PLACES TO GO // The Lange Foundation, Los Angeles, CA
WAYS TO GIVE // Adoptvolunteer, or contribute to the Lange Foundation

People are always saying whether they are dog people or cat people– I think we should be both!

I used to be scared of cats and by “used to” I mean up until about a year or so ago.  But now I realize how silly I was, worrying about getting my eyes scratched out (especially when here I am getting bitten by Lucci which has only made me love him more)!

I think I was scared because I just didn’t understand them and hadn’t spent enough time with them to appreciate them fully– which can actually apply to a lot of different situations that are going on in the world right now.

But I am really happy and excited to be bonding with them!  I’ve gotten a great chance to do that at The Lange Foundation.

I’ve been going to Lange and adopting from them for the past 5 years and they are an amazing no-kill shelter located in the West Los Angeles area.  The Lange Foundation rescues their dogs and cats from the euthanasia list from local shelters.  They save their lives, rehabilitate them, and give them a home until they meet their forever families.

If you are looking for an addition to your family, this is the place to go!  If you are an animal lover but can’t take one in at the moment and would like to help, this is also the place to go in the form of a volunteer!  If you don’t have time but want to support their work, consider making a monetary donation–  they rescue so many animals in need of surgery and emergency treatment, helping with the vet bills would be great!  They also have a monthly donor program as well as The Gift of Life (which I think is one of the best presents in the world to receive!)  Visit their site for more info on any of the above:

There are lots of gorgeous cats at Lange of all ages, sizes, colors, and personalities!  (I did not know there was such a thing as a lap cat until I went in one of their cat enclosures and Dodger Dill basically came over and tried to plop down in mine!)  The sad truth is that while kittens are easily adopted out, adult cats unfortunately are not.  However the lucky ones that make it to Lange will get to spend the rest of their lives there with caring staff and volunteers.  This post is dedicated to all the beautiful cats who are at Lange and available for adoption.

Maybe they have been waiting for you :)

Dodger Dill just wants to sit in your lap.

Dodger Dill, being the sweet lap cat that he is!

Below each image is a link to their PetFinder profile!  If you know any cat lovers, I think you should share these pics with them– I am pretty sure they will fall in love.

PS: Don’t forget to spay and neuter and encourage others to do so as well so more cats and dogs don’t end up in the shelters!

PPS: One cat I unfortunately didn’t get to take a photo of was Mimi, another lap cat.  She was so adorable and friendly!  Here’s her PetFinder profile.

This is only a little peek at all the lovely cats there, to see everyone who is looking for a home, please visit the cat adoption section of their site.

 Boris taking a cat nap in the sunshine :)  Boris, being the definition of “cat nap”

Drew is up to something :)

Drew : handsome, spunky, and charming

Socks soaking up the sun

 Socks is a looker and has the beauty mark to prove it!

I am in love with Faye's little paw hanging out at the bottom  I am in love with Faye‘s paw hanging out at the bottom :)

faye looking

I accidentally woke her up…


…but she fell right back asleep!


Taking a look at what’s going on down there!

DuskyGraycie looking regal– stop by Lange to meet her!

I am also in love with Jessie's paw!

I love Jessie‘s pose.

How do you do?

How do you do?  I am Spumoni!


Trini has such pretty coloring and markings on her face!

Macy properly sitting

 Macy and a big toy mouse.

Getting some exercise!

Keeping a slim figure. This exercise wheel also reminds me of that show Double Dare.