Happy 2020! I hope yours is off to a great start–I have been feeling so excited and positive about this new year and decade! To help me gather my thoughts, reflect, and organize, these are some of the PDFs I am starting off my year with and sharing with you in case they can help you too—the weekly planner is definitely the one I use most and I feel lost if I haven’t filled one out for the week! I think the key to everything is planning ahead—I might not be the best at doing that but I’m working on it! ?⁣ There’s something for your everyday, week, month, and year.

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Habit Tracker PDF by Atiliay.com

I really love creating these—sometimes they are inspired by something I’m looking for and can’t find, other times they are based on the season we are headed into, and sometimes it’s just something I think you will find useful! It’s my way of saying thank you for letting me pop up in your inbox and I hope you enjoy them! :)


Plan, do, accomplish!

This month’s freebie PDF is something that I created for myself and wanted to share in case it works for you too–it’s a weekly planning sheet to stay on top of appointments, deadlines, birthdays, tasks, and goals!

I’ve used a ton of different planners/calendars and nothing has stuck with me except for a weekly planning pad I got. I’ve been using it since the year started and when I fill it in and schedule out my day, I feel super productive and organized! I only have a few sheets left of the pad so I decided to change the things I didn’t utilize or like and came up with this guy!

I think this method works for me because all the information is out and easily accessible (vs. planners and journals where you have to flip back and forth through different pages). It’s also very easy to use and fill in–nothing fancy, just something that gets the job done for me!

I keep my sheets on a clipboard so I can easily switch out the sheets. I save the previous ones behind the new ones in case I need to refer back to them. I also print on both sides to try to save some paper! (And when I am all done the sheets will be recycled.)
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I hope you like it and that it helps you stay on top of things so that you can make more time for things that matter most to you! :)


Car Sign PDFs by Atiliay.com

I was at a stoplight last week and I kept hearing this car honking continuously. After about 10 seconds of this I started to get annoyed and began looking around to see who this jerk who kept honking was! I finally saw the car, a few lanes away from me. In the drivers seat was an older gentleman, maybe in his late 60s, and he had stopped honking and was holding up a sign at the car in front of him that read, “left break light out”. The man in the car in front read it and waved thank you. How awesome is this guy to have signs in his car letting other drivers know that their break lights are out?! It really made my morning to see that. It’s such a great idea–a simple yet very kind gesture to those we are sharing the road with. It’s also smart because sometimes if people are yelling at you from their car or just honking, you don’t always know what they want and might ignore them. I was super inspired by this man to make signs of my own! I thought I’d share them so everyone can help out a fellow driver on the road the next time they need it. Please do keep in mind to use these signs when you are at a full stop (!) or you can have your passengers hold up the signs for you.

There are 5 signs total:

Left break light out
Right break light out
Both break lights out
Gas cap open
You have a flat tire
Turn on your headlights :)

Click here to download your free PDFs for the road.

In the recent months, I have left my gas cap off one too many times (!) and Justin actually didn’t know he had a flat tire until someone told him! So I added signs for those as well. I hope you like this idea and will join me in keeping these signs in your car and using them to help out other drivers!

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* I recommend printing on heavy cardstock so it’s easy to hold up and stay flat. You can also try laminating them as well!
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Thanksgiving Place Cards by Atiliay.com

Add a personalized touch to each person’s place at the table this Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving! All you have to do is print, cut, and fill in each diner’s name. There are two designs to choose from. I hope you like them and they help add something special to your holiday meal!

Click on the links below to download the PDF.

Thankful For Place Card
Thankful For Wreath Place Card

Happy Thanksgiving!

PS: How is your “I am Thankful For…” list coming along? If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can do so by heading to the PDF Library and looking under the “Self Reflection” section–the link is below.

Wreath Place Cards by Atiliay.com


* I recommend printing on white cardstock.
* If your PDF is getting cut off, make sure to change your printer settings to “fit to page”.

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I Am Thankful For...PDF by Atiliay

There’s no better time to think about the things we are thankful for than throughout the month of November! This month’s free PDF download is a way for you to reflect on the things that fill your heart with thanks. The PDF has a line for each day of the month so you can jot down what it is you are thankful for that day.

Download the PDF, print it out, then fill it in!

Share your page of thankfulness by snapping a pic and posting it on Instagram and tag @atiliay and #imthankfuldaily. I’d love to see how you are using your PDF and I hope you like it!

I am Thankful For...Free PDF by Atiliay