DIY Thank You Bouquet

I made this DIY thank you bouquet for a kind neighbor and wanted to share since it’s quick, easy, and perfect for all kinds of thank yous and celebrations! You can use this for Teacher Appreciation Week, Mother’s Day, birthdays, and so much more.

All you need is:

  • A bouquet of flowers of your choice–I LOVE seeing what Trader Joe’s has available! They are always so beautiful and affordable! I picked up this lovely bunch of ranunculus.
  • Kraft paper
  • Sharpie or Crayola Marker
  • Scissors
  • Wooden clip / gift card / greeting card (optional)

I created the calligraphy kraft paper first using this DIY Calligraphy Wrapping Paper Tutorial. It includes all the materials you’ll need and step by step instructions. I wrote “thank you” on my paper but you can use whatever phrase or message you’d like.

Then I referred to this post on which taught me how to wrap the bouquet in paper–the photos make it really easy to follow along! (I tied the flowers with string first to keep it all together.)

The last step was to attach the gift card to the bouquet with a wooden clip. You can skip this step or attach a mini card or gift tag instead.

And that’s it–it’s ready to gift to your recipient!

I hope this DIY Thank You Bouquet gives you an easy, quick, and sweet way to show your gratitude and appreciation!

DIY Thank You Bouquet

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