Cold Tofu Salad //

This is one of my favorite dishes because it is so refreshing and easy to put together!  I remember eating this salad for the first time: it was back in middle school and I had gone over to my friend Kristen’s house after class and her mom had left this snack for us in the fridge.  I had noticed the tofu wasn’t cooked and I had never had it that way before.  I am glad I tried it because I love eating this!  So thank you Mrs. Ueda for making this for us and introducing this dish to me, and for Kristen for sharing their family recipe with me :)

Cold Tofu Salad

The amount below serves 4.

For the salad:
– 1 package of firm tofu, cubed
– 2 medium tomatoes, diced
– 1/4 of a brown onion, sliced paper-thin
–  a handful of cilantro leaves

For the dressing:
– 1/4 cup soy sauce
– 1/8 cup peanut or corn oil
– 1/8 cup sugar or agave nectar (you can start with half the amount then add more if you’d like)
–  1/4 TBS sesame oil

Layer the ingredients in a serving dish in order listed, starting with the tofu which will make the bottom layer.

Bottom Layer: Tofu

2nd Layer: Tomatoes

Layer 3: Paper thin onion slices

Top Layer: Cilantro

In a small bowl mix together all ingredients for the dressing.  Refrigerate both until cold. Pour dressing onto salad before serving.


Cold Tofu Salad //

Cold Tofu Salad //

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