Cards For A Cause featured in DailyCandy Kids!

I am so excited and thankful that DailyCandy Kids has shared Cards For A Cause with their readers! Check out the post here or click on the image below:

If DailyCandy Kids has brought you here, please follow the below links to find out how you can get involved with Cards For A Cause!

– For more information on the project and cards, go here:
– To make a donation and sign up for a card delivery, go here:
– To learn more about the cards and see more pictures, go here:

We’re Having A Trunk Show!

Our wonderful friends at Share and Do Good are hosting our first trunk show!  Please mark your calendars and join us for some Valentine’s Day goodies, drinks, and shopping– all for a great cause!  Our Valentine’s Day cards will be available for you to buy and give to your loved one yourself or you can sign up for a card delivery!

Here are the details:

When:  Saturday, February 2nd, 2013
Time: 10AM to 2PM
Where:  Share and Do Good, 115 South Harbor Blvd.  Suite F, Fullerton CA  (It is located inside the Carpe Diem Experience complex)

And here is the flier:

This is what the Share and Do Good’s store front looks like so you can find us:

Please help to spread the word and hope to see you there!

Also check out our host, Share and Do Good’s facebook page and website.  A portion of proceeds from every item in the boutique benefits various non-profits and causes from around the world!  Lilly, the owner, curates the shop beautifully and there are items for women, men, and children.  From jewelry to journals to fragrances to tees to toys and so much more, I am sure you will find the perfect gift for whoever is on your list (or for yourself :) )

How Does My Donation Get To South Africa?

I wanted to put together a post to let you know how your donation gets from here all the way to South Africa!  Whether the donation is made via the website, through Cards For A Cause, by giving me a check, some change, or a $5 bill, this is how it works!

A quick re-cap of the players involved:

You, located in the US, the donor.
The Yummy Year Project, located in Southern California, the fundraiser.
Food4Africa, located in South Africa, they make the nutritious porridge fed to the children and make sure the food is delivered to where it should go.  They support a number of schools and communities, focusing on children as well as the elderly.
Cindy from Miracle Meals Trust, located in South Africa,  is a parter of Food4Africa’s.  She is in charge of actually delivering the porridge to the school and my contact for updates and pictures.
The Ebongalethu Educare Center, located in South Africa, the preschool and nursery The Yummy Year Project sponsors with your help!

I had been working with Food4Africa from November 2007 through Jan 2011 when I asked them if there was a specific school I could help to sponsor.  That is how I came to know The Ebongalethu Educare Center Preschool and Nursery.  Once we made the sponsorship official, Food4Africa introduced me to Cindy from Miracle Meals Trust, who would be my contact for updates and photos. Cindy and her team, Elliot and Byron, are the ones driving to The EEC and delivering the nutritious porridge to them, as well as any other items we get for them.

At the end of each month or fundraiser, I calculate the total donations received, change currency to South African Rand (ZAR) and make a credit card donation to Food4Africa on their website.  This is the easiest, most secure, and fastest way for them to get the funds.  It is also the most cost-effective when it comes to paying any fees.  I cover ALL credit card fees having to do with the currency exchange.

100% of your donations goes to provide meals for the children.
I, Food4Africa, and Miracle Meals Trust do NOT take any portion of the donations.

Once I make a donation, I send Barbara from Food4Africa and Cindy an email, notifying them of my donation which helps Barbara to make sure this specific donation is allotted to The EEC.  Cindy will usually send me an update on the school and area at this time, but we do exchange emails as often as we can, and she will send me updates or photos if there is any new/special news or event.

And that is how your generous contribution gets to the children at The EEC and how you make sure they are getting all the nutrients they need at this crucial time as their bodies and minds are growing!

Always, thank you for your support and care, we could not do this without you!

Cards For A Cause: Valentine’s Day 2013 Edition

I am very very excited to launch Cards for A Cause, the Valentine’s Day 2013 edition fundraiser!  I am hoping this will help to secure a year’s worth of meals for The EEC with your help!

Here is how it works:

Donate $5 in honor of a loved one and a hand printed Valentine’s Day card of your choice will be sent to them.  The donation will go to provide a day’s worth of meals for the 60 children at The EEC!

All cards are hand made and printed and your special someone will have one waiting for them in their mail by Valentine’s Day!  You can pick from 3 designs and 3 colors, and each card will include a note telling them a donation has been made in their name by you and a little more about the project.

