I met Food4Africa back in November of 2007, and their mission to provide food for children living in poverty in South Africa has become very near and dear to my heart.

It is through Food4Africa that I am able to help support The Ebongalethu Educare Center Nursery and Preschool.  They were one of the schools F4A was helping and was in need of sponsorship for porridge, which is how I became aware of them and their needs.  F4A also processes all the donations made and provides the nutritious porridge that are given to the children.  They work with volunteers and groups, such as Miracle Meals Trust, to get the food delivered to the schools and communities they provide food for.

100% of donations made by individuals to Food4Africa goes straight to the cause and benefit the children they help.

To learn more about Food4Africa and their amazing work, please visit