Valentine's 14th Birthday!

11 Februarys ago, I didn’t follow my MapQuest directions properly, got lost, and drove onto the same street that a dog was lying in the middle of and it changed my life forever.

On Feb 6th, I took Valentine home with me. We are guessing she was 3 years old at the time which would make this her 14th birthday!

I made her a special fruit and veggie platter and we also went to the park to celebrate! :)

Here are a few more photos from from our years together including her first day home and her shelter listing (with directions on there so I could go get her)!

Happy 11th adoptaversary and 14th birthday, Valentine!

Valentine's 14th Birthday!


Happy Hump Day from Valentine! Whether I am packing orders, brush lettering, or making a drop off at the post office, she can be found right beside me–usually in this position, snoozing on the job lol. No matter what, she always brings a smile to my face each day and I couldn’t ask for a better assistant. I hope these pictures make you smile as too :)

Valentine | Atiliay.com

PS: I totally got suckered into buying one of these beds for her through some ad on Instagram–but she loves it! Also, does anyone else’s dog sleep on their back with all their paws in their air too? My two other dogs rarely did it but that is Valentine’s go to sleep position!