GOODBYE 2013 // HELLO 2014!

2013, you were fun, exciting, stressful, difficult, heartwarming, heartbreaking, and everything in between.  You were filled with ups and downs, challenges and inspirations, stress and fun.

With you I… started atiliay and I think I am finally on the right track of what I want to do with my life. I overcame my fear of cats– yay! I don’t know why I was ever scared!  I started working part time at a shelter which I have always wanted to do.  I have gotten to make some wonderful new friends and reconnect with old ones.  I survived the holidays and fall / winter craft fair circuit (congrats if you did the same!) and I ate as many vegan donuts as I could get my little hands on!

With you, I also…. said goodbye to my mom as she flew miles away to move back to Taiwan which was hard to say the least (thank goodness for Skype).  I struggled with not having Lucciano by my side anymore and then having Bubba join him too soon after.  I stressed out about finances and how to make things work so that I don’t have to live at home and can move out (!) and I cried in front of both of my parents which I haven’t done in a long, long time (my mom at the airport and my dad the day we said goodbye to Lucci…and the entire 2 weeks before that).

I also felt like you were a big turning point in my life as my Facebook and Instagram (which I finally joined) feed started filling up with photos of baby bumps and ultrasounds, more images of cozy nights in than crazy nights out, fingers with engagement rings adorning them, many happy wedding pics, and selfies with mini-mes.  The times are definitely changing.

Goodbye 2013 // Hello 2014!

Your arrival makes me think of all the possibilities a new year can bring and the goals I have set and will work hard to reach.  I am also excited that you are bringing with you wedding celebrations for two of my closest friends as well as a lovely baby boy for another!  I love the clean slate we have right now and all the great things to look forward to.

I hope with you I can make a living with doing the things I love and move out!  Most of my goals and dreams are based around this.  I am brainstorming to create a line that I can easily scale and pursue the wholesale side of things.  I also have many ideas that fall into the wedding category which I am really looking forward to delve into.  As always I want to continue to support the amazing organizations that have inspired me and continue to spread the word in the following 362 days.  I have also decided to separate my food posts out into its own separate blog, which I am excited to launch very soon, and will also be working on monetizing it, which I have not done before in the past.

It’s always been my dream to do something I love for a living and I couldn’t do this without the support of my friends and family which I am so thankful of and who I am so grateful for.  Every year I feel like I am getting a little closer and I appreciate all the words of wisdom and support I have gotten along the way.

I also hope you will help me grow personally this year.  I want to meditate more.  I want to attempt to get through the P90X ab workout disc– or at least get to the point where I am putting it into a DVD player!  I want to be better about telling people when something is bothering me right when it happens instead of letting it build inside.  I want– or more like NEED to stop stressing and worrying about a lot of things that are out of my control.  Some days I feel like I have such a good perspective when it comes to that, and other days it’s the complete opposite!  To be honest I’ve already done a LOT of stressing, freaking out, whining and worrying in the past 3 days and I hope that getting my thoughts out and writing about it will remind me to stop and refocus!

What are your goals, resolutions, and dreams for the new year?  Whatever they may be, I hope you go out there and try your best to reach them, no matter how crazy or impossible they may seem!  Life seems so much more fulfilling when you are going after what you believe in.  And in the midst of all the chaos, stress, and the drama that is life, I hope that your 2014 is filled with much joy, laughter, happiness, and success for you and for those you love.



I’ve been catching up today on posting new items onto atiliay’s Etsy shop that I had available at shows!

Here’s what’s been added (click on the photos to get to the listing) and there’s more to come!

“It always seems impossible until it is done.” – Nelson Mandela

It Always Seems Impossible...Nelson Mandela Quote

Inspiring and wise words by the great Nelson Mandela.  I watched the 20/20 special about his life and accomplishments and was very moved by his work, his actions, and his peaceful ways during violent times.  It is a great piece to watch as this year comes to a close and we think about our goals and resolutions we want to make for the year ahead.

This is a print that comes in 5×7, 8×10, and 11×14.  A portion of every print will be donated to The EEC Preschool + Nursery in Motherwell, South Africa via Food4Africa.  The funds will be used to provide nutritious meals to toddlers and children living in poverty to help them grow and combat illnesses associated with undernourishment.

Yarn Print, A2 Card, + Tiny Square Cards
A portion of proceeds from each of the yarn items will be donated to Knots Of Love a non-profit helping to warm the hearts and heads of those who loose their hair fighting serious illnesses by providing them free hand made Knit and Crochet beanies.  (Click on photos below to go to each listing.)

Yarn Prints + Card // by

Yarn Print // by

Print is available in a dark color combo (shown above), light color combo, or you can customize the colors!

Mini Square Yarn Cards // by

Tiny 3″x3″ square cards, comes in a set of 5 with kraft envelopes.  Choose from the multicolor pack or tell me what colors you’d like!

A2 Yarn Cards // by

A2 yarn cards in a set of 5- customizable colors!

“I’ll Eat You Up, I Love You So.” Original stamped art in 5″x7″ size

I'll Eat You Up I Love You So // by
This fun piece now comes in a 5″x7″ size to make it even easier to frame for the wall or desk!  It’s great to adorn nursery walls with as well :)  A portion of every print will be donated to The EEC Preschool + Nursery in Motherwell, South Africa via Food4Africa.  The funds will be used to provide nutritious meals to toddlers and children living in poverty to help them grow and combat illnesses associated with undernourishment.

