Heart + Message Embedded Valentine’s Day Cookies

Happy Love Day!  Now that I am officially finished making and sending Valentine’s Day cards, it’s time to make some Valentine’s Day treats!

I actually made these heart embedded chocolate chip cookies last year, but the chocolate chips were getting in the way,  so I wanted to try with sugar cookies which is definitely the way to go!

These cookies are Valentine’s Day themed, but the concept can be used for so many other holidays, birthdays, and celebrations.  You can embed someone’s name in the cookies or the age of a birthday girl or boy, change up the cookie colors, use different cutters for the centers– there are lots and lots of possibilities!

Below are a some ideas with hearts and messages of love!  I split the dough into two portions and tinted one a light pink.  I used cranberry juice as an alternative for food coloring which made it a nice pretty subdued shade of mauve.  I think it may have come out a little brighter if I had used all white flour in the cookie dough instead of substituting some for whole wheat flour.

Heart + Message Embedded Valentine’s Day Cookies

I used half of this basic sugar cookie recipe as is, and half I used cranberry juice in place of the 1 TBS of non-dairy milk.  You can add more juice if you’d like but you may have to add a little bit more flour as well to keep the consistency from getting to sticky/watery.

Keep in mind you do have to refrigerate the dough for a few hours before it will be ready to handle.  It can also be made the night before or a few days in advance.

On a lightly floured surface, roll out the cookie dough.  You can do each color at a time instead of two at the same time.  The dough may be a little crumbly at first, you may need to knead or work the dough a bit to warm it up.  Then it should be easy to work with!

Cut out the main cookie shape.  I made some hearts and some circles.

Cut out the embedded shape.  I think the heart cookies as is with the centers cut out are cute as well.

Swap centers and place into cookie- that’s it!

Make a bunch, carefully transfer to a parchment lined baking sheet, bake for about 8 minutes and they are done!

I also made some love cookies…

…as well as some round ones with hearts in the centers.

Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating all the special people you love and remember to let them know not just today, but everyday!


…to be used very soon!  Making the Valentine’s Day cards for Cards For A Cause has put me in the Valentine’s Day spirit!  I am excited to share some yummy ideas for Vday treats that have been swirling around in my head as I stamp pink and red hearts onto these cards! Stay tuned (an easy way to do that is to like The Yummy Year Project on Facebook or follow us on Pinterest) for recipes and tutorials, one of which will feature these adorable mini heart sprinkles made by Wilton: