I’m so excited to share some new cards for a cause that are now available in the shop! I’ve been working on updating a few designs and adding some new ones for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Teacher Appreciation Week and here they are:

Cards For A Cause by

FOR MOTHER’S DAY: The Love Between a Mother and Daughter/Son Knows No Distance, Best Plant Mom Ever, and You Survived Happy 1st Mother’s Day! All Mother’s Day cards for a cause will help to fund micro-loans for mom entrepreneurs from around the world!

FOR FATHER’S DAY: Happy Pawther’s Day :), You Survived Happy 1st Father’s Day! All Father’s Day cards for a cause will help to fund micro-loans for dad entrepreneurs from around the world!

FOR TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK: Thank You For Helping Me Bloom All Teacher Appreciation cards will provide 10 meals for children at The Ebongalethu Educare Center Preschool and Nursery in Motherwell, South Africa!

All of these cards for a cause and more are available in my shop, click here to head over and take a look (and don’t forget orders of $35 or more automatically receive free shipping!) I hope you like them and they help you celebrate some very special people in your lives! :)

PS: I’m working on more designs and some brand new products so stay tuned!


Father's Day Cards For A Cause by

This Father’s Day Atiliay was able to fund 11 new microloans for dad entrepreneurs thanks to retail and wholesale cards for a cause orders! Atiliay is a give back paper goods company and every item is paired up with a non-profit–with every purchase a portion of proceeds is donated. For Father’s Day, I  wanted to create a way that we could help support fathers around the world. Since 2013, all cards for dads help to fund Kiva microloans that are lent to fathers around the world to help them grow their businesses, follow their dreams, and care for their families. To date, thanks to orders and repayments (when a loan is repaid, the funds are used to support another microloan), a total of 73 loans have been made in 36 different countries!

I wanted to introduce you to the 11 fathers and businesses we were able to support this Father’s Day:

Father's Day Cards For A Cause by

Photos courtesy of

From top to bottom, left to right:

The first 5 fathers I wanted to tell you about all have businesses in the service industry in different parts of the world.⁣⁣

Ali, 31, Nabatieh, Lebanon | Ali is a husband, father of 3, Syrian refugee, and owner of a business specializing in making stone displays and fences for houses. Ali will use this loan to buy supplies needed for his business including wood fencing, vinyl, composite, metal, and chain link wings. He is hardworking and always trying to develop his business and improve his living conditions.⁣⁣
Ismail, 44, Jinja, Uganda | Ismail is a single father of 3 and a businessman operating a tailoring shop at a busy street in his town. He is using this loan to purchase cloth and a generator to help during power outages. In addition to being a tailor, he also owns a video hall in another city and recently started selling soft drinks to those who come to his hall to watch football. Ismail’s wife left (reason unknown) when their youngest child was just 6 months old and since then he has dedicated himself to raising them and working hard so that all his children can attend better schools.⁣⁣
Amos, 43, Kakamega, Kenya | Amos is married to his wife, Robai, and together they have 6 children. He has been operating his motorcycle business for 5 years and earns an average of 9,000 KES a month (about $88 USD). This is the first loan he has applied to and would like to use the funds to enable him to service his motorcycle. With the profits he will earn, he plans to repay his loan and pay school fees for his children.⁣⁣

Sherali, 36, Kulob, Tajikistan | Sherali is married and a father of 3 children. He is described as responsible, capable, honest, and careful, He has run his carpentry business successfully for over 6 years. He manufactures doors, windows, benches, and national Tajik chairs called “cut”. He has many clients and loves his business very much. He plans to use the loan to purchase more wood to increase his income.⁣⁣

Father's Day Cards For A Cause by

Mashaka, early 30s, Lumumba-Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania | Mashaka has a barber shop is the married father of 2 children–1 boy and 1 girl–both of whom attend school. He opened his salon 10 years ago and is open from 8AM-9PM. He is applying for this loan to buy towels, combs, cutting machine, and chairs for his customers. His dream is to continue to grow and expand his business.

