learned from Gladys that Anelisa needs to have an operation on her palate because when she eats some of the food comes out of her nose. The entrance way to her ears are almost completely closed so she can barely hear anything. She would need to learn sign language to be able to communicate properly. Byron has been trying to get through to her doctor to see what exactly she needs to live a comfortable and healthy life. Anelisa is currently receiving therapy elsewhere and Byron is trying to find out what that entails as well to see what they can do to help. I am sending lots of positive thoughts to this wonderful child and the wonderful people who are helping her–I know she is in good hands with Gladys and Byron at The EEC.

Update from The EEC - June 2016
Live, laugh, love–great advice on this cutie’s shirt!


The Friday Favorite series features makers, projects, films, books, and other sources of inspiration I have fallen in love with. I hope by sharing them I will be able to bring something new and inspiring into your life!

Favorite Ted Talk /10 Ways To Have A Better Conversation by Celeste Headlee

I wrote this post earlier in the week but in light of recent events, I feel like this Ted Talk is more relevant than ever. Without communication, understanding is replaced by fear, intolerance, and ignorance. There’s a part in this talk that stands out to me–Celeste says that she has had great conversations with people whose values and beliefs differ greatly from her own. It sounds like that is something we need to do now. Regardless of where we stand on politics, gun control, the police, or racism, it seems like it would be a good idea to listen to one another to come up with a solution so that we don’t need to continue waking up to news of another violent shooting or another senseless death. I think we can all agree we don’t want to live in a world where this is a daily occurrence. While there are major changes that need to happen, I think if we have better conversations in our daily lives and within our communities, we will be taking a step in the right direction.

I have found that when I feel stuck, uninspired, or blah, a great way to get out of that funk is to listen to an episode of Ted Talks on YouTube. I recently came across Celeste Headlee’s Ted Talk “10 Ways To Have A Better Conversation”. It caught my eye because who wouldn’t want to have a better conversation? I want to feel this way with people I interact with and I also want people to walk away from a conversation with me feeling connected and having enjoyed speaking with me.

Celeste Headlee has a lot of experience with communicating with people–she is a radio journalist, reporter, host, correspondent, writer, and professional opera singer.  She is currently the host of “On Second Thought”, a radio talk show on Georgia Public Broadcasting. Celeste has co-hosted the national morning news show “The Takeaway”, was the Midwest Correspondent for NPR’s “Day to Day”, and was the host of a weekly show on Detroit Public Radio. She also holds multiple degrees in music and is a classically trained soprano who performs quite often.

As she says in the beginning of her talk, this is not the usual “look into the other person’s eyes” or “nod to show you are engaged” pieces of advice we have probably already heard a billion times. And while you may hear some of the points and think they are pretty common sense, it seems many of us have forgotten these things in our busy day to day lives.

I ended up listening to this twice–after I finished it the first time I realized I wanted to write these 10 things down on paper so I wouldn’t forget them! I know I am guilty of many of the things on the list and I am looking forward to changing these bad habits immediately and adopt the new ones I have just learned. I truly enjoyed this talk and think Celeste is sharing such great knowledge and advice from her experiences.

Here is the Ted Talk and below are my notes on each point Celeste covers.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and here’s to better conversations!

10 Ways To Have A Better Conversation – Celeste Headlee – Ted Talks

  1. Don’t multi-task. Be present in that moment. Be 100% there.
  2. Don’t pontificate. The definition of pontificate is, “express one’s opinions in a way considered annoyingly pompous and dogmatic.” Set aside personal opinions. Assume you have something to learn.
  3. Use open ended questions. Ask who/what/when/where/why/how.  Instead of asking, “Were you afraid?” let them tell you how they felt by asking, “How did you feel?” or “What was that like?”
  4. Go with the flow. Let thoughts go in and out of your mind. Don’t hold onto a thought or story which takes you out of the moment and makes you stop listening (you end up thinking, “I got to remember to tell this story!” instead of listening to the other person).
  5. If you don’t know, say you don’t know. Don’t pretend like you know something if you don’t.
  6. Don’t equate your experiences with theirs. All experiences are individual. It’s not about you. It’s not a promotional opportunity.
  7. Try not to repeat yourself.
  8. Leave out the details. Nobody cares about the exact date or time or place. They care about you, how the two of you connect.
  9.  LISTEN! Pay attention. Listen with the intent of understanding, not the intent of responding.
  10. Be brief.
  11. Go into a conversation interested in the other person and be prepared to be amazed by them!


