Friday 8-28-2020 Photos

I totally thought today was Thursday until about 2PM in the afternoon! I feel super discombobulated now but here’s this week round up. Take good care and have a good weekend!


It’s never been more clear to me than now how important it is for us to vote. If we want to see the much needed change we need in our society, I don’t think we can do it without letting our opinions and voices be heard in this way. If you need to register or know someone who does, head over to Voting and politics can be really confusing but I think this site does a great job of making things easy to read, understand, and take action. Not only can you register to vote but you can check to see if you’re already a voter, learn about the electoral college as well as each candidate and their stance on various topics.


Thank you Violet for this adorable mask made with photos of Valentine’s head! :D I thought this was such a fun gift! You can get your own made and at and the best part is that they donate to The Arrow Fund, a non-profit that provides vet treatment and shelter to animals who have been victims of torture, abuse, or neglect.


My friend Archna told me about this game a few months ago and I immediately loved the concept and the questions that were being asked! Lucky for me, she gifted it to me for my birthday and it arrived the other day! The purpose of this game is to help players dig deeper and learn more about themselves and the other players. You can learn more on their website or Instagram. Here are a few more examples of the questions the game comes with: Who in your life can you be the most vulnerable with? What insecurity of yours holds you back the most? What lesson took you the longest to unlearn?


This passage from The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo really speaks to me:

“Of course, there will always be times that we need to find our very precise way. But more often than not, our image of a destination is only a starting point that we cling to needlessly. When we can free up our sense of needing to arrive in a certain place, we lessen the weight of being lost. And once beneath arriving and beneath our fear of failing to arrive, the real journey begins.”

The older I get the more I understand what it means when people say it’s about the journey, not the destination. I think a lot of stress I have created has come from being unsure of where I am going and feeling like I need to. I want to try my best going forward to trust that I will end up where I need to be.


My morning and evening walks with Valentine, feeling the sun and breeze, seeing the beautiful sky and clouds. It’s such a great time to be quiet, to reflect, or to just put everything out of my mind and enjoy the moment.

My latest show obsession, Master In The House. I started watching it because my other latest obsession, Lee Seung Gi, is on it but I really love the other cast members and show itself! It’s a Korean variety show where the 4 hosts spend 2 days and 1 night with a master–someone who is an expert in their field–to learn from them. They range from accomplished entertainers and athletes to monks and dog trainers. There have been so many incredibly interesting people and while there’s lots of silliness, fun, games, singing, and dancing, the show has also moved me to tears (sobbing actually) and made me think. One of the masters talked about two questions that has really stuck with me–what do you want to be? Who do you live for? There are clips on YouTube and I watch the full episodes using the Rakuten Viki app. There’s a free 7 day trial but there are over 100 episodes of this show, each being an hour long at least, so it has been impossible to binge and I have signed up for another month of it lol.

This weekly Friday series is a simple way of documenting and sharing. To learn more about how it came to be, read the the very first post. To see all Friday posts, click here. I hope you like it! :)

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