These next 3 fathers I’d like you to meet are all in the farming business:

Father's Day Cards For A Cause by
José, Ciudad El Triunfo, El Salvador | José is the father of 2 children and one of them is attending school. He has a life partner who devotes herself to taking care of the household. He studied up to 6th grade and has 22 years of experience doing agricultural work which he learned from his father. José is applying for this loan to buy agricultural supplies to plant grains, pay for labor, and pay rent for the land he cultivates. He dreams of improving his family’s quality of life.⁣

Nexhmedin, 51, Kosovo | Nexhmedin is married with 5 children. He is ambitious and works hard to provide for his family. His main occupation is cultivating wheat and corn to sell at the local market. In order to grow his business, Nexhmedin is requesting a loan to purchase fences for his agricultural land that will help preserve the product he farms. He is thankful to all the Kiva lenders for their support!⁣

Sovan, 29, Batambong, Cambodia | Sovan and his wife are farmers and together they have 3 children. They make a net income of 15 USD per day. He is requesting this loan to help with rice farming. He hopes this will help them expand their yield and improve his family’s life. Sovan loves his family and in the future wants to renovate his house and send all his children to school. Sovan sends thanks to the lenders for their support.⁣

And these final 3 dads we were able to fund loans for are all in retail:

Father's Day Cards For A Cause by

Issaka, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso | Issaka is the father of a 5 year old child and has been a merchant selling shoes for the past 3 years. He is requesting this loan to pay for 8 bags of rubber soled footwear and 10 bags of secondhand shoes. He plans to put what he earns back into the business and to save money to improve his family’s living conditions.⁣

Antando, SIGNOGHIN, Burkina Faso | Antando is married and the father of 9 children–the oldest is 28 and the youngest is 8. 9 children go to school and he has 12 dependents. He has been in the business of selling a variety of merchandise for the past 21 years. With this loan, he plans to buy fifteen 50 kg sacks of kola nuts and ten 100kg sacks of dates to resell. He will reinvest his profits back into his business. Antando’s goal is to become a wholesaler and better educate his children.⁣

Stephen, Thika, Kenya | Stephen is happily married and provides for his family by selling clothes. His business is successful and he is glad he is able to support his family. Stephen is seeking a loan so he can add more fashionable clothes to his shop and attract more customers. His dream is to build a bigger business and support his children.⁣

Thank you again to those of you who made this possible–I am looking forward to funding even more loans next Father’s Day!


Mother's Day Cards For A Cause by

This Mother’s Day Atiliay was able to fund 4 new microloans for mom entrepreneurs thanks to retail and wholesale cards for a cause orders! In case this is the first time you are learning about how Atiliay gives back, every item is paired up with a non-profit and with every purchase a portion of proceeds is donated. For Mother’s Day, I  wanted to create a way for me and my customers to help moms around the world. Since 2017, all cards for moms help to fund Kiva microloans that are lent to mamapreneurs around the world to help them grow their businesses, reach their goals, and provide for their families. You can learn more about how the loans work in this Instagram post. To date, thanks to orders and repayments (when a loan is repaid, the funds are used to support another microloan), a total of 26 loans have been made in 15 different countries! I wanted to introduce you to the 4 mothers and businesses we were able to support this Mother’s Day:

Mother's Day Cards For A Cause Kiva Loans 2019 -

Photos courtesy of

From top to bottom, left to right:⁣

Catherine is a mother of 2 (one of her little ones joined her for this photo :)) and has a banana farm in Maua, Kenya. She requested a loan to purchase high quality seeds and fertilizer to improve her crops to keep up with modern techniques of farming. Using these items will help her increase her crop and increase her profit. Catherine works hard so that she can support her family and children and create a better life for them.⁣

Parvina is 36 years old and married with 2 children. She lives in Sarband, Tajikistan with her family. She is a seamstress of women’s clothes, national pillowcases, and bed sheets. These items are very popular and fashionable in Tajikistan–especially with brides who order the embroidered pillowcases and bed sheets. Parvina is using her loan to to buy fabrics for making embroidered pillowcases as they are a very profitable item at the market.

Erlina lives in Ajuy, Iloilo, Philippines with her husband and 4 children who are between the ages of 2 and 17. Erlina and her husband have been in the business of selling scrap materials for the past 8 years. She will be using this loan to buy more empty bottles, plastics, iron, and steel. Her dream is for her children to finish their studies and hopes to improve her business to help support her children’s education.⁣

Faaleleiga is 22 years old and lives in Faleasiu, Samoa with her 2 children and husband. She makes and sells Elei, a type of beautiful printed fabric, to earn a living. Faaleleiga will be using the loan to buy material, fabric paint, stencils, brushes, rollers, wooden carved designs, and a new cutter. She has had her Elei business for the past 2 years and uses her profits to pay for her family’s weekly expenses.⁣

I hope you enjoyed reading more about each of these mom entrepreneurs and learning about how Atiliay’s Mother’s Day cards for a card give back–and if you purchased a mom’s day card, you are the reason this is possible, THANK YOU!

