I signed up for Postcrossing back in April during National Letter Writing Month and I just got my first postcard through it!

The premise of Postcrossing is: you send a postcard and receive one back from someone in the Postcrossing community. The recipients are all randomly assigned and I love connecting with a stranger in this way, not knowing when you will get a postcard, who has sent you one, or where it’s coming from!

Each postcard is given a unique ID that you write on it so that the recipients can log it in and Postcrossing can keep track of all the postcards that have been a part of this project. It also allows you to send a note to the sender to thank them and view their profile to learn a little bit more about them.

It’s easy to join and so much fun to participate–especially if you love receiving snail mail! I hope you will join in on it!

Here’s a look at my first postcard from Aya in Japan:

Postcrossing Postcard
Postcrossing Postcard

I love the beautiful postcard Aya sent me! The meaning behind it is so lovely, her handwriting is so nice, and I love the stamps and stickers she added to it.

I can’t wait to send another postcard and see what ends up in my mailbox! :)


  1. BRILLIANT!!!!! I’m on board! Thank you soooooo much for sharing this! My love of stamps, postcards AND random happenstance of the cosmos can be satisfied in one fell swoop! Cheers as always, michelle

    • Hi Michelle! You are SO welcome and I love how you described it: “random happenstance of the cosmos”–beautifully put! Have fun and please let me know about the first postcard you receive from this project! :D Happy snail mailing! Olivia


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