100 Day Project - Meditate + Paint -
100 Day Project - Meditate + Paint -

We are at the halfway point of The 100 Day Project! Today is day 50! It’s crazy to see what the canvas looked like on day 1 and what it looks like now–and imagining what the next 50 days will add to it!

If you’re curious or would like to see more, I’ve been posting each day’s stroke on my personal Instagram. You can also find video and more details in my stories highlights too! You can also click here to read a post about the project and my personal project, here’s the first 3 days, and here’s a recap of days 1-10.

Adding reading, meditation, and painting to my routine has been a wonderful way to start each day–it’s exactly what I need, especially now with everything happening in this world. It gives me time to be quiet, calm, and peaceful. It has also been such a big lesson in letting go, embracing the unexpected (literally none of the strokes have turned out how I thought they would lol), and letting things unfold.

I have absolutely NO idea what the next 50 days will hold, but I am so excited to see what will happen next!


100 Day Project - Meditate + Paint -
100 Day Project - Meditate + Paint -

Happy Day 10 of The 100 Day Project (here’s a video montage of the days 1-10)! That actually went by much faster than I had anticipated–maybe it’s because every day I wake up and am excited to work on my project!

My current routine is to read that day’s entry from The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo as well as a page from Self-Meditation: 3,299 Tips, Quotes, Reminders, and Wake-Up Calls for Peace and Serenity Paperback, usually while I eat breakfast. When I finish, I pick a place to sit, set my timer for 5 minutes, and begin my meditation. When it’s time to open my eyes, I head over to my canvas to add another stroke. I love starting each day like this and I honestly don’t ever want this project to end!

100 Day Project - Meditate + Paint -

Exploring different techniques, adding shapes. and creating texture has been so interesting and freeing–it’s not easy for me to not know how a project will turn out so this has been a great exercise in embracing the unknown, being in the present, and letting go!

It’s funny because single prediction I’ve had has turned out completely different! For example, that paint splatter above? I thought it’d look more like dot splatters!

I’m starting to find it easier and easier to just go for it! Although I do have a little safety net in knowing that a lot of layering will be happening so if something is REALLY bothering me, there is a high likelihood of it being covered up later ;)

Here’s what I did on day 4-10–I was even able to get a little help from Valentine!

100 Day Project - Meditate + Paint -

Day 4 | I’ve been mixing a few dots of black paint into the same container of white to create new shades of grey. Today I used a paint brush and went with a curved shape.

Day 5 | Went with a bold stroke by scraping black paint down the canvas

Day 6 | Added a splatter–this was really fun!

Day 7 | It was Valentine’s 14th birthday and 11th adoption anniversary! I really wanted her to make a mark on this canvas too so I added some paint, covered it with paper, had Val step on it, and peeled the paper off.

Day 8 | I covered my eyes, turned the canvas a few times, and used my non-dominant hand to paint a stroke

Day 9 | Added a layer of white by scraping the paint.

Day 10 | I had recently found and used a can of chalk board paint for a another project–then I decided to use it on my canvas too! I forgot to check to see where the nozzle was aiming so it ended up in a different place than I thought but that’s the beauty of all of this!

I cannot wait to see how the next 10 days will add and change to this canvas–I’ll be sharing another update then! I also think I am ready to tack on another minute to my meditation!

In the meantime, you can follow along and see daily posts at @oliviajlin_, learn more about my project in this blog post, and get more details about The 100 Day Project here. (It’s never too late to start your own!)

100 Day Project - Meditate + Paint -


This project has been SO much so far and I wanted to share a few pics from the first 3 days. I’ve been posting photos and videos every day over on my Instagram for my tiny home, @oliviajlin_. (Since this art is for that space and it isn’t lettering, I decided to post there.)

100 Day Project - Meditate + Paint -

A quick recap: my 100 Day Project for 2021 is 100 days of meditating for 5 minutes followed by painting 1 stroke onto this canvas. If you’d like to learn more about what The 100 Day Project is, head over here.

Maybe it’s because I’m still in the honeymoon phase but I totally look forward to both the meditating and painting everyday! So far, the 5 minutes have gone by very fast–I’m considering adding a few more minutes each 1/4 of the way…but we’ll see. And adding each paint stroke is really fast too! But the fact that it doesn’t take too much time is what I think will help me reach the finish line (read more about that in this post)!

100 Day Project - Meditate + Paint -
100 Day Project - Meditate + Paint -
100 Day Project - Meditate + Paint -

Day 1 | Swiped a few dots of paint on the canvas

Day 2 | A brush stroke

Day 3 | Used my thumb

(See process videos here.)

100 Day Project - Meditate + Paint -


100 Day Project - Meditate + Paint -

The 100 Day Project is starting early this year but I am ready to take it on for the second time! If you’re not familiar, here’s a little more about this global art project and what my plans are for my 2021 project!


The premise for the 100 Day Project is very simple: pick a creative project, do it every day for 100 days, and share your process online. It’s a huge project that thousands of people participate in–it’s incredibly inspiring and motivating to be a part of this community and see what everyone is up to.

There are no rules as to what your project is–that is entirely up to you! They range from daily sketches to photography to mini essays to sewing scrap fabrics and so much more! If you need ideas, browse through the #the100dayproject hashtag on Instagram.


This year, the project will begin January 31st. There is no set start date, each year has been different. This is the first time it’s taking place so early in the year though–it usually starts in the spring!


My project this year is to spend 5 minutes meditating each day followed by painting 1 stroke onto a canvas.

By the end of 100 days, I hope to have cultivated a meditation practice and have a completed work of art created with 100 strokes/splatters/smears!

This project was inspired by a few things: a meditation paint box that I had not opened since last April, wanting to explore an art form other than lettering, wanting to create a piece of art for my tiny home, and facing my fear of not knowing how a creative project will turn out–but doing it anyway! My goal is to find joy in the process and in the moment–see how I am feeling each day and make a mark on my blank canvas.

For now, I’m keeping my paint colors to just white and black and all the greys the two will make. Other than that, there are no other rules–I am so excited to dabble in painting and try different techniques (especially smearing paint like @Mogleameg and @CourtSeniorArt)!

I’ll be sharing daily on my tiny home Instagram account since this is art I’ll be creating for my space, but I’ll also share updates on @Atiliay as well!


I have failed and succeeded at completing a project (I did 100 Days of Alphabet Connections last year) and my big takeaway is to make the daily task 15 min or less and very focused!

I found that if I knew exactly what I needed to do and it could be completed in a short amount of time, I was setting myself up for success. On the flip side, if I had to take a lot of time to think or plan each day prior to the task, it slows down the whole process and I lose motivation and inspiration!

It was also helpful and fun to be able to visually see the progress–I used a bulletin board to pin up each day’s work and seeing it fill up made me want to keep going until the entire board was complete! If you can do something similar for your project, I highly suggest it!

And posting daily on Instagram also helped to keep me accountable.


I invite you to join me and embark on a 100 Day Project of your own! If you like what I am doing and would like to do the same, feel free! If you don’t have a canvas or paint, the same thing can be done with a piece of paper and pencils/pens/markers/watercolor you have at home. Take a look around at what you have that can be utilized! You can also order supplies from a local craft store too.

If you create a project and plan on sharing it on Instagram, it’s nice to make a hashtag for it so you can have all your project posts in one place. I would love to follow along so let me know what your project is and hashtag if you have one!

Here’s to 100 days of creative exploration!