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Friday 9-18-20 Photos
This rich and bold portrait of Justice Ginsburg is by Desiree Kelly


I have heard how blue light blocking glasses can really help keep our eyes from getting tired or strained and decided to give them a try! Between the computer and phone, I know I am staring at a screen a lot more than I should and it’s probably not so good for my eyes. I’ve been wearing them consistently for about 5 days now and personally feel like they have made a difference! I got this Maxjuli pair because it had really good reviews and were very affordable ($6.99)! I am definitely going to keep on wearing them.


I received a Vegancuts subscription as a birthday gift from my friend Faith and I have really been enjoying them! I just got my second box and wanted to share the contents. It includes both sweet and savory vegan snacks, a beverage, and part of the proceeds from each box supports animal sanctuaries! Most of the snacks are made from natural ingredients or organic and are pretty health conscious (so if you’re looking for brownies and chocolate chip cookies this probably won’t be the right fit). This is such a fun treat for yourself or as a gift to your plant-based, animal loving friend!


Melissa of Poppi Seed Market and I are very excited to bring you this Free/Fundraiser “Boo!” Lettered Pumpkin Workshop! Join us for one of two virtual workshops and learn how to letter “boo!” in calligraphy and letter it on to a pumpkin. 100% of donations collected will be used to plant trees to help restore CA forests lost in the wildfires. $1 = 1 tree planted through the organization, OneTreePlanted. Donation amounts are completely up to you and if you are unable to donate, you are still welcome to join! Click on the link above to learn more and sign up. We invite you to join us for some Halloween fun and help us reach our goal of planting 100 trees!


I learned Friday evening of the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Thank you to Justice Ginsburg for all that she has done. I hope we can continue do all that we can to continue the work she has done and honor her legacy. The link above is to a New York Time’s article and I also wanted to share Ruth Bader Ginsburg in art and words from The Washington Post. The beautiful portrait in the above photo was created by Desiree Kelly.

This weekly Friday series is a simple way of documenting and sharing. To learn more about how it came to be, read the the very first post. To see all Friday posts, click here. I hope you like it! :)

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