For Some Bunny Special - Hand Lettered Card by Atiliay

For Some Bunny Special - Hand Lettered Card by Atiliay

Hand Lettered Bunny Card By Atiliay

Some Bunny Loves You Hand Lettered Card by Atiliay

Hand Lettered Some Bunny Loves You Card by Atiliay

These hand lettered bunny cards are perfect for the rabbit or animal lover in your life! Each of these tri-fold cards unfolds to reveal the message to your recipient! Each card will help Animal Place (www.animalplace.org), a wonderful sanctuary for rescued farm animals, buy treats (such as grapes and apples) for the animals they care for. Besides being yummy, these treats help socialize frightened animals and are also used to hide life saving medications for several of their senior residents and chickens. All cards are available in Atiliay’s Etsy Shop. Pick one up and help us spread the love to our furry and feathered friends!

PS: The lovely model seen in these photos is the beautiful and fluffy Fafa! Fafa is my friend Connie’s bunny and it was so nice of both of them to do this photoshoot with me! It was definitely the most fun one I have done :)

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