PS: Father’s Day is coming up and those cards for a cause help to fund Kiva microloans for dad entrepreneurs! Stay tuned to read more about that and the fathers we are able to support!


Atiliay Friday 5 | The EEC

All love and Valentine’s Day cards help to provide meals for The Ebongalethu Educare Center Preschool & Nursery–today I wanted to share with you 5 facts about who they are and how the donations work!

1) The EEC is a home-based preschool and nursery in Motherwell, South Africa. Motherwell is a large and poverty-stricken township on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth.
Atiliay Friday 5 | The EEC
2) The EEC was founded and run by an amazing woman named Gladys Zenani who I believe recently turned 70 (she is pictured in the photo above)! She created the school so that parents who need to travel far for work or to look for work have a safe place they could take their children. She has 3 ladies who help her: Fiziwe Majola, Nomfundo Minnie, and Sibongile Mpupa.
Atiliay Friday 5 | The EEC
3) Most children stay with Gladys from 5AM to 5PM. They receive breakfast and lunch at The EEC and these are the meals Atiliay is committed to providing. The meals consist of a specially formulated porridge which consists of cooked maize, soy, 26 vitamins, minerals and amino acids, carbs, fiber, and cereal fats that work to maximize nutrient intake on a daily basis. It has the nutritional density 29 times that of refined maize which is the staple diet there.
Atiliay Friday 5 | The EEC
4) I sponsor the EEC through Food4Africa whom I met in South Africa in 2007. This is how it works: I make the donation online to F4A. 100% of the donation is used to provide food for The EEC. A Food4Africa volunteer delivers the food to the school. The awesome volunteer and my contact for The EEC is Byron from Miracle Meals Trust–he is also the one who emails me photos and updates!
Atiliay Friday 5 | The EEC
5) #Cardsforacause provide between 5-10 meals each depending on the design and each workshop seat provides 20 meals. Together we have provided 140,000 meals to date–and counting!
Atiliay Cards For A Cause


Thanks to your Father’s Day card orders this year as well as repayments from previous Father’s Day Cards For A Cause Campaigns, Atiliay is able to fund 17 new Kiva microloans for dads around the world! I really enjoy the process of reading each loan applicant’s story and sharing them with you. There’s a few things I look for when I am lending: 1) The applicant must be a father 2) The loan is for the father’s business (not a personal loan) and 3) The business must not be harmful towards animals. Please read on to learn more about the 17 fathers we are lending to (text is taken from their Kiva profile):

Father's Day Kiva Loans Row 1
From Left to Right: Adrianno, Azamjon, Benon, Damilo

Adrianno / Blacksmith / Encarnoncion, Paraguay  Mr. Adriano is from the town of Encarnación and lives with his wife. They have a son for whom both strive to get ahead and provide a better quality of life. He is a blacksmith and says that he’s been working this trade for several years. Things are going well and he’s improving daily. He’s asking for this loan to buy iron so he can continue with his work.

Azamjon / Construction / Kostakos, Tajikistan Azamjon is a very hardworking and cheerful man. He is 46 years old and he lives in Kostakos County, Gafurov District with his wife and child. He is a decorator, working in construction. He paints and decorates people’s houses for money and receives income from his business. Mostly he works in the summer season. Sometimes he needs to go to other regions to work. That’s why he needs a car to get there. He wants to buy a car but he has money which is not enough to buy a vehicle. That’s why he is asking for a loan of 3000 TJS from MDO Arvand. He wants to use the loan to buy a vehicle and improve his business. He thanks Arvand for their cooperation in improving his life and business conditions.

Benon / Farming / Fort Portal, Uganda Benon is married and operates a business distilling a local beverage known as waragi. On realizing the lucrative nature of this business, he decided to go for it in order to earn money for personal development and to educate his children. To supplement his income he also farms bananas and other crops. His dream is to expand his banana plantation so as to increase the volume of his waragi production. The loan that Benon is requesting will be used to weed, prune, and mulch his banana plantation.

