Eunice In Class

I’d like to introduce you to 24 year old Eunice.

She is resilience, she is hope, she is determination, and she is strength.

She is a student, a mother, and a survivor.

Eunice was raped, became pregnant, and has overcome many incredibly difficult hardships in her life. While she has been through terrible things, it is her courage and inspiring story that deeply touches me.  Please visit Freely In Hope to read Eunice’s story, I cannot do it justice by summing it up.

With the support of Freely In Hope, a non-profit working in Kenya to help fight against the issues oppressing women such as sexual abuse, lack of educational opportunities, and forced labor, Eunice and women like her are able to pursue their education, achieve their goals, and secure a sustainable future for themselves and their families.  The work they do is truly life changing and life saving.  Many of these women have nowhere to go and nobody to turn to in a time when what they need most is support– emotionally, physically, and mentally.  Freely In Hope helps them get back on their feet by helping them find housing, providing medical care and counseling if needed, and giving them the opportunity to pursue their education which not only benefits the women themselves but their communities as well.

“I am a student and a proud mother of Eugene who is 4 years old. I’m currently studying at Kenya Polytechnic University so that I can finish my degree in Counseling Psychology. My hope is to counsel other young women who, like me, have experienced trauma. To other raped women—I encourage you not to abort. That child might be your source of happiness, just as my son is for me.” — Eunice

atiliay’s second Cause For A Cause edition, featuring floral cards, prints, and paper goods for Mother’s Day will be benefiting Freely In Hope and help mothers in Kenya who are survivors of sexual trauma receive an education.

Eunice + Eugene

49% of proceeds from all block print and watercolors will be donated as well as 5% from all other items from the floral collection.

6 prints will provide schools supplies and uniforms for high school.

100 prints will provide a year of high school education.

200 prints will provide a year of college education.

To purchase a card, please visit atiliay’s Etsy shop.

If you would like to learn more about Freely In Hope and support their work, please visit their website,

All photos courtesy of Freely In Hope

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