I am really excited to share that Atiliay’s You Survived! First Father’s Day Tri-Fold Card was featured on Huffington Post Parents!

15 Honest Father’s Day Cards To Give Your Parenting Partner

It’s listed at #10 :)

Huffington Post

Not only is it exciting because I am a reader of Huffington Post, but it’s great to be in the company of so many other awesome cards that come from the handmade / Etsy / small business community!  Head on over to the link above and check out the full list!


I was recently introduced to Savor Good, a blog documenting untold stories and the beauty in the ordinary.  I love the idea behind this blog and what founder and writer, Courtney is sharing with the world– content that will “provoke you to appreciate the stories of people around you, embrace the good found in every minute, and share it with others.”  I contacted Courtney hoping she would like the idea of the Thanksgiving Cards For A Cause Campaign and that she would share it with her readers.  I was so happy to hear she wanted to learn more!  It was wonderful talking with Courtney and I appreciate her helping to spread the word as well as sharing my journey and how atiliay came to be :)

Read the post here or by clicking the photo below.  Don’t forget to add Savor Good to your bloglovin‘ feed and follow SG on Twitter and Instagram!

Savor Good - atiliay post

Cards For A Cause featured in DailyCandy Kids!

I am so excited and thankful that DailyCandy Kids has shared Cards For A Cause with their readers! Check out the post here or click on the image below:

If DailyCandy Kids has brought you here, please follow the below links to find out how you can get involved with Cards For A Cause!

– For more information on the project and cards, go here:
– To make a donation and sign up for a card delivery, go here:
– To learn more about the cards and see more pictures, go here:

The Yummy Year Project in Pure Green Magazine!

I am very excited to share with you The Yummy Year Project’s food + utensils heart block print in the current issue of Pure Green Magazine!

Pure Green Magazine is a beautiful Canadian based publication for a stylish green lifestyle.  They introduce eco-friendly products, designs, and DIY projects to their readers as well as share green home tours, organic recipes, and more!

Each edition of Pure Green is printed on 100% Post Consumer recycled stock, produced in Canada, with biofuel and chlorine free. The magazine is full colour, offset, vegetable based ink, perfect bound and printed waterlessly. Limited edition.

I love everything this magazine stands for, and I am so honored to be in Volume 4, which is all about Food + Drink!  (The Style Director’s Assistant contacted me via Etsy, which is where they spotted the print.)

YYP’s heart block print is part of the Inspired Living section, in Artwork on Display.

Check out their stocklist to find out where you can pick up a copy of Pure Green.

Want a heart block print to hang in your home?  Visit our Etsy shop!

Guest Hunting…

…over at ThreeTwentyEight!  So excited to be a guest hunter on their blog!  Click below to check out some of my picks for the home, women, men, kids, and more!