Danilo / Motorcycle Transport / Dinas, Sinacaban, Misamis Occidental, Philippines Danilo owns and operates a motorcycle transport service to earn a living. He has been in his business for almost 10 years and earns well from this business. He successfully paid his previous loan which was used to repair his motorcycle. Now he is taking a new loan to buy motor accessories and to pay for the renewal of the motorcycle license. In the future, he wants to save more for the future of his children.

Father's Day Kiva Loans Row 2

 From Left to Right: Gelvin, Ghevond, Hugo, Hysen

Gelvin / Agriculture / Morazan, Yoro, Honduras Gelvin, 51, lives with his wife and two children in the municipality of Morazan, Yoro. For five years he has been producing coffee; he used to grow beans. His coffee plantation is in the rural area of a community produces and distributes excellent quality coffee beans. In an effort to improve his crop and harvests, Gelvin is requesting a loan in the amount of 7,000 HNL to buy supplies and formulas for his plantation. His plan is to continue improving his land and give his family all they need for a better quality of life.

Ghevond / Taxi / Gyumri, Armenia This is Ghevond, a 33-year-old taxi driver from Gyumri. Ghevond lives together with his mother, wife and two infant children. He provides their daily living on his own and tries very hard to support his kids with proper living conditions.

Ghevond started providing taxi service 18 months ago with his own car. Thanks to his politeness and safety, he has several loyal customers in his hometown. The only limitation is demand instability for his service. Ghevond requested this loan to be able to continue providing taxi service. He needs your financial support to pay for a renovation of his car and to purchase four new wheels. This will help him to provide safer and more comfortable service and to attract more clients. Ghevond is so thankful for your understanding and hopes for your help.

Hugo / Taxi / Gustavo A. Madero, Mexico, Mexico As of 6/26/16, Hugo’s loan is not fully funded! To make sure it gets funded, you can contribute here

Hugo is a loving husband who has been a stable taxi driver for over 30 years. He is 59 years old and does his best to support his family and his wife often helps with the house expenses.

He is looking for a new start. He is wanting to remodel and provide his kids with a better lifestyle. He is looking for a loan of 5,000 MXN, which will allow him to renew his driving permit. The government is asking him to take a new one and the loan will allow him to afford it.

Hysen / Construction / Kosovo Hysen is a new client of our company requesting a loan in order to help him refresh his business with some working tools for his construction business. The amount that Hysen is applying is 650 Euro that will help him to enlarge his company. By taking this loan Hysen has planned to raise his business to another level by buying new tools that will help him improve construction work. He is married and has three children whom he is supporting with his construction company. Basically his idea and plan is also to improve kid’s school and social life and make a brighter future for them. He is a very hardworking and responsible person and the new loan would be of a very high impact on his family income.

From Left to Right: Issa, Mahmoud, Mario, Mauricio

Issa from Neisakuru Group / Decorations Sales / Makeni, Sierra Leone  Neisakuru is a group that has come together to help themselves achieve their individual dreams by attaining a loan to improve their sales. Issa is the leader and the featured borrower for this group. Neisakuru is made up of five members requesting a total loan of SLL 10,000,000. Issa is to receive SLL 3,600,000 to purchase more decorations, flowers and textiles. Issa has sold flowers and textiles for the past 15 years. Issa is shown in the middle of the picture.

With this, they will be able to grow and improve the availability and accessibility of the business. Issa is a 61-year-old father with five children. He plans to save some of the proceeds of his business for his children’s education and welfare. He thanks you for supporting them.

Mahmoud / Soft Drinks & Juice / Ain Al Helwi, Lebanon Mahmoud is a 56-year-old Palestinian refugee, the married father of five children, and their sole breadwinner. He has been working as a taxi driver for 13 years to financially support his family, and improve their living. Living in a Palestinian camp limits refugees’ dreams of seeking a better income business. That’s why Mahmoud decided to start a new business for his son through an acquired loan from Al Majmoua. He will open for his son a juice-selling shop especially for the coming Holy Ramadan month, since juice is a main item on every food table during Ramadan.

He is looking forward to establishing his son’s business and hopes that his son will succeed in managing it properly in the future.

Mario / Used Clothing / Machava15, Mozambique Mario lives in a common-law marriage, and is the father of five children, out of whom four are still under his responsibility and attend primary and secondary school. He works as a security guard for a private company. He lives with his family in a house he owns.

With the requested amount, he will buy bales of used clothes for resale at the local market.

