Random Love Letter ChallengeI am SO excited to be participating in the Random Love Letter Challenge throughout the month of June!  This wonderful idea comes from Olivia of Random Olive and Sarah of Sarah Shotts Storytelling.  They are the lovely hosts of this challenge and the mission is this:

Leave a small positive note in any random location every day all month (you could even leave multiples per day!). Then take a picture of your note and share it on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #RandomLoveLetter.

I seriously love this idea so much– what is not to like about spreading some positive words anonymously around town? I’ve met some great people through this challenge and it’s so fun going through the hashtag on Instagram. It’s only June 4th so it’s not too late to join in on the fun!

It’s also a great way to practice my penmanship and make use of the 19825987634 quotes I have written down on different lists, notes on my phone, and pinned on my Pinterest board!  And it’s actually pretty exciting– it’s kind of hard not getting caught when trying to stick a post it note somewhere in a store lol.  My boyfriend does think I am a little bit of a nut for doing this but it’s probably because he’s been with me so far on these missions and I am saying things to him like, “HURRY AND TAKE A PICTURE BEFORE ANYONE COMES!!!” Haha :)

I’m posting via Atiliay’s Instagram as well as Atiliay’s Twitter.  Once the month is up I will put together a round up of my 30 notes.  In the meantime, here’s the four I have done so far and check out the #randomloveletter on Instagram or Twitter to see what everyone has been posting!  I hope our notes are making someone out there smile and I hope you join us!

Random Love Letter Challenge - Atiliay

Day 1: Time will pass. Spend it creating the life you want! // The back of a clock at Michaels
Day 2: You are an awesome dog owner! Enjoy your walk together! // Neighborhood doggy poop bag station :)
Day 3: Dream BIG!! // Inside a graduation card at Target
Day 4: Believe that the future can be better and YOU have the power to make it so! // Post office parking lot