Happy New Year Friends!  I cannot believe we are already in 2015!  I just wanted to thank you for being a part of this journey and wish you a wonderful year full of happiness, love, and laughter!  I also wanted to reflect on what we were able to accomplish together in 2014.  Part of the reason I started Atiliay and began making cards for a cause was because I strongly believe that if everyone does a little bit and we combine our efforts, we can make a strong impact!  With every card or paper goods product each person purchases, we are raising funds together to help support the work of several non-profits and the truly life-saving and life-changing work that they do.

Here are some of the highlights from 2014!

Together we…

…raised 14,621 meals for The Ebongalethu Educare Center Preschool and Nursery!

Atiliay's Valentine's Day Cards For A Cause Campaign

The EEC Preschool and Nursery is located in South Africa and I began sponsoring the center through Food4Africa, after meeting the team on a TOMS shoe drop back in November of 2007.  Their work providing nutritious meals to babies and toddlers to give them a good start in life has a very special place in my heart and it has been so rewarding to share and support their work with you!  Atiliay’s 3rd annual Valentine’s Day Cards For A Cause Campaigns is coming up this February!  Each card provides meals that will be donated to Food4Africa to feed the 60 children who attend The EEC. If you’d like to know when the campaign launches, sign up for Atiliay’s newsletter or follow on social media for all the updates!

…funded 2 more Kiva microloans!

Fathers Day 2014 Kiva Loans

The awesome thing about Kiva loans is that they continue to give and give and give!  Once a loan is repaid that money will go towards another loan and the cycle keeps on going!  The Father’s Day Cards For A Cause Campaign goes towards Kiva loans and we lent to two Fathers trying to improve and expand their businesses to provide for their families and secure a good future for their children- Ali in Lebanon who sells fruits and vegetables and Path in Cambodia who is a cassava farmer.  During Father’s Day of 2015, Atiliay will be raising funds for another loan and we will also use what we have been paid back as well- I am hoping to be able to fund 3 loans this year!

…raised 490 meals for FeedingAmerica.org!

Thanksgiving & Winter Holidays Cards For A Cause Supporting Feeding America

We raised 240 meals from the Thanksgiving Cards For A Cause and 250 meals from Winter Holidays Cards For A Cause for FeedingAmerica.org!  Feeding America works with local food banks throughout the country to provide meals to children, the elderly, families, and anyone who is facing hunger.  Their mission is to feed America’s hungry– which is something 1 in 6 Americans struggles with– through a nationwide network of member food banks and engage our country in the fight to end hunger.  Food is such a big part of the holidays and it’s nice to share some of what we have with others!

 …raised $1167.88 for Made By Survivors to fight against human trafficking! 

The Relevee Benefit

Through The Relevee Benefit we were able to raise funds and awareness about human trafficking! It was really amazing and wonderful to connect with so many creative folks who felt just as passionately as I did about taking a stand against human trafficking and help survivors rebuild and take back their lives.  Made By Survivors fights human trafficking, specifically sexual slavery, in several ways- they rescue and shelter those who are currently enslaved, they educate those who have been rescued as well as children of survivors, they provide job training and employment, and they work with survivors to ensure they are free forever.   Founder Sarah Symon’s story and passion to help those affected by human trafficking is so inspiring– I highly recommend her book, This Is No Ordinary Joy which details her journey with MBS.

In addition to the highlights above, Atiliay also supported Freely In Hope, Room To Read, The Lange Foundation, Knots of Love, Peace of Heart Choir, The Gentle Barn, Schools for Salone, Red Bucket Equine Rescue,  Hands Producing Hope, and All The Arts For All The Kids.  I hope that in 2015 Atiliay can make a bigger impact and donation to these organizations!

I look forward to creating, supporting, and giving throughout the next 12 months and can’t wait to share all of it with you!


There are really no words to describe the devastation that Typhoon Haiyan has created in the Philippines.  It is easy to feel helpless when such disasters happen, but there are many ways that we can help.  Here is a round up of organizations from USA Today that are providing medical care, food, water, shelter, and more to the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan. Each dollar raised can help them help more people in need.  Please donate if you are able to and / or help to spread the word.   I have also provided each organization’s Charity Navigator profile and score for your reference and the below is listed starting with the highest rated organizations.

