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“As parents of our animal babies, we are fortunate to be able to make these decisions for them…not only giving them a second chance filled with love and wonderful memories but knowing them so well that you could make his transition easier in the end.”

This is something my friend Jennifer said to me when I had to say goodbye to Bernard and it has stuck with me ever since. As gut wrenching and heart breaking as this decision is, I find some comfort and relief in knowing that they will no longer suffer–that I can help prevent them from enduring or feeling more pain.

Like most animals out there, almost all of mine have been terrified of going to the vet. The thought of having to bring them there when they are unwell and to have their last moments be in a place where they fear is something I have tried to avoid at all costs. Being able to allow them to stay in the comfort of their own home and peacefully move on has been something I am so grateful for. I know not every situation allows for this to happen but if it does, I would choose this option time and time again.

There are many at home euthanasia services in the Los Angeles and Orange County area. I wanted to share the ones I have used. In such difficult times, these places have been so considerate and compassionate. I have called each place in tears, sobbing, and have all been so patient and kind, making the situation the best it could possibly be in these circumstances.

If this is something you have been considering, you can find more information on their website or give them a call, especially to confirm whether they service your area. Please feel free to email me if you would like to hear more about my personal experiences as well (I have been able to do this for 3 of my pets).

The cost includes the euthanasia and whatever aftercare you decide (cremation, urn type, etc.) I have always chosen cremation and have had the ashes returned in a wooden box along with a ceramic paw print. The pricing has been around $800 for me but may vary so I suggest getting a quote directly from them.

Home Pet Euthanasia of Southern CA
I believe Dr. Julie was the one who helped me say goodbye to Jefrey last year. She was incredibly compassionate and kind and explained every part of the process. I would highly recommend them, especially if this is your first time–their website also has a lot of very helpful articles. I was in Irvine at the time but they also service Cerritos and surrounding areas. I hope I don’t have to call on them soon but I am planning on using them if I need to in the future.

Hearts and Halos
Dr. Peter from Hearts and Halos helped me say goodbye to Makani. I am thankful that even during the pandemic, their services are still available. He was very kind and we both had masks on and practiced social distancing as best as possible. The situation with Makani was unexpected and I was able to call when they first opened and arrange for an appointment the same morning which is what I had wanted as I was very nervous she would get worse and feel worse. When I called they mentioned that due to covid the procedure would be quicker than usual and I made sure to say my goodbyes beforehand. I am currently in Cerritos and they have a map on their site of the areas they serve.

Very Important Pet Mortuary
This was the very first time I used this type of service and it was to say goodbye to Lucciano. From the initial phone call and throughout the entire process, they made it as smooth as it could possibly be. I can’t express how thankful I am for their kindness and compassion–this was a really tough and painful time for me. Lucci’s vet actually performed the at home euthanasia so I coordinated with VIP Mortuary for aftercare. VIP arrived on time but my vet ended up being an hour late–VIP stayed that entire time and was so nice about it. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated that. If you need both a vet to perform the euthanasia, that is something they can coordinate as well. I highly recommend them. I was living in Torrance at the time, they are located in Venice and serve surrounding areas.

Please note that everyone’s experiences with this is different but speaking just of my own, each time has been very peaceful and done with so much care and respect.


I have always found music to be healing and cathartic. I had no idea that Folklore came out today! I usually play relaxing cat music for Samone in the mornings and that’s when I saw the cardigan music video–then I saw a bunch more songs and found out Taylor released an album!

I have already listened to the entire album once and it is making me feel so many feelings and has brought tears to my eyes a few times.

I do love cardigan and the music video, linked above.

seven and ephiphany really touched me–both musically and lyrically as well as the topic of each song–being a child and seeing a friend have an unhappy home life, how covid is affecting those who have it and those caring for them.

My favorite line is from invisible string: and isn’t it just so pretty to think / all along there was some / invisible string / tying you to me

I can’t wait to listen to this entire album again.


It’s become an almost daily habit of mine to look up and capture a few moments of the clouds in the sky above me. There is a kind of hope and comfort that I get from looking up. How it is constant yet ever-changing. Nature has shown me that even if the world is in turmoil, you can count on the sun rising and setting, that the sky will be above you tomorrow, that flowers will bloom, and insects and animals will go about their daily routines, chores, and life.

Friday 7-16-2020 Photos

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