A little mid-week inspiration to keep the creativity flowing and get us closer to the weekend!


Trick or Treat Favor + Gift Boxes //

I just created these trick or treat favor bags and boxes which got me to thinking– what should go in them?  Here are some of my favorite cleverly creepy or adorable Halloween themed sweets! (They can all easily be made vegan!)

Bat donut holes

{I love these doughnut hole bats via Parade.}

Skeleton pretzel cupcakes
{The most clever pretzel skeleton cupcakes via Pinterest.  The heads are made of marshmallows on a lollipop stick and the body is made from layers of pretzels, with 2 broken ones stuck into the body for the arms.}
I can’t find who to credit, if you know send me a note!}

Vampire Candied Apples

{Vampire vegan and gluten free candied apples via Crackers On The Couch with permission from Cara of– I can’t wait to try these!}

RIP Oreo Tombstone Cupcakes

{Easy Oreo tombstones via Your Home Based Mom.}

Ghost Cupcakes

{Ghoulish lollipop ghost cupcakes via Angel In The Kitchen.}

Vampire Doughnut

{Vampire donuts via Fun Family Crafts.  You can also make a version without the eyes or teeth and add drops of “blood” instead by the fangs.}

Spider Cupcakes

{Spider Cupcakes via Pinterest.  Place an unfrosted chocolate cupcake on a plate and use chocolate frosting to make the head and legs.  If you want 3-D legs, you can dip pretzel sticks into chocolate, connect two, then insert into edge of cupcakes with some frosting.}
I can’t find who to credit, if you know send me a note!

Marshmallow Monster Cupcakes

{Marshmallow cupcake monsters via Chef Julie Yoon.}

Creepy Witch Finger Cookies

{Creepy witches finger cookies via Annie’s Eats.}

Scary Ghost Cake Pops

{Scary ghost cake pops via Gwens Kitchen Creations.}

Witches Leg Cupcake

{Ding dong the witch is dead cupcakes via Pinterest.  Use fondant, cookies, or straws for the witches legs and wrap black licorice around.  Use black fondant for the shoes.}
I can’t find who to credit, if you know send me a note!


A little mid-week inspiration to keep the creativity flowing and get us closer to the weekend!


I think a big part of the fun in being in and going to craft fairs is checking out some amazing booths and creative display ideas!  I love seeing how work can be displayed that is eye catching as well as efficient for the space that is provided (sometimes it’s not a lot).  Here is a round up of a few of my favorites…

Crate Box Booth

A great use of one of my favorite things, wooden crates!  This image is via Pinterest but I couldn’t find a link to the business / creator of this.  If anyone knows who I need to credit, please let me know so I can do so!

Nan Lawson's Booth

I love Nan Lawson‘s organized table, great use of vertical space, and especially the hanging sign!

postal press specimen calendar 2010

Fresh and down-to-earth is how I would describe this display that incorporates a bit of nature.  This is the Specimen Calendar by Postal Press but all the links kept taking me to a Japanese website!  After some digging, I believe the company has changed names, and you can find designer Alyson Graves over here now, at Unruly Things.

scaves so into vintage. blogspot . com

I am and am pretty sure will always be a big fan of anything chalkboard!  It seems to make a lot of sense especially for craft fair booths and displays because you can write whatever you need to for each one.  Cost effective and cute!
Clipboard chalkboard sign via So Into Vintage

Wedding Seating Display via 100 Layer Cake

This is actually an adorable library themed escort card table at a whimsical Valentine’s Day themed wedding via 100 Layer Cake!

Beards - Renegade Craft Fair

I really like this sandwich board display for prints.  It inspired me to make a similar sandwich board in which I could make a photo collage display.
Via Renegade Craft Fair’s Flickr Feed

Paper Anniversary Co. Renegade BoothI love these vintage boxes used in paper anniversary co.‘s Renegade Craft Fair booth and also great use of vertical space!

Traditionally Unique's Pallet Display

I have a huge obsession over anything made out of pallets like this shelf on Traditionally Unique‘s table!  I actually saw them carrying this in while setting up for A Little Known Shop’s craft fair we were both a part of last weekend and I got really excited to talk to them about it lol.  Jennifer, the lovely lady behind TU, told me her husband made it from a pallet they got (for free- score!) at Home Depot. I think it’s awesome! It was great to meet Jennifer as well as her husband and adorable daughter!

You can find more display and booth ideas here.  Do you have a booth or display project you would like to share?  I’d love to see it, post the link the comments!


A little mid-week inspiration to keep the creativity flowing and get us closer to the weekend!


It’s almost an art form in itself!  From simple to intricate, it’s also a great way to recycle and utilize natural materials.  (And if you are on the receiving end don’t forget to reuse and recycle if possible!) Here are a few of my favorites…

Hand lettered gift wrap

DIY hand lettering via The Sweetest Occasion here and here

White on WhiteI have never thought to do white on white but it gives a really clean, beautiful, and crisp look!
via The Basket of Inspiration

Wrap it up in yarnI am absolutely in love with these packages wrapped with yarn!  If you are a crafter like me, I am sure you have tons of bits and pieces of yarn, ribbon, and string lying around– this is a great way to use it!  (I found this on Pinterest but the link was broken so if anyone knows where this came from, let me know so I can give proper credit!)

Stitched Paper Bags

These stitched paper bags are made from the pages of old and damaged books!  It is then wrapped with rafia and adorned with a fabric floral cute out, button, and a sweetheart tag.
via Helen Philipps

Adorned with flowers

Flowers and washi tape can turn a simple brown box into something so beautiful!  This is also a great way to use dried / pressed flowers.

Chalkboard look wrapping paper

I love anything chalkboard so I thought this was a really neat idea!  All you need is black kraft paper or bags and a chalk marker.  Find the tutorial here via Nashville Wraps.

DIY Father's Day Gift Wrapping via Everything Golden

Something a little bit more manly via Everything Golden

Wrapping ideas for kids via Lines Across

Imaginative packaging for kids (or kids at heart!), more ideas on the blog via Lines Across

Furoshiki via Elena Relucio

Or try furoshiki, which is a Japanese wrapping cloth.  I love that the recipient can use the cloth themselves or use it wrap another present and so on.  This fabric pictured is just so pretty and the kraft tag is the perfect finishing touch via Elena Relucio

Woven gift wrap

This woven gift wrap makes a colorful impact! (This also had a broken link so if anyone knows who this belongs to, please let me know so I can give proper credit!)