In the future, he plans to open a boutique to sell new clothes in large quantities.

Considering that two of his children will finish high school this years, he faces the challenge of funding their university studies.

Mauricio / Barber Shop / Medellin, Colombia Mauricio is 27 years old and lives in the municipality of Medellin. He has two children, a son and a daughter who are twins, and it has been a beautiful journey for him and a huge responsibility he has taken bravely. He started a barber shop back in 2006 so he could help his family and become more independent.

He dreams of paying for the best education he can for his children so he can give them a bright future. Regarding his business, he’s working harder so the sales can improve and so he can attract more clients to be more competitive. He’s asking for a loan so he can buy furniture for the barber shop so his clients can be more comfortable.

From Left to Right: Nana, Nestor, Samuel, Uriah

Nana / Food Production & Sales / Antsirabe, Madagascar  As of 6/26/16, Nana’s loan is not fully funded! To make sure it gets funded, you can contribute here

Nana is a bold entrepreneur. He is 48 years old and lives with his wife and five children in the outer area of Antsirabe. He works from his home where he has been able to develop a workshop to make groundnut oil. He has been with Vahatra for more than four years and has received several successive loans of increasing amounts. Because of this, he has been able to produce, package, and deliver his oil to different merchants in town.

Nana is very pleased with his success from the previous loan. He is grateful to the lenders for their support. Today, he wants to continue to produce groundnut oil to meet demand. This loan will be used to purchase 2,300 kg of groundnuts.

His goal is still to become a groundnut oil wholesaler. For the long term, he wants to have financial autonomy. The conditions for his family have improved.

Nestor / Retail / La Union, El Salvador Nestor has a sixth grade education. He is married and lives with his wife, a homemaker, and two little children who both attend school.

Nestor makes his living selling spices, combs, thread, needles, and other items. He goes out to the stores in the communities Monday to Saturdays to sell his wares. He started doing this work because he realized that it could be profitable, and this is how he earns income to support his family.

He will use the loan to purchase spices such as anise, cumin, mustard, pepper, cinnamon, etc. as well as combs, thread, and needles to continue selling.

His dream is to improve his home, and provide his children with what they need to be good people.

Samuel / Renewable Energy Products / Kenya Samuel is a 38 year father of two boys. He is very experienced in selling solar products as he has been working with 200 plus field officers for two years. Samuel’s motivation is creating a better Kenya for his children, and his research has shown that off-grid solar is the best way to expand this. He has experience in selling solar cook-stoves and briquettes in 10 different counties in Kenya.

He wants to work with One Degree Solar, to expand his solar initiatives in new communities. He wants to use his expertise and passion for solar to sell One Degree Solar’s lanterns and educate end-users on the benefits of using One Degree Solar’s products. One Degree Solar is very pleased to be working with Samuel on making sure this initiative completed to it’s full potential.

Through this loan Samuel will purchase 1,500 units of Brigt1. He has previously sold One Degree Solar’s original product, the BrightBox and seen immense benefits from this.

Uriah / Farming / Kaduna, Nigeria Uriah is a Babban Gona maize farmer from Kuzuntu village. He is married with a child and lives in a mud house with his family. He is a meticulous farmer who has invested time and resources in his farm. He hopes his child work twice as hard as him and becomes a doctor.

Thanks to his drive, Uriah is able to ensure that his family eats three square meals a day. In order for Uriah to keep improving his yield and as a result feed his family; he needs access to high quality inputs, such as fertilizers, herbicides and improved seeds. As a Babban Gona member, he will be provided with a full suite of the best inputs to optimize his farm and increase his yields up to 3.5 metric tones per hectare; 2.3 times the national average.

With increased yields and income of up to 3.5 times the national average, Uriah looks forward to using his additional income to pay his child’s school fees. Uriah is a happy Babban Gona farmer and holds getting married as his best memory as a Babban Gona member. He looks forward to a brighter future with Babban Gona as his partner in fighting poverty.

Waleed / Fruits & Vegetables / Wihdat, Jordan Waleed is the caring father of five children and he lives in a rented house in Wihdat, which is considered as an ‎underprivileged area in Amman. ‎He owns a vegetables and fruits van and he is peddling in the street.