June flew right by and I can’t believe the #randomloveletter challenge has already come to a close! It was a lot of fun to be a part of this again for the second year in a row and thank you Sarah and Olivia for allowing me to co-host with you! A very special thank you to @HandletteredABCs for co-hosting the first full week of RLL with us.

I have loved scrolling through the feed to see what everyone was posting–here are some of my favorites from Instagram:

Random Love Letter Recap 1

Top row, left to right: @sarahdshotts, @sharewithmy, @lo_in_sojo, @thefive15,
Bottom row, left to right: @lauralovesletters, @letteringbynicola, @m2bstudio, @3x3nonsense, @jensweeney4

Random Love Letter 2016 Recap Row 2

Top row, left to right: @fleuronic, @soochieink, @calumfung whose note was found by @oliviabynature, @thetinymc, @amyamybobamy
Bottom row, left to right: @anintran, @sarahdshotts, @3x3nonsense, @michelechoban, @kellyleungtadesigns

Random Love Letter Recap 2016 Row 3

Top row, left to right: @wordfindersclub, @wonkiefinger, @th_purpl_lady, @itsjustyellow, @randomolive
Bottom row, left to right: @snoopypoopyy, @oakleysuzyt, @tseitskat_


The Friday Favorite series features makers, projects, films, books, and other sources of inspiration I have fallen in love with. I hope by sharing them I will be able to bring something new and inspiring into your life!

Favorite Instagram Project & Storyteller / Dear Daughter by Christina Tran

Dear Daughter, I want to tell you
Photo courtesy of @dear_daughter_

I first came across @dear_daughter_ while browsing through the #write_on hashtag back in April. The post I saw had a vintage looking photograph of a young woman and a hand written note below the photo: “Dear Daughter, I want to tell you about your grandmother. I want you to know her stories.” I instantly connected and fell in love with this post– it felt very intimate and reminded me of my own mother and grandmother.

Every post by @dear_daughter has touched me in one way or another–some have made me smile, others have made my eyes well up with tears, and they have all made me think. They have reminded me of my family–my own parents and their struggles, stories, and wisdom. There is something so beautiful and thoughtful about Dear Daughter and how each piece in the series manages to evoke such strong emotions with just a single photo and a handful of words.

Dear Daughter, I am already proud of you

Photo courtesy of @dear_daughter_

Christina Tran is the talented storyteller behind Dear Daughter. As a big fan of this project and her work, it’s a wonderful privilege to be able to learn more about both!

Dear Daughter is such a beautiful and impactful series of photographs and letters. Where did you get the idea to start Dear Daughter? What was your inspiration? 

I started playing with the idea of writing letters to my future daughter as part of a larger comics project about our culture’s toxic beauty industries and how those messages affect our societal conceptions of self-worth, which influence our perceptions of ourselves. I had this idea that I was going to write these letters “on the world” (as graffiti, in magazines, on our skin, in the sky…) so I started the Instagram account to be able to document experiments in form.

On a last-minute whim this past April, I decided to participate in the Write On campaign during National Letterwriting Month. I really like creative challenges that get me doing small acts of art making at a steady pace for a set amount of time, so I loved the idea of 30 letters in 30 days. I had this old photo album of my mom, so I just started writing tiny letters to my future daughter alongside old photos I had of her.

I love the photos and the nostalgia that comes with them–they look so much like photos my parents have of themselves when they were young. Are these photos from your personal collection / can you tell us more about the people in them?

