Choo Choo!

A few weekends ago I made a cake for a friend’s son’s 4th birthday!  He is obsessed with trains so a Thomas the Train cake seemed perfect!

The cake was vegan red velvet with a vegan cream cheese filling, crumb coated with vegan decorator’s icing, then covered with fondant.  The bottom part of the train is made by baking a 9″ x 13″ rectangle cake cut into the train shape, and the face is a 6″ round.   With the extra pieces of “scrap” cake, I made wheels, covered them separately with fondant, then attached to the cake.

A portion of proceeds from this cake will be donated to The EEC and provide 80 meals for the children there!

Wishing Tyler a very happy birthday and an awesome year being 4 years old! :)

(Unfortunately I realized the name was going a little downhill after I snapped the pictures so please ignore that– I wish I had remembered to take another shot after I rearranged!)

And here are some pics of the Birthday Boy enjoying his cake :)  My favorite is the one with him eating the cake but how Thomas’ face had been saved!

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