“I’d Rather Wear Flowers In My Hair Than Diamonds Around My Neck.” Original stamped art in 8″x10″ size

I'd Rather Wear Flowers In My Hair Than Diamonds Around My Neck // by

My favorite piece now comes in an 8″x10″ size!  Pair with a beautiful rustic frame for the home or office.  10% of proceeds from every print will be donated to Schools for Salone, a non-profit organization that is revitalizing Sierra Leonean communities, empowering children and improving socioeconomic conditions for families, communities, and future generations. Based in Seattle, Schools for Salone has a proven track record of working with Sierra Leoneans as they rebuild schools destroyed in the civil war. Once funds are raised, new schools are built in three months. In the past 8 years they have helped to build 15 schools and 2 libraries, with more to come in the future!


Come out and support survivors of Typhoon Haiyan this Saturday by buying goodies at the Eat My Blog 5.0 Bake Sale!  All funds raised will be donated to the Philippines Red Cross. Here are all the details and you can also RSVP on the FB event page:

Eat My Blog 5.0

Check out the Eat MyBlog site for parking info and here is the current list of sweet and savory goodies that will be available for your tummy!

Eat My Blog 5.0 MenuI will be donating deliciously dairy-free and egg-free chocolate chip cookies that vegans and non-vegans love :) (This has been tested and proven!)  They will be packaged in the nom nom nom / all gone boxes, so keep an eye out for them!

Best Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

nom nom nom


Patchwork Show Long Beach Fall 2013

{With my good friend Emi who stopped by Patchwork!}

I had so much fun at Patchwork Show this past Sunday!  It was great catching up with familiar faces and meet new friends.  I felt like there was a great sense of community and everyone was so friendly and supportive!  Also, there were dogs and adorable babies/kiddos everywhere I turned which was pretty awesome.

THANK YOU to everyone who came by and visited,  I appreciate it so much because without you none of this would not be possible.  Together we helped various non-profits with each item sold and I will have a little recap coming very soon!

It was also great to see my fellow vendor friends– Kristin from The Preservation Society (I was so excited to get pickles from her and look forward to visiting her at Crafted to pick up some preserves) and Jen from Traditionally Unique (I LOVE her pallet display for her booth and lovely eco-friendly cloth napkins- we will both be at Patchwork Show Santa Ana)!

Special thank you to my good friend Kristen, who was my co-pilot– she definitely provided a much needed helping hand and great company.  I also need to thank my friends Emi and Sly, for staying until 5PM and helping us break down in record time!

Unfortunately I forgot my camera when I went exploring so I don’t have much photos of the event, just a few of my booth.  Good thing Patchwork has pics up on their Flickr!  Check it out and all the great vendors and fun times everyone had that day! :)

Patchwork Show Fall 2013 Photos

Patchwork Long Beach Fall 2013

Patchwork Long Beach Fall 2013

Patchwork Long Beach Fall 2013

PS: Look out for a Craft Fair 101 series coming soon!  I am going to be compiling all the things I have learned from my past experiences with shows to hopefully provide some helpful insight.


The Secret Fork is popping up in Venice this Saturday from 11 – 4PM! Stop by for yummy foods, local vendors, and I will be selling Thanksgiving cards to raise more meals for Feeding America!  Kids under 12 are free, $5 per adult to help with costs of the event and keep it going!  This is a secret pop up market so you will receive the address after you reserve tickets.  Go here to get your tickets before they sell out:

Hope to see you there!

The Secret Fork // Nov. 10 // Saturday



Here are the events I will be doing for the rest of the year! (I can’t believe I am saying that!)  For all you Southern Californians, come out and say hi!  I’d love to meet you and connect with fellow creative business owners :)

November 10th, Saturday // The Secret Fork
A members only pop-up marketplace
Popping up in Venice  // Receive an invite by joining the guest list here

November 17th, Sunday // Patchwork Show – Long Beach
A modern creative festival with handmade local goods from 100+ vendors
Marine Stadium – Bayshore @ Appian Way // 11 – 5PM

December 1st, Sunday // Patchwork Show – Santa Ana
A modern creative festival with handmade local goods from 100+ vendors
Downtown Santa Ana – 2nd @ Sycamore Street // 11 – 5PM

December 7th, Saturday // CITYstage Holiday Showcase Fundraiser
CITYstage is an amazing non-profit inspiring inner-city youth to become artists, leaders, and member of the performing arts community in a program that cultivates individuality, fitness, and artist expression.  Hosted by Leanna Lin’s Wonderland, stop by to enjoy performances from CITYstage students, enjoy a snack, shop for gifts, and get them wrapped (by yours truly :) with proceeds benefitting CITYstage!  Learn more about them here.
Leanna Lin’s Wonderland – 5024 Eagle Rock Blvd. LA, CA 90041 // 1 – 5PM

December 14th, Saturday // A Little Known Shop Holiday Craft Show
Shop local and handmade in Anaheim!
Community Retail Center – 423 S. Brookhurst St. Anaheim, CA 92804 // 11 – 4PM

Don’t forget to keep in touch on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for the latest details!