Save the Children is mounting disaster relief efforts to help children and families in the area. Donations can be made online or by texting DONATE to 20222.
{Charity Navigator profile, rated 4 out of 4 stars with a score of 64.21 / 70.}

UNICEF staff in the Philippines is providing emergency aid and will be delivering supplies to children and their families. Donations can be made online or by texting RELIEF to 864233 to donate $10.
{Charity Navigator profile, rated 4 out of 4 stars with a score of 63.3 / 70.}

The U.N. World Food Programme is urging Americans to make donations to support its emergency food relief after Typhoon Haiyan. You can donate online or by texting the word AID to 27722 to donate $10.
{Charity Navigator profile, rated 4 out of 4 stars with a score of 60.44 / 70.}

AmeriCares is deploying medical aid and a relief team to Philippines, and says an emergency shipment with enough medical aid for 20,000 survivors is already on its way.
{Charity Navigator profile, rated 3 out of 4 stars with a score of 55.53 / 70.}

World Vision is mobilizing nearly 500 staff around the country to respond to the disaster. Donations are accepted online and the organization also lets you sponsor a child in the Philippines.
{Charity Navigator profile, rated 3 out of 4 stars with a score of 53.01 / 70.}

CARE  plans to provide emergency relief to thousands of families. Donations can be made online or by calling 1-800-521-CARE within the U.S. or +1-404-681-2552.
{Charity Navigator profile, rated 3 out of 4 stars with a score of 51.32 / 70.}

The Philippine Red Cross has deployed staff and volunteers across the region. You can easily make a donation through organization’s website.
{ N/A on Charity Navigator}

To donate to the Salvation Army‘s Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts, visit its website or text TYPHOON to 80888 to donate $10 and reply YES to confirm your donation. The organization uses 100% of all disaster donations in support of disaster relief.
{N/A on Charity Navigator}

If you or someone you know is looking for a family member or friend in the Philippines area, Google has launched a person finder for the storm.  Also known as Yolanda in the Philippines, you can try and find out someone’s whereabouts or enter your own information.



Eunice In Class

I’d like to introduce you to 24 year old Eunice.

She is resilience, she is hope, she is determination, and she is strength.

She is a student, a mother, and a survivor.

Eunice was raped, became pregnant, and has overcome many incredibly difficult hardships in her life. While she has been through terrible things, it is her courage and inspiring story that deeply touches me.  Please visit Freely In Hope to read Eunice’s story, I cannot do it justice by summing it up.

With the support of Freely In Hope, a non-profit working in Kenya to help fight against the issues oppressing women such as sexual abuse, lack of educational opportunities, and forced labor, Eunice and women like her are able to pursue their education, achieve their goals, and secure a sustainable future for themselves and their families.  The work they do is truly life changing and life saving.  Many of these women have nowhere to go and nobody to turn to in a time when what they need most is support– emotionally, physically, and mentally.  Freely In Hope helps them get back on their feet by helping them find housing, providing medical care and counseling if needed, and giving them the opportunity to pursue their education which not only benefits the women themselves but their communities as well.

“I am a student and a proud mother of Eugene who is 4 years old. I’m currently studying at Kenya Polytechnic University so that I can finish my degree in Counseling Psychology. My hope is to counsel other young women who, like me, have experienced trauma. To other raped women—I encourage you not to abort. That child might be your source of happiness, just as my son is for me.” — Eunice

atiliay’s second Cause For A Cause edition, featuring floral cards, prints, and paper goods for Mother’s Day will be benefiting Freely In Hope and help mothers in Kenya who are survivors of sexual trauma receive an education.

Eunice + Eugene

49% of proceeds from all block print and watercolors will be donated as well as 5% from all other items from the floral collection.

6 prints will provide schools supplies and uniforms for high school.

100 prints will provide a year of high school education.

200 prints will provide a year of college education.

To purchase a card, please visit atiliay’s Etsy shop.

If you would like to learn more about Freely In Hope and support their work, please visit their website, www.FreelyInHope.org.

All photos courtesy of Freely In Hope



PLACES TO GO // The Lange Foundation, Los Angeles, CA
WAYS TO GIVE // Adoptvolunteer, or contribute to the Lange Foundation

People are always saying whether they are dog people or cat people– I think we should be both!

I used to be scared of cats and by “used to” I mean up until about a year or so ago.  But now I realize how silly I was, worrying about getting my eyes scratched out (especially when here I am getting bitten by Lucci which has only made me love him more)!

I think I was scared because I just didn’t understand them and hadn’t spent enough time with them to appreciate them fully– which can actually apply to a lot of different situations that are going on in the world right now.

