Art Conversations with Morgan Harper Nichols

Earlier this year, I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with Morgan Harper Nichols to talk about our creative journeys (and letter too!)–Morgan is sharing our conversation through a beautiful art essay where she combines her colorful and vibrant drawings of flowers and their meanings along with some of the topics we covered: creating, practicing, success, dreams, and more. You can read the entire essay as well as download her artwork by clicking here. Here’s more about these essays in Morgan’s own words:

I often walk away from conversations thinking of colors, shapes, poetry, and stories. I created this project to celebrate storytellers and the many ways we can be inspired by them. For each conversation, I reflect on how I was inspired and make an art series. These 4 kind souls were the first to be a part of this adventure!⁣

Olivia Lin @atiliay – “Practicing Joy” – Olivia approaches her creative practice with her whole heart. I was so encouraged by her courage to pursue her work even when she didn’t feel like she was capable. Our conversation took place in-person a few months ago when she shared some of her techniques with me, using actual leaves and magic markers. Olivia’s work is both incredibly detailed and accessible which I love – a visual reminder of what’s possible.⁣

Fleurie @fleuriemusic – “More Than Words” is an essay that explores my conversation with Fleurie and also, her latest album ‘Portals.’ With this essay, I did something I’ve never done before–I listened to an album and made art as I listened. Fleurie’s work creates space for thinking, feeling, and also, just being.⁣

Aundi Kolber @aundikolber – “Gentleness” – Aundi is a therapist whose words and work help loosen the shoulders. Far out into the wilderness of my worry, Aundi’s words remind me that there is still time to come home.⁣

Arielle Estoria @arielleestoria – “Flowers Still Bloom” is an essay about how a poet is finding peace amidst all of the uncertainty and changes in her life. Arielle will leave you wanting to take a closer look at the flowers, the trees, and how, even in these times, the earth still sings.⁣

I have been a long time fan of Morgan’s so this is very special to me! What has always resonated with me with all of her work and words that she shares is her honesty and that they are coming from a genuine, true place. That is what we need more of and that is what we should all be sharing because 1) it’s enough 2) somebody needs to hear it 3) somebody feels the same.⁣⁣
I am so glad I hollered at Morgan from my car as we were setting up for a pop-up market–that is how we met in real life and how our paths crossed! Then we got to chat more later and I tried not to fangirl too much :)

Thank you Morgan for letting me share my journey with you and translating it into such a lovely format! I am grateful for the abundance of creative energy, inspiration, and positivity you have brought into my life! A special thank you to Ashley for all her help and snapping some of these pics below.

All artwork, images, and photos that are by Morgan Harper Nichols has been used with permission.


I was so excited when Hannah invited me to be on Candidly Caffeinated! Her podcast is all about learning to thrive in our creativity and we met up last week to chat about my journey with Atiliay, expanding our comfort zones, and personal growth.⁣

I really enjoyed our conversation and if you want to check it out, the episode came out today!

Here are the links to listen to Episode 57 of Candidly Caffeinated, “Finding Your Path with Olivia Lin of Atiliay”:

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⁣⁣Hannah gave me such a wonderful opportunity to share about myself and Atiliay so I wanted to tell you a little more about her! Not only is she the creator and host of Candidly Caffeinated, Hannah is also a writer, speaker, and a consultant on content strategy as well as a coffee enthusiast and believer that EVERYONE is creative (I completely agree!)

You can connect with Hannah on:

Website |

Instagram | @hjmoyer

Twitter | hjmoyer

She made this interview so fun and comfortable and I appreciate her support very much—thank you Hannah for having me on!⁣
PS: Anytime I hear my recorded voice I’m like, that’s what I sound like!? Lol Maybe one day I’ll get used to it!


Connect To Confidence Feature

I’m honored to have the opportunity to share Atiliay’s story on Connect To Confidence, a division of She’s Fit To Lead. They are dedicated to inspiring and empowering college aged and early career women to help them connect to their confidence. They achieve their mission by sharing stories of women (and men) who start their own companies, give back, and/or are a positive driving change in their community.

I think it’s such a wonderful resource whether you are an aspiring entreprenuer/do gooder/mover and shaker or you’ve already been doing this for awhile. I personally love learning about other people’s stories and journeys and since everyone’s experiences are so different, there’s a lot of value in the lessons and advice they share!

If you’d like to know a little bit more about Atiliay, how it all started, things I’ve learned along the way, my favorite quote, and more, head over here to read the entire interview.

Thank you Zara and Connect To Confidence for having me!


Amy's Sweet Bake Shop Photoshoot

I am so excited to have Atiliay’s heart cake boxes be a part of Amy’s Sweet Bake Shop’s photoshoot! The photos are SO gorgeous and I am seriously swooning over them! I actually used to make custom decorated cakes that raised meals for children in South Africa so cake decorating is something that has special meaning to me–it makes it even sweeter to be able to contribute to this shoot :).

The heart boxes featured in these photos are available in Atilay’s Etsy shop. There are different colored hearts to choose from and if you have any questions, please send me an Etsy message or email and I will be happy to help!

Amy’s Sweet Bake Shop is based in West Chester, PA.  Amy is a self taught baker and cake designer who specializes in custom cakes, cupcakes, and favors for all your special events. Her at home bake shop is nestled in the heart of downtown West Chester where she was born and raised. If you love looking at pretty pics of delicious food (who doesn’t?), visit Amy’s Instagram to see all the goodies she is whipping up!

These amazing photos were created by:

Photographer / Justin James Muir / @justinjamesmuir 

Photo Stylist / Dallas Shaw@dallasshaw

Amy's Sweet Bake Shop Photoshoot featuring Atiliay's Heart Cake Boxes

Amy's Sweet Bake Shop Photoshoot featuring Atiliay's Heart Cake Boxes