My parents passed away when I was an undergrad in college, and most of our family photos are back at my brother’s home in Texas. I move around a fair amount myself, so I’m picky about what I bring with me. I have one box of photos, which are a mix of childhood photos, high school pictures, and this one album of my mom from when she was a young lady in Vietnam. I’ve always been intrigued by these photos both because they feel really familiar to me (my high school friends and I would sometimes run around and do photoshoots ourselves) and also because they’re a complete mystery (I don’t know who the other people are, I don’t know where the photos were taken, I never knew this youthful fashion-savvy version of my mom).

I didn’t know I had an analogous album of my dad in his youth until I was rummaging around in my boxes looking for paintbrushes a few weeks ago. I found the dad photos only a few days before the anniversary of his death and right before Father’s Day, so it felt like a sign. I felt I sort of had to do another series of “30 letters in 30 days” using his photos this time.

Dear Dad
Photo courtesy of @dear_daughter_

Every letter I have read has made me emotional–many bring tears to my eyes. I can relate to what is being said / hear my own parents saying these things to me / or they are words I wish have been said. Are these letters words that have been said to you or are they messages you are creating from scratch for your future daughter?

There’s a funny thing that happens in art and in life — if you juxtapose any two things, people will ascribe meaning whether and beyond whatever was initially intended by the creator of the thing. The most fulfilling projects are the ones in which the end results surprise even me. I didn’t anticipate the emotional and healing journey that the series has taken me on, but I am so grateful for it. I started the series as if I were writing to my future daughter, but through the alchemy of art…who can say whether I am sending messages into the future for my children, or whether they are messages sent backwards in time to a younger version of my mom when she was a daughter herself, or whether these are channeled through my maternal ancestors so that they can send me the messages which I yearn for in my present day to day…

If there’s one thing you’d like your audience to take away from Dear Daughter, what would it be?

I think each reader will take away something different; different letters resonate with different people for different reasons. But overall, I am trying to convey a message of faith in yourself and your own personal wisdom. It seems like we’re all seeking and searching and questioning, and we’re always turning outward — to blogposts and media, to other people’s opinions, to tarot cards and societal expectations — for answers. But I’ve found that if I’m quiet enough and if I’m attentive enough, I oftentimes already have all the answers I need.

Dear Daughter, Even after I am gone
Photo courtesy of @dear_daughter_

What are your plans for Dear Daughter going forward? 

It’s funny because I haven’t thought that far ahead for this project because this was always meant to be a space to play and experiment. I’ll definitely keep writing letters; the letter writing challenges have rekindled my love for real-life letter writing this year, and I’ve been sending more random letters and postcards to people I care about. Thinking bigger picture, I already made a little postcard pack of some of the mom photos, and I’d love to someday publish the series in some kind of book format.

I really enjoyed reading your creatively written bio ( and wanted to learn some more about you! Please fill in the blanks…

When I am not working on Dear Daughter, you can find me:

Reading books, making comics, or climbing things

I am passionate about:

Feminism, social justice, and creating more inclusive quiet safe spaces in the world for people to just be.

A project, TV show, podcast, IG/Twitter account, etc. I think you should check out is: 

I recently watched a really inspiring documentary about the Ovarian Psychos, an all-women of color bicycle brigade in LA whose “political views are feminist ideas with indigent understanding and an urban/hood mentality.” I really love the work they’re doing in the community, and how they embody their values and ideals.

Check out the trailer:

Besides @dear_daugter_, where can we find and connect with you?

If you like the Dear Daughter series, please check out my comics at I tell more stories about my relationship with my family, the loss of my parents, and what it means to love and care for ourselves and for others. You can also sign up for my newsletter for updates. I love writing these letters to my subscribers about what’s going on with my work!

Dear Daughter, I always wonder

Photo courtesy of @dear_daughter_

Thank you Christina for your thoughtful answers and time! Please go check out @dear_daughter along with Christina’s other projects–I hope you fall in love with them as I have.