But I am really happy and excited to be bonding with them!  I’ve gotten a great chance to do that at The Lange Foundation.

I’ve been going to Lange and adopting from them for the past 5 years and they are an amazing no-kill shelter located in the West Los Angeles area.  The Lange Foundation rescues their dogs and cats from the euthanasia list from local shelters.  They save their lives, rehabilitate them, and give them a home until they meet their forever families.

If you are looking for an addition to your family, this is the place to go!  If you are an animal lover but can’t take one in at the moment and would like to help, this is also the place to go in the form of a volunteer!  If you don’t have time but want to support their work, consider making a monetary donation–  they rescue so many animals in need of surgery and emergency treatment, helping with the vet bills would be great!  They also have a monthly donor program as well as The Gift of Life (which I think is one of the best presents in the world to receive!)  Visit their site for more info on any of the above: www.LangeFoundation.org.

There are lots of gorgeous cats at Lange of all ages, sizes, colors, and personalities!  (I did not know there was such a thing as a lap cat until I went in one of their cat enclosures and Dodger Dill basically came over and tried to plop down in mine!)  The sad truth is that while kittens are easily adopted out, adult cats unfortunately are not.  However the lucky ones that make it to Lange will get to spend the rest of their lives there with caring staff and volunteers.  This post is dedicated to all the beautiful cats who are at Lange and available for adoption.

Maybe they have been waiting for you :)

Dodger Dill just wants to sit in your lap.

Dodger Dill, being the sweet lap cat that he is!

Below each image is a link to their PetFinder profile!  If you know any cat lovers, I think you should share these pics with them– I am pretty sure they will fall in love.

PS: Don’t forget to spay and neuter and encourage others to do so as well so more cats and dogs don’t end up in the shelters!

PPS: One cat I unfortunately didn’t get to take a photo of was Mimi, another lap cat.  She was so adorable and friendly!  Here’s her PetFinder profile.

This is only a little peek at all the lovely cats there, to see everyone who is looking for a home, please visit the cat adoption section of their site.

 Boris taking a cat nap in the sunshine :)  Boris, being the definition of “cat nap”

Drew is up to something :)

Drew : handsome, spunky, and charming

Socks soaking up the sun

 Socks is a looker and has the beauty mark to prove it!

I am in love with Faye's little paw hanging out at the bottom  I am in love with Faye‘s paw hanging out at the bottom :)

faye looking

I accidentally woke her up…


…but she fell right back asleep!


Taking a look at what’s going on down there!

DuskyGraycie looking regal– stop by Lange to meet her!

I am also in love with Jessie's paw!

I love Jessie‘s pose.

How do you do?

How do you do?  I am Spumoni!


Trini has such pretty coloring and markings on her face!

Macy properly sitting

 Macy and a big toy mouse.

Getting some exercise!

Keeping a slim figure. This exercise wheel also reminds me of that show Double Dare.


Succulent Block Print + Watercolor

Colored Floral Block Printed Cards

I am so excited to be able to present to you the next Cards For A Cause installment!  It wasn’t too long ago that I was figuring out how to make this concept work and I still can’t believe that together we are providing food for The EEC preschool for over a year!  Yay!

For Mother’s Day, I really wanted to find an organization where we could give support to mothers– Freely In Hope was the perfect match!

A portion of proceeds from the entire floral collection featuring block printed and watercolor Mother’s Day cards will be donated to Freely In Hope’s Arise Scholarship Fund and help provide a high school / college education to mothers in Kenya who are survivors of or prone to sexual trauma.

Freely In Hope- Eunice

If you’d like to support Freely In Hope through a card and honor your mom / grandma / mother figure with a gift that keeps on giving, please head on over to atiliay’s Etsy Shop!  I decided to use Etsy as the platform going forward because now every package will come with tracking!

Learn more about these cards under the Mother’s Day 2013 section of the site and learn more about the cause over at FreelyInHope.org.

Help spread the love this Mother’s Day!

PS:  We will be doing another trunk show over at Share and Do Good on May 4th– mark your calendars :)

Yellow Zinnia Print


Spring is off to a wonderful start thanks to the following folks!  BIG BIG THANK YOU’S to this month’s group of card senders and card recipients for Cards For A Cause’s Valentine’s Day Edition!  These are the wonderful people who have provided meals for The Ebongalethu Educare Center and Preschool for the month of March!

Card senders are listed first followed by the card recipients.

MAR 2013