Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays and I think it’s such a great reason to celebrate love–ALL the different kinds of love and relationships that exist! I have created these free Valentine’s Day gift tags for you to top your presents with this month! There’s something for everyone including your Galentine and several of these can be used the rest of the year as well.

Free Valentine's Day Gift Tags by

Free Valentine's Day Gift Tags by

The designs included are:

Be Mine Galentine
For: Love,
Happy Valentine’s Day
Love you!

You can download them instantly by clicking on the links below.
There are 3 versions–black text, pink text, and red text:


Be Mine Galentine / For: Love, / Happy Valentine’s Day / Love You! – Black Text

Be Mine Galentine / For: Love, / Happy Valentine’s Day / Love You! – Pink Text

Be Mine Galentine / For: Love, / Happy Valentine’s Day / Love You! – Red Text


If you’d like some more tag designs as well as a few other Valentine’s Day printables including the Love List and Mini Love Notes, subscribe to my newsletter by clicking below and you will receive the links to download those as well!


Love List PDF by

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I came up with the Love List while cooking dinner one night and thinking about how much I love the sound of a sizzling pan and the smell of garlic and onions being cooked! That moment made me want to create something simple and fun to remind us of the random things that we love whether they are big or little or mundane or exciting. It’s easy to focus on the negative or the one bad thing that happened in a day and I hope this list helps us focus on the good things we experience in life :)

The Mini Love Notes are just that–mini notes that you can cut out and leave for friends, family, co-workers, or even strangers to find! You can also try stringing them together to create a cute little banner for someone special in your life!

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I hope you enjoy these PDFs!

Wishing you a Happy February and Happy Valentine’s Day!


Free Printable Valentine's Day Gift Tags

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