Thanks to your Father’s Day card orders this year as well as repayments from previous Father’s Day Cards For A Cause Campaigns, Atiliay is able to fund 17 new Kiva microloans for dads around the world! I really enjoy the process of reading each loan applicant’s story and sharing them with you. There’s a few things I look for when I am lending: 1) The applicant must be a father 2) The loan is for the father’s business (not a personal loan) and 3) The business must not be harmful towards animals. Please read on to learn more about the 17 fathers we are lending to (text is taken from their Kiva profile):

Father's Day Kiva Loans Row 1
From Left to Right: Adrianno, Azamjon, Benon, Damilo

Adrianno / Blacksmith / Encarnoncion, Paraguay  Mr. Adriano is from the town of Encarnación and lives with his wife. They have a son for whom both strive to get ahead and provide a better quality of life. He is a blacksmith and says that he’s been working this trade for several years. Things are going well and he’s improving daily. He’s asking for this loan to buy iron so he can continue with his work.

Azamjon / Construction / Kostakos, Tajikistan Azamjon is a very hardworking and cheerful man. He is 46 years old and he lives in Kostakos County, Gafurov District with his wife and child. He is a decorator, working in construction. He paints and decorates people’s houses for money and receives income from his business. Mostly he works in the summer season. Sometimes he needs to go to other regions to work. That’s why he needs a car to get there. He wants to buy a car but he has money which is not enough to buy a vehicle. That’s why he is asking for a loan of 3000 TJS from MDO Arvand. He wants to use the loan to buy a vehicle and improve his business. He thanks Arvand for their cooperation in improving his life and business conditions.

Benon / Farming / Fort Portal, Uganda Benon is married and operates a business distilling a local beverage known as waragi. On realizing the lucrative nature of this business, he decided to go for it in order to earn money for personal development and to educate his children. To supplement his income he also farms bananas and other crops. His dream is to expand his banana plantation so as to increase the volume of his waragi production. The loan that Benon is requesting will be used to weed, prune, and mulch his banana plantation.

Danilo / Motorcycle Transport / Dinas, Sinacaban, Misamis Occidental, Philippines Danilo owns and operates a motorcycle transport service to earn a living. He has been in his business for almost 10 years and earns well from this business. He successfully paid his previous loan which was used to repair his motorcycle. Now he is taking a new loan to buy motor accessories and to pay for the renewal of the motorcycle license. In the future, he wants to save more for the future of his children.

Father's Day Kiva Loans Row 2

 From Left to Right: Gelvin, Ghevond, Hugo, Hysen

Gelvin / Agriculture / Morazan, Yoro, Honduras Gelvin, 51, lives with his wife and two children in the municipality of Morazan, Yoro. For five years he has been producing coffee; he used to grow beans. His coffee plantation is in the rural area of a community produces and distributes excellent quality coffee beans. In an effort to improve his crop and harvests, Gelvin is requesting a loan in the amount of 7,000 HNL to buy supplies and formulas for his plantation. His plan is to continue improving his land and give his family all they need for a better quality of life.

Ghevond / Taxi / Gyumri, Armenia This is Ghevond, a 33-year-old taxi driver from Gyumri. Ghevond lives together with his mother, wife and two infant children. He provides their daily living on his own and tries very hard to support his kids with proper living conditions.

Ghevond started providing taxi service 18 months ago with his own car. Thanks to his politeness and safety, he has several loyal customers in his hometown. The only limitation is demand instability for his service. Ghevond requested this loan to be able to continue providing taxi service. He needs your financial support to pay for a renovation of his car and to purchase four new wheels. This will help him to provide safer and more comfortable service and to attract more clients. Ghevond is so thankful for your understanding and hopes for your help.

Hugo / Taxi / Gustavo A. Madero, Mexico, Mexico As of 6/26/16, Hugo’s loan is not fully funded! To make sure it gets funded, you can contribute here

Hugo is a loving husband who has been a stable taxi driver for over 30 years. He is 59 years old and does his best to support his family and his wife often helps with the house expenses.

He is looking for a new start. He is wanting to remodel and provide his kids with a better lifestyle. He is looking for a loan of 5,000 MXN, which will allow him to renew his driving permit. The government is asking him to take a new one and the loan will allow him to afford it.

Hysen / Construction / Kosovo Hysen is a new client of our company requesting a loan in order to help him refresh his business with some working tools for his construction business. The amount that Hysen is applying is 650 Euro that will help him to enlarge his company. By taking this loan Hysen has planned to raise his business to another level by buying new tools that will help him improve construction work. He is married and has three children whom he is supporting with his construction company. Basically his idea and plan is also to improve kid’s school and social life and make a brighter future for them. He is a very hardworking and responsible person and the new loan would be of a very high impact on his family income.

