Music Note Recipe Cards

Music Themed Recipe Card + Custom Stamp

Music Themed Recipe Card & Custom Stamp

I recently received a request for music themed recipe cards for a bridal shower and had a lot of fun designing it!  Each card is reminiscent of sheet music and the top edge is adorned with block printed music notes.  Now with the help of her friends, this bride will be making music in the kitchen!

This order also included a custom 4″ x 2″ vertical music notes / symbol stamp– I am excited to see what is created with it!

In honor of the bride-to-be, a portion of proceeds will from these recipe cards will be donated to The American Cancer Society.  I am glad we are able to contribute to and support the fight against cancer.

Wishing Christina an amazing bridal shower and thank you Cherish for this order!

If you would like to purchase and customize these invitations for your event, please check out this listing in atiliay’s Etsy shop.  If you would like something similar with different details, please send me an email at hi.atiliay (at) gmail (dot) com so we can start collaborating! 

Custom Music Notes & Symbols Stamp

Update: Check out how the stamped was used-
I love the creativity and music theme behind this Bridal Shower! 

How the music notes stamp was used


Book Worm

Book Worm Card

I absolutely love getting lost in a book whether it was back when I was a kid or now!  This little book worm was made for my friend Cherise for her baby shower card.  She is a huge book lover and I know she will have so much fun reading stories to her baby girl.  I will be listing the card on Etsy but thought, what else could I do with this?  I really loved this a lot so I will be making more boys and girls who love to read and turn it into an art print as well!  Stay tuned!


nom nom box // cake, pastry, favor box

nom nom nom - all gone!

I’m very excited about some new items in the shop!  atiliay now carries gift / favor / pastry boxes with fun text and prints.  They are great for gifts, thank you goodies, weddings, and more!  Nom nom nom is one of my favorites! :)  All designs are hand carved and stamped.

Stop by the Gift // Pastry Boxes section of the shop to see more!

Custom initial arrow through heart wedding favor boxes


Mini hearts, choose from a single color or mix and match!

Pretty rose gift boxes

The inside lids are also stamped to make it pretty on the inside too! :)