Please follow the links before for more info and get involved:
– To learn more about the project:
– To donate and send a card:
– To see and learn more about the card designs:

My goal for Cards for A Cause is to have 365 cards sent out which would mean securing food for The EEC for an entire year!  This will enable YYP to fundraise for additional causes that I would love to support: aid for our furry friends, supporting the arts/music education, relieving hunger in the US, assisting homeless veterans, and much more!

Together I know we can make this happen!

Anyone and everyone can get involved– even kids!  $5 from the piggy bank and they can learn about the gift of giving while surprising their favorite aunt or grandparents with a lovely card.

I am also keeping track of every card– each is numbered and matched with a donor.  It’s important to me that everyone knows the part they played in making a positive impact on these children’s lives.

Please consider sending a card and also help by spreading the word!  Email friends and family, share the link on Facebook, tweet about it, pin the cards and share the links on pinterest, post a pic on Instagram, blog about it, sent it to blogs– the only way this project will be a success if everyone can tell a friend or two!

The deadline for card delivery sign ups is Feb 2nd, and all cards will be mailed out a week from Valentine’s Day, on Feb 7th to ensure arrival by Valentine’s Day, on Feb 14th.

I love Valentine’s Day and think it’s a great holiday to show and share love– not just to your significant other, but to our best friends, family, co-workers, these children at The EEC and all those you cherish and love 365 days of the year!

I invite you to be a part of Cards for A Cause this Valentine’s Day and show and share love!

1,174 Quarters…

…equals the number of quarters in this recycled Carlo Rossi sangria bottle!

This wonderful, generous, and thoughtful donation was made by my friend Rachel.  Rachel’s 1,174 quarters will donate 5,400 nutritious meals for children in need of food in South Africa.  She has single-handedly fed the children at The EEC for basically 3 months!

I had recently just gone back to an old job to help freelance for a week.  On my last day, I was surprised by this thing wrapped in tissue paper on my desk.  At first I thought it was booze, then tried to pick it up and realized how freaking heavy it was!  What kind of booze WAS this!? When I started to unwrap it, I realized what it was by the slit cut in the top of the cap!

Not only is the donation amazing, I truly love the story and time put into this.

Back in November of 2009, Rachel had this idea to start putting all her spare quarters in this jar and would eventually donate it “to the babies” as she says.  She had planned on giving it to me when it was full.  Almost 3 years later, I just happened to be going back to freelance which is when she topped it off!  Not only that, but this November actually marks the 5 year mark of the South Africa trip and meeting Food4Africa!

I am extremely touched by her donation and love, and her timing could not have been better.  I have been a little MIA here but have been racking my brain trying to think of new ways to fundraise and raise awareness.  I never lose hope but sometimes it is tough to figure out how to make people care.

Then seriously, the next day I receive this bottle full of meals!

I am also very inspired and highly encourage everyone to break open a bottle of Carlo Rossi sangria with some friends, drink up, and start your own change bottle! :)  I think drinking for a  good cause is something we can all say “Cheers!” to!  Spare change can literally be used to provide hundreds of nutritious meals– so save those pennies, nickles, dimes, and quarters!

A very heartfelt thank you from myself and the Food4Africa team to Rachel, who has started up another bottle!

Good Times @ The Eat Well Market!

Last Sunday was the first-ever Eat Well Market in Altadena!  The Eat Well Market is a private market, held once a month.  EWM members can hang out with friends and neighbors, and enjoy deliciously healthy food– most of it handmade or hand-grown locally.  Almost everything is organic or better!  It is held at a beautiful little camp nestled in trees with picnic tables and communal tables.  Think fun camp party + goodies to sink your teeth into!  For more information and to sign up for free, head on over to their website.

The Yummy Year Project was there with our Comfy, Cozy, 3 Bean Chili, ready to serve the hungry visitors some lunch.

I am very excited to say that we sold out (!) and it was a great first time experience– gorgeous day, met a ton of great people, from customers to other vendors at the market, learned a lot, and was able to raise awareness and funds for The Ebongalethu Educare Center!

Special thank you to Aimee, who organized the whole thing (not an easy job!) and Archna for helping and keeping me in good company the whole day!  A big thank you to the familiar faces that stopped by and supported– Faith, Bre, Maritza, Vanessa, Bernadette, Jessica, Colleen, + Keir– you guys are the best, especially those who had a far commute.

Check out this post on the Altadena Blog about the event!

Looking forward to the next Eat Well Market and hopefully we can do this again!