From Left to Right: Issa, Mahmoud, Mario, Mauricio

Issa from Neisakuru Group / Decorations Sales / Makeni, Sierra Leone  Neisakuru is a group that has come together to help themselves achieve their individual dreams by attaining a loan to improve their sales. Issa is the leader and the featured borrower for this group. Neisakuru is made up of five members requesting a total loan of SLL 10,000,000. Issa is to receive SLL 3,600,000 to purchase more decorations, flowers and textiles. Issa has sold flowers and textiles for the past 15 years. Issa is shown in the middle of the picture.

With this, they will be able to grow and improve the availability and accessibility of the business. Issa is a 61-year-old father with five children. He plans to save some of the proceeds of his business for his children’s education and welfare. He thanks you for supporting them.

Mahmoud / Soft Drinks & Juice / Ain Al Helwi, Lebanon Mahmoud is a 56-year-old Palestinian refugee, the married father of five children, and their sole breadwinner. He has been working as a taxi driver for 13 years to financially support his family, and improve their living. Living in a Palestinian camp limits refugees’ dreams of seeking a better income business. That’s why Mahmoud decided to start a new business for his son through an acquired loan from Al Majmoua. He will open for his son a juice-selling shop especially for the coming Holy Ramadan month, since juice is a main item on every food table during Ramadan.

He is looking forward to establishing his son’s business and hopes that his son will succeed in managing it properly in the future.

Mario / Used Clothing / Machava15, Mozambique Mario lives in a common-law marriage, and is the father of five children, out of whom four are still under his responsibility and attend primary and secondary school. He works as a security guard for a private company. He lives with his family in a house he owns.

With the requested amount, he will buy bales of used clothes for resale at the local market.

In the future, he plans to open a boutique to sell new clothes in large quantities.

Considering that two of his children will finish high school this years, he faces the challenge of funding their university studies.

Mauricio / Barber Shop / Medellin, Colombia Mauricio is 27 years old and lives in the municipality of Medellin. He has two children, a son and a daughter who are twins, and it has been a beautiful journey for him and a huge responsibility he has taken bravely. He started a barber shop back in 2006 so he could help his family and become more independent.

He dreams of paying for the best education he can for his children so he can give them a bright future. Regarding his business, he’s working harder so the sales can improve and so he can attract more clients to be more competitive. He’s asking for a loan so he can buy furniture for the barber shop so his clients can be more comfortable.

From Left to Right: Nana, Nestor, Samuel, Uriah

Nana / Food Production & Sales / Antsirabe, Madagascar  As of 6/26/16, Nana’s loan is not fully funded! To make sure it gets funded, you can contribute here

Nana is a bold entrepreneur. He is 48 years old and lives with his wife and five children in the outer area of Antsirabe. He works from his home where he has been able to develop a workshop to make groundnut oil. He has been with Vahatra for more than four years and has received several successive loans of increasing amounts. Because of this, he has been able to produce, package, and deliver his oil to different merchants in town.

Nana is very pleased with his success from the previous loan. He is grateful to the lenders for their support. Today, he wants to continue to produce groundnut oil to meet demand. This loan will be used to purchase 2,300 kg of groundnuts.

His goal is still to become a groundnut oil wholesaler. For the long term, he wants to have financial autonomy. The conditions for his family have improved.

Nestor / Retail / La Union, El Salvador Nestor has a sixth grade education. He is married and lives with his wife, a homemaker, and two little children who both attend school.

Nestor makes his living selling spices, combs, thread, needles, and other items. He goes out to the stores in the communities Monday to Saturdays to sell his wares. He started doing this work because he realized that it could be profitable, and this is how he earns income to support his family.

He will use the loan to purchase spices such as anise, cumin, mustard, pepper, cinnamon, etc. as well as combs, thread, and needles to continue selling.

His dream is to improve his home, and provide his children with what they need to be good people.

