Observing how colors blend and move.

Sketchbook Page 2 | Watercolors and acrylic, inspired by the earth, sky, stars, and the galaxy


Sometimes I find that the thing I want to do most is actually the thing I do the least of! (Do you ever feel this way too?)

And it’s my own fault for not making it a priority.

To change that, I’m dedicating time each day to filling in a page in this sketchbook with paint, colors, drawings—anything, and take a minute to create, explore, and experiment. I remember making art for the fun of it as a kid and I need that back in my life, please!

What’s something you want to prioritize and do more of?

Sketchbook Page 1 | Watercolors and acrylic, inspired by land/earth/sea/sky


July Letterboard

A new month means a new quote for the letter board and changing up this little shelf area of my home! I came across this quote from Hans Christian Andersen and loved it for this summer month. I also picked up some flowers to go with it–this is a bunch of chamomile (from Trader Joe’s) and I love catching their scent as I walk by! I hope you are enjoying the start of the month 💛


Such a beautiful piece of mail from my pen pal, Andrea. We first connected on Instagram but have mainly gotten to know each other over the years through letters! In a world filled with technology and a demand for instant results, it is always such a treat to see an envelope waiting in the mailbox for me to open up and read.


It’s the end of the season and I love taking a little time to revisit the past months, scroll through the photos on my phone, and see what items I was able to check off on my bucket list. Here’s a look back at some snippets of my spring–I hope you enjoyed yours as well :)

My final checked off list! I was able to write 7/10 letters (not bad!), I finished Undaunted by Kara Goldin and highly recommend it, and I tried the spring vegetable risotto from one of my favorite vegan cookbooks, The Vegan Table by Colleen Patrick Goudreau.

One of the biggest projects I am attempting is cleaning up our backyard and making it a neat and usable space! This is one of the sections that I have worked on and a look at cardboard mulching! I got a bunch of free cardboard boxes from Trader Joe’s to do this. Eventually the plan is to add step stones and rocks to the non-mulched area as well as different garden sections with plants and flowers. It’s been a LOT of work but also very enjoyable to work with my hands and see results!

When I want a break from the backyard, I switch over to plants! I made a little area to keep my plants (and out of reach from Valentine who will eat and dig the veggies!) and have been growing nasturtiums (although it was recently infested with black bean aphids :( so I removed them and will start again), lemongrass, succulents, tomatoes from seeds from a slice of tomato, potato, and mint! I love watering them and checking to see how they’ve grown each morning! I’m also remembering to look up at the sky and have seen some beautiful cloud formations!

Here’s another one of my favorite clouds that looks like a heart! I was also able to finish my Connect II piece, and had so much fun spending time outdoors with Valentine! :)