Cat Hair Don't Care T-shirts by
Dog Hair Don't Care T-shirts by

I am always excited to release new designs and products but this is a very special one that I am EXTRA excited to introduce you to–Cat Hair Don’t Care and Dog Hair Don’t Care T-shirts for my fellow cat and dog moms!

I’ve had this idea for such a long time (like 3 years!) and it’s finally here! It’s my take on the phrase “Messy Hair Don’t Care” and is inspired mostly by my kitties because I am always covered in SO.MUCH.CAT.HAIR. after snuggling with them! My pups have actually not been bad in the shedding department. But either way, I don’t mind–nothing a lint roller can’t solve :)

These t-shirts also represent something that is close to my heart–10% of proceeds from every tee will be donated to The Lange Foundation, a no-kill shelter in Los Angeles. They work tirelessly to give homeless dogs, cats, and animals a second chance and loving forever homes. The 10 also represents the month of October, which is when I adopted my first dog from them, Lucciano, who became the love of my life. I am also so lucky that they then brought Bernard and kitties Bubba, Jefrey, Makani, and Samone into my life! Each of them have taught me so much about unconditional love and joy. It means a lot to me to be able to support the place and amazing people who have enriched my life in such an important way.

The t-shirts are currently available for pre-order for $28 each in sizes XS-XL.
Pre-order perks include free shipping plus some fun–and useful–goodies while supplies last!
No code is needed, just head to the links below to learn more and to place your order:


I am anticipating that they will be ready to ship in about 2 weeks but will contact you once I have an exact time frame! The last day to place pre-orders is Tuesday, May 12th

A few more things I wanted to share about this product:

These t-shirts are loose and oversized so whether you are walking your dog or lounging with your cats you can stay comfy! I chose this style not only for the soft and light material but also because it’s a style that has been favored by all shapes and body types! You also don’t have to worry about bra straps showing and you can style this tee in a number of ways. The links above include a size chart but if you have any questions please let me know!

Social Responsibility: These tees are from a company called Next Level–they are a member of the Fair Labor Association and have a rigorous process where every single factory and sourcing location is vetted by their team and meets their standards.

It’s always a little nerve wracking to put your work–especially something new–out into the world but I hope you like these designs and that you can feel how much they mean to me :) Here are a few more pics (you can see more in the listings):

Dog Hair Don't Care T-shirts by
Cat Hair Don't Care T-shirts by
Cat Hair Don't Care T-shirts by

Lastly, here is a photo of the very special animals who have changed my life! From left to right: Lucciano, Valentine, Bernard, Makani, Bubba, Jefrey, and Samone. They are all Lange Foundation alumni except for Valentine, who I found.