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Friday 7-10-2020 Photos

I’ve been wanting to do some type of end-of-the-week post on this blog for awhile now–a simple way to document and share–but I wasn’t sure what it would look like/how I wanted to do it. I was brainstorming ideas and became inspired by a few things:

  • Rachel of Elephantine– I love the simplicity of her posts and the way she structures them–one year she did 1 post every week and she also has a series called “Two For Today” which is just 2 photographs from the day. It doesn’t look like she has been blogging lately but I hope she starts back up!
  • Joy the Baker– I like how she numbers her “Let It Be Sunday” posts (last Sunday was 279!) and I am going to do the same! I think it’s a cool way to see how far you’ve come and how small, committed actions add up!
  • IG stories– I do love how stories was an easy way to share random imperfect tidbits or pop in to say hello. Before my social media break I had been consistently posting a video every Friday and I wanted to find a way to carry that over to this blog.

I think my big take away from all three points above is consistency–something I am slowly trying to get better at! So my plan is to post every Friday with a goal of reaching #025 which will take us to the last Friday of 2020 which is SO crazy to think about even though 2020 already feels like 10 years crammed into one!

Today’s post is a bit longer with the intro above, but every Friday I’m hoping to create a short post with a list of 5 things that happened/I learned/ate/saw/read/etc. during the week followed by photos. So here is this week’s five–I hope you like it! :)


To me, there is nothing that says summer quite like a delicious refreshing popsicle! I happened to see these yesterday, saw they were vegan, and decided to give them a try. I got the orange creamsicle flavor which wasn’t too sweet (which I like) and I didn’t even realize they were fair trade and give back—more reason to eat as many as I want! Learn more, find a retailer, or order online: PS: Are you team popsicle or team ice cream?


Did I stay up to watch an episode of this? I sure did! Was it worth the late night? It sure was! lol You might think I loved this because I think Zac is so charismatic and handsome but besides that, I am super interested in what this show is about! The premise is Zac and Darin Olien travel around the world and learn about sustainability.

The first episode takes place in Iceland and wow, the images are just GORGEOUS. I don’t want to say too much but here’s a few things they did on this episode: they went to a geothermal plant, made chocolate, ate dung smoked food, and referenced both LOTR and Willy Wonka (2 of my favorite movies!)

I was also excited that Darin is vegan (minus the start of the show) and I hope they touch on this topic more when they talk about food sustainability. I could write way more about this but I wanted to leave you with one fact that really blew my mind and then I will head to bed:

in 2017 the US used 63% electricity from fossil fuels, Iceland used 0% (and it wasn’t always like this–in the 70s Iceland was dependent on imported coal and oil)!


1- I love this quote that he posted and keep going back to it: “Opinion is really the lowest form of human knowledge. It requires no accountability, no understanding. The highest form of knowledge…is empathy, for it requires us to suspend our egos and live in another’s world. It requires profound purpose larger than the self kind of understanding.” – Bill Bullard

2- There was a moment during the last BSB concert I went to where Kevin said he just wanted to take everything in and he paused to stand silently on the stage at The Staples Center for a minute or two, so present and appreciative. How often do we do that? Not often in enough.


She is especially suspicious anytime I go near/into/use the downstairs bathroom. Maybe it’s because I don’t go there often or sometimes I’ll use that mirror right before heading out. She was fast asleep and the minute I walked over there, her eyes popped open–this pic cracks me up!


I am always amazed by the beautiful colors we find in nature–no filter needed. This was taken on Tuesday morning on my AM walk with Val.

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