Waleed wishes to open an independent grocery. He applied for a loan to help him buy more vegetables and summer fruits to serve more customers ‎and save enough money to be able open his own shop. ‎


Mother's Day Cards For A Cause by Atiliay

Thank you to everyone who purchased a Mother’s Day Cards For A Cause this year and helped us fund 7 Kiva loans for mothers around the world! $1 from each card went towards helping moms grow and improve their businesses. Once the loans are paid back, it will be used to lend to another mother creating a wonderful cycle! Please meet these  momtreprenuers below! You can also view their profiles on our Kiva Lender Page.

Atiliay Mother's Day Cards For A Cause - Kiva Loan - Hope
Through Atiliay’s collaboration with B.A.R.E. Soaps, we were able to help fund a Kiva loan for Hope, a hardworking mother living in Kamwenge, Uganda. She makes a living as a tailor as well as selling second hand clothes. She started this business in 2006 with an intention of increasing her household income. She plans to construct a permanent house and have her children educated. She was lacking enough capital to meet the increasing demand for her business. With her Kiva loan she plans on buying more pieces of clothes to sew and second hand clothes for her business.

Atiliay Mother's Day Cards For A Cause - Kiva Loan - Hope

The above group of mothers all have businesses relating to the arts! Even though they may live far away from us, I think we can connect with them through their creative businesses and their crafts. From top to bottom:Nenita is a mother of 10 children from Compostela, Cebu, Philippines. She is 62 years old now and has had an abaca (a plant from the banana family) weaving business for the past 42 years. Her loan will be used to buy abaca fiber and other supplies needed in her business. Nenita’s goal is to provide a secure future for her family.

The women of the Vijayalakshmi Group are from Thanjavur, India. Vijayalakshmi is the leader of a group of 5. She is 38 years old and the mother of two school-going daughters. Currently, she contributes INR 3,000 ($45 USD), by working as an agricultural laborer, to the total household income of INR 9,000 ($135 USD). Most of this income goes towards her daughters’ education and other household expenses, leaving them with hardly any savings. At this point, Vijayalakshmi has decided to start her own venture of thread making, something she has not been able to start due to the lack of capital required to make the initial investment. The other members of this group have similar motivations for starting their own microenterprises. Since the prices of raw materials to start their businesses are on the rise and the lack of savings are impeding their aspirations, they decided to come together and seek a loan and are grateful to their lenders.

Zeenat is 56 years old and the mother of 3 children living in Jhang, Pakistan. Zeenat is very skilled in the art of hand embroidery and has been using this skill for many years to earn a living. She started her embroidery business to help increase her family’s income. Her loan will enable her to purchase more beads, threads, and frames to meet the orders of her customers. Zeenat’s dream is to be able to provide a quality education for her children.

Atiliay Mother's Day Cards For A Cause - Kiva Loan - Hope

Here are the next three mothers we have lent to. From top to bottom:Julia is from Rivas, Nicaragua and is 58 years old with a 15 year old daughter. She is described as a tenacious and persistent and used to have a dressmaking business. However, it was profitable and did not bring enough income to support herself and her daughter. Julia started a new business by selling beauty products and shoes door-to-door. This loan will enable Julia to invest in new styles of shoes for her business. Julia plans on using her income to pay for her daughter’s university studies and make improvements to their house.

Felicia (pictured on the right) is part of the Twifo Traders No. 4 Group (the other member is Baby, on the left). She is from Twifo Praso, Ghana, and is 52 years old with 5 children ages 30, 28, 26, 24, and 22. Two of her children are stil in school. Felicia has been a seamstress for 26 years and currently has 11 apprentices. She is requesting a loan to stock her shop with sewing accessories to help enhance her business. She will use her profits to provide for the educational needs of her youngest two children and other household expenses. Providing quality education and a strong future for her children will go a long way in reducing poverty in her household.

Parigul is a 32 year old mother with 5 children from Hamadoni, Tajikistan. Hamadoni is located in the southeast of Tajikistan and is a fertile farming region. Parigul is described as a positive, sensitive, and kind-hearted woman who has been growing fruits and veggies for 3 years. Her husband helps her with everything and they work the land together. This year Parigul has decided to plant melons and watermelons. She is applying for this loan to buy the seeds and fertilizers.

Thank you to every customer and each shop that carried our Mother’s Day cards for helping us lend to Hope, Nenita, Zeenat, Vijayalakshmi Group, Julia, Felicia, and Parigul! I hope you enjoyed getting to know each of these strong, intelligent, and hard working mothers from around the world!