After a short holiday break, it was nice to get back to teaching modern brush calligraphy workshops! I had the chance to return to some of my favorite venues, teach at a new location, and of course make new friends :) My favorite part of the workshops is definitely getting to know so many wonderful people who I probably wouldn’t have crossed paths with otherwise. This first few months of workshops have also been extra special because several people have shared that they really love the give back aspect and it’s something they strongly connect with. Hearing that really warms my heart–it’s something that I am very passionate about and the reason why Atiliay exists! :)

Workshops For A Cause: Each workshop seat helps to provide 20 meals for The Ebongalethu Educare Center Preschool & Nursery in Motherwell, South Africa
January and February workshops helped to provide 1,280 meals!
Thank you to every attendee who made this possible!

See below for photos and details about each workshop.

Are you interested in learning the art of brush lettering? I’d love to letter with you!

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Long Beach Brush Lettering Workshop by Atiliay
Long Beach Brush Lettering Workshop by Atiliay

I had the wonderful opportunity of kicking off 2019 with back to back workshops at RunwayTrash in Long Beach! Lauree is the hostess with the mostess and what makes this extra special is that she hosted my very first workshop 2 years ago so I feel like it has come full circle :) Thank you Laura, Erin, Arisbet, Alfreda, Vanessa, Erin, Cathy, Rachel, Camee and Teresa, Janice, Rachel, Lilia, Brenda, Gisela, Aprilyn, and Shikha for being part of the first workshops of the year! PS: RunwayTrash has the BEST collection of vintage clothes and accessories as well as a variety of goods from local makers and artists!


Orange County Brush Lettering Workshop by Atiliay

This is one of my favorite places to teach at because The Potting Shed is such a beautiful and inspiring space (it is both a gift shop and nursery and where I get my succulents)! I got to see some familiar faces as well as meet new friends. These ladies did an AMAZING job with lettering and it was so nice to spend the morning getting to know each other and lettering together! Thank you Teri, Debbi, Shiloe, Kylie, Chloe, René, Molly, Reo, and Debra for joining me for this workshop!


Los Angeles Brush Lettering Workshop by Atiliay

It was great to be back at Oh Shiny Paper Co in their bright, fun, and colorful balloon-filled space! Kelly of OSPC joined in on the workshop fun along with Jayne, Katie, Tiffany, Lyla, Katy, Hyun, Sarah, and Lily! Jayne reached out after the class to let me know that she chose my workshop because she really connected with the giving back aspect–it’s something that is important to her too and she sponsors a little girl in Ethiopia! Reading that was really special and I love that this is something that is close to both of our hearts.


Los Angeles Brush Lettering Workshop by Atiliay

Los Angeles Brush Lettering Workshop by Atiliay

This is the second year in a row I’ve spend Superbowl Sunday teaching at Oh Shiny Paper Co–and I wouldn’t have it any other way :)! Thank you Pearlin, Nathalie, Angie, Susan, Robin, Guy, Megan, and Fiona as well as Becca (who also hosted us!), Lauren, Joey, Yvonne, Kate, Sherry, Jennifer and Yoko for spending this rainy day lettering with me! I loved that Pearlin really connected with the give back aspect and I also had Girl Scout Lauren join the class because she’d like to teach her fellow scouts brush lettering for one of her projects! I loved getting to know everyone and had so much fun–and I actually made it back to see the half time show!


Los Angeles Brush Lettering Workshop by Atiliay

Los Angeles Brush Lettering Workshop by Atiliay

This was my first workshop teaching at Cottonwood Home! They are a lifestyle brand dedicated to kiddos and they host workshops for both children and adults at their bright and open space. A big thank you to owner Kari for hosting us–it was so wonderful to meet her in person! We had a great group of creative ladies that rainy morning–Carol, Sylvia, Ruth, Allison, and Kacy! I really enjoyed my time with them and I absolutely loved the green wall so we took 2 class pics :)


Orange County Brush Lettering Workshop by Atiliay

Thank you Andra, Traci, Mandy, Kelly, Susan, and Ann for joining me at The Potting Shed for a Sunday Funday workshop! I loved seeing how everyone’s focus and how their strokes and lettering progressed throughout the workshop! A special shout out and thanks to Ro for sharing the workshop with Mandy :)


West Elm Costa Mesa Brush Lettering Workshop by Atiliay

I got to wrap up February with a workshop at West Elm South Coast Plaza with Rie, Donna, Claire, Catherine, and Linda! This was a mid-week evening workshop and it was nice to change things up and get creative on a Wednesday night! Both Catherine and Donna asked how I ended up teaching a class at West Elm so I thought I’d share that with you as well–I had seen other workshops take place at West Elm and they do a great job of showcasing local artists and hosting pop-ups and classes at their stores. I love their furniture and thought it’d be a beautiful place to teach so I reached out and that’s how I connected with them. Thank you ladies for joining me for a workshop and a special thank you to West Elm and their team for hosting us!

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I am happy to help and hope to letter with you soon!

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