I did something I haven’t done in YEARS today–peel some of the wrapper off a crayon! I must’ve done this a million times growing up and it felt so familiar and nostalgic.

Since this mini experiment of creating daily takes inspiration from my love for art as a child, crayons seemed like the perfect fit for day 1!

Sitting on the floor, I closed my eyes and grabbed the first crayon.

I was really excited to open them and see how the page looked. I filmed the process so I could watch it unfold–you can see it here. There was more white space than I had expected, but I really liked what happened here.

It might look like a 3 year old did this and I think that’s true–the 3 year old me is here in these lines and shapes and colors :)

PS: Learn more about the origins of my 7 day sketchbook challenge over here and join me in doing a 7 day challenge of your own!


I recently gifted myself a new sketchbook with the intention of painting and creating in it everyday– a throwback to my childhood (pictured above!) when I used to do these things just for the fun of it! No rules, structure, pressure, or stress over it, just a way to encourage myself to do more of something I really love.

So far, in the few weeks that I’ve had this sketchbook, I’ve been filling in about 3 pages per week (and shared a few posts about them here, here, and here!) Although it’s not everyday as I’d planned, it’s a great start and better than what I was doing before (aka nothing)! I’ve actually found myself thinking about it everyday and coming up with new ideas. I think I’m ready to try to do a little moreā€¦

Lately, the idea of doing something consistently but for a short amount of time keeps popping up. 

Maybe it’s because I’m hosting the Better Letters In 15 Challenge right now and the idea is to practice lettering for 15 minutes per day for 4 weeks. It might also be because I just finished day 6 of Chloe Ting’s flat stomach challenge (trying to get closer to that one ab of steel I’d love to have lol) which is 20-30 minutes of exercise per day for 28 days (with rest days built in) I’ve also been binge listening to Unpublished, an amazing podcast for creatives by Amie and James. They talk about how they are writers but it doesn’t mean they write non-stop for 8 hours a day–sometimes it’s 500 words or 30 minutes but they show up for their craft on a daily basis.

It got me thinking, what can happen if we do something consistently, for 7 days?

I’m going to try a little experiment and fulfill my original sketchbook intention: spend 15-20 minutes creating a page a day for the next 7 days and see what happens! Maybe I’ll love it, maybe I’ll hate it, but I’m excited to see what each page becomes and how I feel about it.

Is there something you want to try for the next 7 days? Maybe it’s waking up 5 minutes earlier or spending 15 minutes journaling or doing a 10 minute meditation at night or committing to a week long workout challenge or allotting time for a creative project you’ve been wanting to finish. If you try something, let me know–I’d love to hear about it!

I’ll be sharing the progress on my mini 7 day challenge here and on Instagram.

Wishing you 7 good days ahead! :)