Samuel / Renewable Energy Products / Kenya Samuel is a 38 year father of two boys. He is very experienced in selling solar products as he has been working with 200 plus field officers for two years. Samuel’s motivation is creating a better Kenya for his children, and his research has shown that off-grid solar is the best way to expand this. He has experience in selling solar cook-stoves and briquettes in 10 different counties in Kenya.

He wants to work with One Degree Solar, to expand his solar initiatives in new communities. He wants to use his expertise and passion for solar to sell One Degree Solar’s lanterns and educate end-users on the benefits of using One Degree Solar’s products. One Degree Solar is very pleased to be working with Samuel on making sure this initiative completed to it’s full potential.

Through this loan Samuel will purchase 1,500 units of Brigt1. He has previously sold One Degree Solar’s original product, the BrightBox and seen immense benefits from this.

Uriah / Farming / Kaduna, Nigeria Uriah is a Babban Gona maize farmer from Kuzuntu village. He is married with a child and lives in a mud house with his family. He is a meticulous farmer who has invested time and resources in his farm. He hopes his child work twice as hard as him and becomes a doctor.

Thanks to his drive, Uriah is able to ensure that his family eats three square meals a day. In order for Uriah to keep improving his yield and as a result feed his family; he needs access to high quality inputs, such as fertilizers, herbicides and improved seeds. As a Babban Gona member, he will be provided with a full suite of the best inputs to optimize his farm and increase his yields up to 3.5 metric tones per hectare; 2.3 times the national average.

With increased yields and income of up to 3.5 times the national average, Uriah looks forward to using his additional income to pay his child’s school fees. Uriah is a happy Babban Gona farmer and holds getting married as his best memory as a Babban Gona member. He looks forward to a brighter future with Babban Gona as his partner in fighting poverty.

Waleed / Fruits & Vegetables / Wihdat, Jordan Waleed is the caring father of five children and he lives in a rented house in Wihdat, which is considered as an ‎underprivileged area in Amman. ‎He owns a vegetables and fruits van and he is peddling in the street.

Waleed wishes to open an independent grocery. He applied for a loan to help him buy more vegetables and summer fruits to serve more customers ‎and save enough money to be able open his own shop. ‎


The #Randomloveletter challenge is in full swing! This year we are assigning a theme to each week to help inspire your notes. It’s for you to interpret however you’d like so be as creative as you want and have fun :) I have seen so many amazing and beautiful random love letters being left around the world (so cool!)! Thank you to everyone who has joined in so far and if you’d like to be a part of this we would love to have you! Just write a positive or encouraging note, snap a pic of it, and share it on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #randomloveletter (NO S). Here’s the schedule for the month:

#Randomloveletter 2016 Themes

Week 1: June 5 – 11 / Encourage / We partnered up with @HandletteredABCs for the first theme week and it was amazing!

Week 2: June 12-18 / Quote

Week 3: June 19 – 25 / Compliment

Week 4: June 26 – 30 / Prompt


#RandomLoveLetter Instagram Challenge

June is a few days away which means it’s almost time for the annual #RandomLoveLetter Instagram Challenge! This is one of my favorite challenges I have done and I am so excited to be co-hosting with @sarahdshotts & @randomolive this year! Are you ready for 30 days of awesome messages being left around town for people to find?

Here is how it works:

From June 1st to June 30th, write a note with a positive message each day or as often as you can. Leave your random love letter in a public place for someone to discover. Take a photo of your note and share it on Instagram & Twitter using the hastag #RandomLoveLetter. Important note: there is no “S” at the end of the hashtag!

You can leave your messages in library books, grocery store aisles, elevators, park benches–anywhere someone might come across it! The mission is to brighten up someone’s day when they find our love letters!

This year we will also be having weekly themes to help inspire you and are very excited to be teaming up with @HandletteredABCs for the first week!

We will recap the project in July and highlight some of our favorite #RandomLoveLetter photos on our IG feeds and blogs.

Get started:

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#RandomLoveLetter Instagram Challenge 2016


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I hope you will join us in spreading the love and I can’t wait to see your love letters!